[pnpgm] IBT

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Thu Feb 26 21:15:25 CET 2015

Will needs to improve his horsemanship so he borrows an easy riding 
horse during stops and gets lessons and 'advice' while circling the party.
While a passenger in the wagon he practices his art at drawing by using 
different techniques to draw locations they pass.

Z'leyra keeps alert for any useful plants and herbs while she practices 
her survival skills. During breaks and at camp when Will is trying to 
ride she will teach him and give advice and make comments. "Don't sit in 
the saddle like a sack of potatoes, use your legs to smooth out how your 
upper body moves...flex your back!" "Easy on the reins, horses respond 
better when you only pull the reins to signal them, not pulling on them 
all the time."

If she has not cast a Knowledge spell in the last twelve days she will 
go thru the Orient Self, EL0 Purification, EL0 Divination and ELmax 
Knowledge sequence to improve her skill at the Knowledge spell by 
learning what the spirits tell her about the spell as well as by the 
practice she gets.

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