[pnpgm] Game Update #118 - File #459 - Estate initial combat begins

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Fremea sees the man, who looks like he could be the count, though she has no idea if it is him. She notices that he has his hand on the girls leg and starts to get angry. Then remembers what Arawn talked about and how she could be compromised if her emotions run too high. She also realizes that it would not be good to just kill this man though, since he could be important. She senses for any magic on and around the man.

If no magic, then she will just quickly go an knock him out and then ask the girl where the count is (after she makes her see past the invis by touching the girl).
If magic, (sort depends on what kind) she will use sleep mist to just knock them both out.

Once the man is out, she will tie him up and check for anything is in the room that could be important to where the count or others are. Fremea will get one of the allies to come in and get the girl.

Guards don't matter to her. Kill or KO is fine. Anyone else that is not a guard she would KO or sleep.
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