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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   JH Hooten............YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #125 in sequence (file #490)

      Admin Notes: In the roster above I have horse types.  That was based
      on Marentia.  Since the travel is only 5 days disregard the above.
      I just keep it in roster for future use.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          I wasn't planning on making the gem into a focus of a magic
          item.  I was planning on making a small or medium size jewel
          part of a piece of jewelry that had a defensive magic enchantment
          on it.  To do so, I only need to make, say, a necklace.  The
          jewel is just decoration. But the entire necklace has to be made
          by ME...virgin materials...so I figure I have to be the one to
          cut it, polish it, and mount it in setting...after I make the
          setting.  The jewel just won't be the focus item for the magic..
          the necklace will be.
        GM: Ack.  Been foggy lately but seems like I replied to this.
            Probably did and forgot.  But that makes sense.  I guess
            I was thinking of the jewel itself only.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          "Yes, my friend.  I know.  But there will always be some ...
        GM: Ack. BTW don't forget these illusions last hors.  Not weeks.
            So your back to normal the next day.  So may want to remind
            me when entering Donara.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra uses her skills to diagnose what is causing the boils
          and how to cure them. If necessary she will Orient Self, and
          cast a max EL Cure Disease thru her staff. She will then see if
          any others are afflicted.

          As she has her jeweler's tools with her she will give instruction
          on how to determine the quality and value of gems and how they
          are to be cut and mounted to those in the party that are
          interested during the times that we aren't traveling or sleeping.
          Those wanting experience can practice on the least valuable gems
          under her supervision.

          She makes sure that Corona is fed and happy.

          Will makes the occasional drawing of picturesque locations but
          spends most of his time with his longbow in hand keeping watch.
        GM: Ack. Well if folks use Jeweler they'll have to do that for IBT.
            So far no definite plans I've seen from folks on this.
            So for Will that is Longbow practice?

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Gem-cutting and Magic Item creation:

          Arawn gave Kiet a smile.

          "Practical and lucrative. And such gifts would surely bring...

          OOC: Arawn is looking to turn the Dark Ruby Gem into a full
          piece of jewelry, starting by turning it into a Jewel and then
          later purchasing metals to craft into a piece of Jewelry.

          Speeding up the Journey:

          "I can see a few options if we're to arrive as early as ...

          Moon Gort:

          "I'll see to tracking the Moon-Gort down."

          Wizard Hunt:

          "If this task is still to be pursued I'll do what I can...


          Arawn casts a discerning eye to Z'leyra's boils. He knows she's
          a powerful healer but still offers his services as a fellow
          healer. If they're unable to identify the problem Arawn will
          use Mana Sensing to help determine if there's magic at work.
          If so he'll follow with Mana Reading.
        GM: Ack.  Again you two have to decide who gets what for Jewels
            At this point it was party treasury.  So you will have to
            get Fremea involved as well.  If you claim then claim.  But
            two can't work on one item.  Let me know and if you take
            from the party funds then best let others know.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra's Boils:

          Arawn will offer assistance, applying his own Healer Skill
          to help determine what's going on. If mundane methods fail to
          turn anything up Arawn will attempt a Mana Sensing/Mana Reading
          on the boils. If he finds magic he'll inform the party and ask
          them to help sense this on the rest of the party/animals/gear
          (as he's running low on mana).

          Language Necklace:

          "May I use this for a moment?"

          If he's given permission he'll be seen attempting
          communication with the caged bird.

          Moon-Gort and Mage-Hunt:

          "I'll be focusing on tracking the Moon-Gort over ...
        GM: Ack.  I already did the Boils last week when waiting for
            posts so a bit too late on helping there.  Best to post
            early :)  Plus not everyone wants to get a full naked
            review I suspect.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          "I will go with you on the Moon-Gort hunt, unless you ...

          Fremea will spend most of her time hunting for herbs when she
          is not doing any of the other stuff.

          As for the travel, unless we need the wagon, then lets ditch
          it and those that don't ride fast will ride with someone else.
          Otherwise, keep the wagon.

          Fremea will examine the talisman closer, and ask Arawn to mana
          read, sense she is not able to do that. If it will help her, she
          will use it and later when they are going to sell, it will go
          back into the party loot.
        GM: Ack. Since you're free spirited - ie have wings - can
            catch up with folks for hunts.  So I will assume this is
            Herbalist for your IBT.  Travel - well "need" is relative.
            I have no idea if you need it or not.  It will help haul
            gear speeding up horses.  But need is relative.  As I
            outlined before the same time is basically done with only
            about 9 hours difference in speed.  So based on this unknown
            about need I'll assume wagon stays.  Can ditch it later if
            get behind schedule.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra accepts Arawn's assistance and says "Certainly." When
          Arawn asks to use the language necklace.
        GM: Ack.

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]

          Arawn gave Fremea a nod, accepting her offer to join on the
          hunt for the Moon-Gort.

          "You're probably the best choice for a companion for this...

          OOC: When the time comes for the two to depart he'll allow
          Fremea to conserve her energy by riding on the horse as she's
          likely light enough to not slow down the steed.

          "As to the mage, after we've secured the plant I'll ...


          If we ditch the wagon will everyone be able to adequately
          ride a horse that will move faster than if we had kept the


          Arawn was planning on studying it as well. Scott, please
          assume Arawn informs the party as to the items powers if and
          when he discovers them.


          Arawn gave his fellow healer a smile followed by a...
        GM: Ack. No not all can ride faster. I outlined in the update
            a few ago.  The chart I posted?  Will has to sit or it'd
            slow things down.  Why I posted the chart and times for
            each method.  But I'll assume keeping wagon since if we
            dicker on this it'd take another few weeks.  Why its
            best to deal with yes/no answers than maybes. :)

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 5:20:17 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell comments on Kiet's new face.

            "Yes, my friend.  I know.  But there will always be some doubt
          about me and who I am.  When we are home, I believe I can wear
          my own face and not be afraid that some mercenary scum might try
          to pick up a reward for my hide.  We have done too much, and have
          left too many witnesses.  I fear we will all eventually be wanted
          men and women. And for what we have done (not that I am
          complaining!) we can expect substantial retribution should any
          of it come to light.  So I choose to defend my identity as best
          I can."

            "At least I shouldn't see wanted posters with my real face on

            Kell grins, "well that's all good but most folks are idiots.
          I dealt with one merchant who had a servant in his shop.  I'd
          have to re-introduce myself each time. He plain forgot who I
          was even if I was there a month before.  Some on the lower
          side of society are...well not as smart. Not that some of my
          best pals are of that type.  But by far the ones we should
          worry about are these folks.  Those with some brains like
          the guards, city officials or the count might be more a problem.
          They have better memories and stronger wills.  Besides,"  he
          nods toward Raban, "its not like a person with him isn't going
          to be hard to miss.  We kind of stick out. Not many folks his
          size around so any witness situations would just say 'they
          were with this big guy...'.  Once we return home they could
          just find him and if we associate...."  He leaves the words
          trail off so Kiet can consider it.  "Plus."  He nods toward
          Unali.  "Some of us have friends in high places to defend us."

          [Time: 5:23:33 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Z'leyra mention she does have some tools if needed for the
          jewel.  As Arawn and Kiet discuss the item.

            Arawn gave Kiet a smile.

            "Practical and lucrative. And such gifts would surely bring a
          smile to others.

            "Perhaps it's something we can work on, if not during then
          after, this quest is done and over."

          [Time: 5:30:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            As the others head for the gate to leave the city.

            "I can see a few options if we're to arrive as early as
          possible," Arawn said, aware of the group's race against

            "We could try to apply a Speed spell on the horses, modified
          for extended travel. However this taxes the horses stamina and
          they may require extended rests. But it's an option if used on
          the final day or if we can discover a means to replenish the
          horses stamina.

            Another option, one I would suggest saving for the last day or
          two, would be to invoke the Astral Paths. It holds some risk but
          it could greatly speed up our journey, perhaps saving us at least
          a day.

            On the mundane side we could ditch the wagon and equip
          everyone with riding horses. Or we could see to lightening the
          wagon-load. The heavier items could be transferred to my magical
          bags of holding and we could purchase another horse to lower the
          passenger amount."

            Raban shrugs, "why it takes only a week to get there even
          on a slow horse.  We could just teleport there and be there
          now.  But why?  We'd have to wait a week in the city for
          Varange to meet us.  Might as well use the time we have for
          travel and the side trips.  Maybe if the side trips take
          longer then we could consider those options.  But I'm not the

          [Time: 6:42:11 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            As the campfire roars and warms the group, Arawn speaks up.

            "I'll see to tracking the Moon-Gort down."

            "As we close towards the plains I'll separate and focus on
          tracking down the flower. If any wish to accompany they need to
          be able to travel quickly, preferably able to travel back to the
          main road and along it instantly and magically to catch up with
          the team."

            Kell looks puzzled, "this would need to be done during the
          full moon.  This means night.  Which means we'll be camped.
          So no need to catch up as it would be  one day...well one
          night only thing.  Am I wrong?"

            Raban shrugs, "hunting a flower should not be dangerous.  I'm
          sure you can handle it.  Just be careful of poison ivy."

            Arawn then comments on the mage hunt.

            "If this task is still to be pursued I'll do what I can to
          assist through divination but must accomplish this either before
          I part ways or after my return. Let me know if this is to be done."

            Everyone looks to Fremea.

          [Time: 7:31:13 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn and Fremea study the talisman.  Both can sense magic
          in it but Arawn can detect it is Law aligned with low
          strength.  Arawn can feel an appreciation for the item but
          that is about it.  He can sense it is a enhancement
          talisman but can't detect with his basic senses what
          factors are involved.

          [Time: 9:12:13 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn ensures the caged bird is warm by the campfire as the
          cage sits on the wagon.  Arawn studies the bird.  It seems
          very docile and calm for the very tiny cage.  Arawn soothes
          it by singing some Sidh songs as he uses a glass tube for
          water to feed it and gives him seeds.  Arawn notices the
          bird seems antsy and jittery but is unsure if it is his
          presence or something else.  Arawn decides it is time to
          chat with the bird and learn more about him.  He heads to
          Z'leyra and asks for the language necklace.

            "May I use this for a moment?"

            Z'leyra agrees and digs in her bag for it.  She can feel
          the cold creep into her bags as she digs.  She hands it to
          Arawn for his needs.

            Arawn gave his fellow healer a smile followed by a warm
          "Thank you." Choosing to focus on the shaman's mysterious
          ailment he saved use of the necklace for afterwards.

            Arawn moves toward the cage and sits on the wagon nearby.
          He begins to speak the words but suddenly behind him he
          hears wings flap.  Arawn stops and looks to see Corona on
          the back of the driving seat staring.

            Corona speaks lightly but calmly.  "No.  You trespass
          too much.  You and humans try to bend nature to your will.
          Nature does not bend without suffering.  Humans cut down
          forests and shape mountains at the cost of many lives
          and the system that is intertwined.  The fallacy of your
          kind is that nature agrees...that the gods agree.  In
          my world it is different.  You already talk to eagles and
          horses which is not normal in this world.  At least in
          my view it is not normal.  It is clear this creature has
          a special bond with nature.  A special purpose. If you taint
          that nature or bond with magic to ...talk to it then it
          will be confused.  Your quest would be over before it
          started.  Sometimes nature should be treated as is.  Why
          cut a forest when you can live in it among nature not
          to cut hundreds of trees just to build a place that might
          only need a dozen cut down?"  Arawn can see his eyes flare
          a split second with his magical fire inside.  Arawn figures
          this to be intensity rather than anger.  "Of all people
          as a druid  you should understand this."

            Arawn looks a bit stunned and impressed.  In his world
          many would not dare speak to him like this.  He glances
          at Kell who also recently spoke like this.  Maybe for a
          change his status is level with everyone else.  Arawn asks
          if Corona can talk to the bird.

            "On a basic level.  He is ..not as intelligent as some
          out there.  This is how nature balances with his special
          ability rather than brains.  IT sings that it knows his
          day is soon.  Have  you studied those bee things that
          fly around?  They serve a special purpose for the hive
          and then die.  Some in nature are simply to be born and
          die in the same day.  Never to see the sun twice in a row.
          This is how nature balances abundance with drawbacks.
          Otherwise there would be more bees than humans on this
          world.  He knows that he will die after his mission is
          complete. It sings this all with a happy sense of duty.
          It serves to seek the flower AND to create new ones by
          finding it like bees do flowers.  Without this bird here
          there might not be a Moon flower on these plains for some
          time.  I've studied those pigeons in the sea side city."
          Arawn wonders if that is Sivas or here. "Those birds are
          tainted by humans who give them wine.  Their purpose to
          return back can be slanted.  But the humans believe the
          birds will live longer on wine of all things.  Do what you
          want to do but I suggest nothing."

            With that Corona takes to the sky into the darkness.
          From 20 feet away Z'leyra stares a bit shocked that
          Corona spoke that long. He doesn't do that much even
          to her.

            Arawn looks at the cage and decides to study the
          bird with his senses.  He can sense clear intent of
          purpose.  He can sense a faint yellow hue aura that
          denotes a slight natural magical inclination.  But
          as the Druid does this the bird stops tweeting and
          looks at Arawn.  Arawn pulls away feeling as if the
          bird can sense his intent.  When Arawn stops his
          scan the bird returns to his happy drinking of the

            Arawn watches the bird in a bit of sadness.  To
          know that a bird will soon die.  Arawn looks up and
          studies the stars that shine down.  Only the heavens
          are long lasting.  Everything on this world dies
          quickly in a relative sense.  Arawn palms the necklance
          and wonders if he should try regardless.

          [Time: 9:57:40 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            As the party starts to find sleep calling the plans are
          talked about for the future.

            Arawn starts out, "I'll be focusing on tracking the Moon-Gort
          over the next two days and nights. If I sense the need to do so
          I may separate from the party a day early, tomorrow, to do so.
          The Compass and Bird will help but I need to get a sense of
          distance, leaving as soon as possible if the distance seems
          great.  If anyone wishes to accompany they are welcome but they
          must ride a swift steed or have some other means of expedient

            Kell looks puzzled, "two days?  But if the plant only shows
          up during a full moon that's only 12 or so hours.  How do you
          find it in 2 days.  I doubt that would be even possible."

            "As to the mage-hunt, I can focus on this after my return,
          assuming Fremea wishes me to do so. If so, let me know now as I
          may have to make a decision on where to apply certain
          divinations. Calling upon such forces can be fraught with peril
          if done to close together."

            Fremea nods, "I will go with you on the Moon-Gort hunt, unless
          you think it is a bad idea till you find it, though I figure it
          will be better to be there."

            "As for the mage, I believe it best to find him before we
          deal with Varange. If the tracking seems to take us to the same
          place, then at least we will be better prepared."

            Arawn gave Fremea a nod, accepting her offer to join on the
          hunt for the Moon-Gort.

            "You're probably the best choice for a companion for this and
          an appreciated one," he replied. "Lightweight, quick and able to
          scour the land from the skies with ease."

            "As to the mage, after we've secured the plant I'll spend my
          time focusing on trying to locate the man."

          [Time: 10:00:02 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn spends some quiet time set away from the camp to do
          a healing mist to regenerate his energy level.

            After this he checks on his supplies he got from the general
          store near the gate in town.  A waterskin of milk which seems
          odd to store in a water skin but its for the flower.  Then
          he ensures the sack he got will store the flower safely without
          damage.  At least he can place it in the wagon without
          it tossing around on a horse.

            Arawn then studies the magical compass.  The device is clearly
          magical and strong.  A well experienced wizard must've made it.
          While it is a advanced magical item it is also very basic.  Any
          apprentice could do a simple detection spell.  But the time to
          devise this must have been large since the flower is not easily
          found.  He just wished the device could do more than direction
          and include distance.


          [Sepes 30th, 1634TH]
          [Location: North of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 1:02:11 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Arawn knows the full moon is tomorrow and decides to do some
          prep work.

            He finds a place north of the camp and purifies the ground.  Then
          casts Luck for help.  Then with Raban watching his body he casts
          Wisdom for about 20 minutes.  He is disappointed when he asks for
          the location of the flower and nothing comes back.  He can sense
          the spell worked but it just seems there is no information.  Lastly
          he casts a sky knowledge spell to see if the air forces can gleam
          some info on the flower.  But again nothing returns to him.   He
          had hoped to cast a basic knowledge spell but did it recently
          so can't do it again.

            Raban can sense the Druids irritation since he just wasted
          a massive amount of magical energy.  "If the flower only shows
          up during a full moon....which is not tonight.  Why would the
          magic give location now?  I didn't want to say anything since
          you are in control.  But maybe the plant only grows one night
          a year and thus doesn't even EXIST now."

            Disappointed Arawn heads back to the wagon and stares at the
          sleeping bird.  Oddly the bird has not shed any feathers in the
          two days he has been in the cage.

            Raban comments, "the compass did nothing as well.  But if it
          is not around maybe it would not work till tomorrow night."

          [Time: 3:10:00 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Everyone is asleep except for Fremea, Etain and Raban.  Raban
          can't sleep tonight since his back is hurting so got up to
          stretch and walk a few minutes. Fremea and Etain re both
          on sentry duty.

            Etain is near the fire watching the tents and wagon.  But
          Fremea is flying overhead doing patrol at random times.
          Etain is warming his hands when he suddenly feels odd.  He
          looks around and sniffs the air.  He wrinkles his nose and
          looks around for the smell.  He looks to Raban who is doing
          stretching exercises about 10 feet away.

            Fremea decides to head down to the fire to warm up.  When
          she also smells it.  A foul odor.  Suddenly a shape from
          the darkness sweeps down toward her.  She almost guess it
          could even be Varange.  Below another winged form moves quickly
          toward Etain's back.

            The form near Fremea slashes out with talons of some kind but
          Fremea is able to do a corkscrew dive and the thing misses her

            Etain stands and grabs a torch to lit it so he can get a
          better view.  But as he bends down to grab the winged form
          reaches his back and claws him.  Instantly Etain falls to
          his knees and falls toward the fire.

            Fremea turns to attack the winged form but as she slashes with
          her dagger it dives to the left.  The winged form attacks again
          and tries to claw but Fremea uses a wing to buffet the attack

            Raban sees Etain fall into the burning coals and rushes toward
          him to lift him immediately up.

            Fremea slashes the tiny form n his ribs drawing blood with his
          dagger but it seems a light wound.  Then that's when Fremea can
          see it better in the campfire.  A demon of some sort.

            The demon rolls and banks and comes at Fremea again but again
          fails to make contact.

            Fremea this time stabs the demon in the side doing 8 points of
          damage.  The demon twirls and grabs Fremea but his claws do not
          penetrate her armor to make contact.

            Raban begins to yell for the healers to wake up.

            Fremea does a fake pitch and an actual corkscrew to get behind
          the demon and stabs the demon in the center of his back between
          his two wings.  The dagger penetrates deep and the demon falls to
          the ground.

            The other demon flies toward Fremea but when it sees his ally
          fall it decides to take to the air and flee.  The corruption is
          done for now at least one is tainted.

            Fremea lands and checks the demon's body and ensure it is dead.
          Then she sees the giant over Etain.  She rushes forward.

            "He fell into the fire for some reason.  His brows and
          hair is burnt off in front but he was lucky that no burns
          was done on his face."

            Fremea looks to the demons and realizes the demon must be
          a disease demon.  She decides to get a piece of burning wood
          and burn the demon's body.

            Z'leyra rushes to check the elf.  She finds that he is not
          waking up and shows signs of a coma.

            Fremea checks the area to see if the other demon or more might
          be in the area.  But soon there is no sign of foul odors which
          is a sign that one is about to be attacked.

            Some like Unali and Z'leyra have seen these demons before.
          So they know that if you smell them its too late so it seems
          they have left the area if there are others around.  The
          one Fremea burnt looked like a deformed imbred faerry with
          pox scars and disease spots.

            Z'leyra and Arawn quickly figure Etain is fine aside from
          being in a coma.  His hair is cinged but he was lucky in
          that regard that he was pulled out of the fire quickly.
          Z'leyra ensures no one touches the Elf including herself and
          Arawn.  To prevent infections if this is a disease that can
          spread.  Arawn check's Raban's aura but notices nothing new
          about him that might indicate infection.  The mountain of
          a man has the body of a god that likely prevents any chance
          of infection so he might've got lucky.

          [Time: 5:57:33 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Kell reacts to the boils on Z'leyra and looks around.  The
          wolf and birds are docile.  The horses are either asleep or
          warming up to each other.  There is no sign of trouble.  But
          Kell decides to do a round trip of the camp to ensure no
          intruder has entered.

          [Time: 6:00:00 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Z'leyra doesn't strip down completely as it is just too
          cold and dangerous for that.  So she tries to do a quick
          look of her body and diagnose the problem.  She finds a
          few small other boils including one oddly between her big
          left toe and other toe of all places.  She knows these
          things could be anything from disease, toxins from plants
          to food, magic or long term illness which is now just
          coming to the light which means she may be sicker than she

            Kiet exits the tent and notices Z'leyra worried.  But he
          decides to check the horses as he didn't see the full boils
          at first hand.

            Arawn wakes up to feed the bird and also notices the
          worry in the healer.  They talk about boils and Kiet can
          hear from the horses.

            Arawn detects magic on the boils meaning that these are
          not natural things.  They sense to be quite powerful.  Arawn
          offers his help as best he can and Z'leyra agrees.

            Kell hears this and stops his patrol.  "But who would
          do that except...the mage?  Last night?  That fills in
          some gaps.  If he used apes....he must've been a Kotothi
          mage!  A powerful one to get through her defenses."

            Z'leyra agrees with her all her magic defense either he
          got lucky or is powerful.  Unless he had some bug or
          something that did it without her knowing.

            Kell warms his hands by the heat of the fire.  "But why
          some disease?  I mean surely it wouldn't do much.  It
          would hurt but in the long run a apprentice might have found
          it.  Seems desperate."

            Z'leyra begins her drum beat to gain her shamanic trance.
          Then grabbing her staff she casts Cure Disease upon herself.

            The seconds pass.  Then 30 seconds.  Then suddenly some
          of the boils begin to fade.  One on her arm bursts shooting
          gunk in directions.  But the biggest one on her ribs begins
          to fade and diminish.  She treats and cleans her arm and
          then relaxes that the worst should be over by now.

            Kell asks if this might've been the demons who infected
          Z'leyra.  But the chance seems low.  Z'leyra never had that
          smell of doom that indicates attack as she slept in the
          tent.  Raban figures the mage from the military center the
          night before might've been the one at fault here.

          [Time: 6:12:01 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            After a hurried breakfast, since most just didn't to stay
          in the camp of disease, the party heads out.

            The entire day is uneventful.  The weather gets down to the low
          30s but as high as 50s with overcast skies.  The road is heavy
          with traffic from peasants to caravans going back and forth.
          The party is on alert for the road bandits that the Count might
          have at one time hired.  But the plains are so wide and open it
          would be difficult to ambush folks here.  It would have to be
          a full on surprise attack to be effective.

          [Time: 5:59:42 pm - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            After a long day of travel on the road the party leaves
          the road and finds a place for camp.  The nearest far is
          probably 4-5 miles away.  There hasn't been a town in 5-6


          [Sepes 31st, 1634TH]
          [Location: Plains, Donara]

          [Time: 6:02:00 am - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Fremea checks her previous damage and finds the wound has
          half healed.  She didn't heal today it seems but she
          retreats the wound.  Hopefully by the time she gets to
          the capital she'll be at full health.

            Raban also checks his wounds and finds he is healing good.
          He goes from moderate damage to light for him.  His energy
          is also building back up nicely naturally.

            Another day of travel is at hand.  Tonight the full moon
          should be out.  But Arawn fears that the overcast skies
          might be a major problem.  If the moon can't shine down then
          the flower can't be found.  He begins the day by his usual
          set of prayers but includes one for good weather.

          [Time: 2:33:33 pm - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            The party stops in a very small town to give water to the
          horses.  The day has been a bit warmer going up to the lower
          60s at some point.  About a half hour ago though the clouds
          finally start to part and overcast becomes light scattered
          clouds.  There might just be a chance for the moon to shine

            The bird seems more eager as the day progresses.  It
          continues to sing some strange ghostly song that gives some
          goose bumps.  It reminds some of the swallows during winter
          time near lakes and rivers.

          [Time: 5:50:25 pm - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            The party makes camp early before sunset to give Arawn time
          to prepare to leave.  The moon should be showing in maybe an hour
          so it is time to prepare.

            Once camp is setup and the sun settles Arawn finds ground for
          a new purification and luck spells.  Arawn realizes his wand
          energy is almost tapped out but he can still use it as a casting

          [Time: 6:32:12 pm - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

            Finally the moon is well over the horizon and getting higher.
          So Arawn returns to the purified ground and casts Sky
          Knowledge again.  He asks the sky forces within the area of
          about 200 miles of where the plant might be or if they know
          one can be found.  Arawn waits for the answers to come as he
          stares at the compass.  It is pointing now eastward instead
          of north in its default state.

            Something in Arawn's ears or mind whispers 215 miles.  That
          would mean the sky forces might've seen it on the very edge
          of his area.  But at that range high above they might see the
          glow of the moon effect easy for 15 miles.

            Arawn realizes it would take the horse a week to get here.
          That means he will have to get there by other methods.  He
          sees Corona looking smug.  Arawn asks the strange eagle why.

            "Distance is relative."  Arawn sighs a bit there he goes
          on this relative stuff again.  "To the folks in the sky
          distance is exaggerated.  Do you expect it to be 215 or 250?
          Ever see something from a mountain top?  Another mountain
          may look like its next door but in fact might be 30 miles."

            Arawn realizes the wise bird speaks truth.  He finds
          Fremea to warn her they will have to translocate to the
          area.  Arawn grabs the cage and casts levitate upon himself
          as Fremea hovers.  He then casts divination to see if he
          will end up inside a tree.  But again this is not a fool
          proof method as a bird could be flying right by and end
          up inside him.

            Arawn bids farewell to the group and then casts translocate.
          They both end up some 211 miles away.  The mental calculation
          estimate in the spell casting was off just slightly.  Arawn
          levitates the 30 feet to the ground.  As he does both Fremea and
          him can see the moon ray bright pointing to some distant area
          to the north east.  The legend is true.  The moon ray is a beacon
          to its location.  The bird becomes excited and eager to leave the

            Arawn pulls his raven feather out of his belt and casts his
          shape change to that form.   Fremea takes his bag onto her
          own belt and opens the cage.  The bird immediately flies out
          like a boulder in a ballista.

            The bird is very fast. Fremea can keep up but in raven form
          Arawn can not.  Fremea has to keep behind to ensure Arawn
          is safe. Soon the bird is lost into the darkness.  But the
          moon ray is a beacon and it can't be missed.

            Soon the two arrive at the location of the flower.  The
          bird is already feeding on the nectar of the flower.  The
          bird has a beak like that of a hummingbird but not as long.
          It is almost a half bird/half hummingbird in size.  The
          bird is singing as it goes back and forth up the flower.

            Both Fremea and Raven land near by and stare.  The flower
          itself is a long 4 foot stalk.  The blossom is a 4 petal
          human hand sized leaf of pure ivory colored white.  It seems
          to glow in the darkness but the moon ray may be part of that.
          Both can sense the magic internal to it.

            Arawn advises Fremea hot to cut and get the flower.  It is
          such a shame to ruin the beauty of the plant.  But both
          wait for the bird to get his fill and then flies off into
          the darkness.   Hopefully it will land somewhere and plant
          the seeds or pollen to grow new plants.  That is after all
          the purpose of the bird.

            After 12 minutes with careful ease the plant is cut and
          treated in the milk to preserve it.  Both are sad to see
          the moon ray fade as the petals fall to the ground.

            Then Fremea's hairs climb on the back of her neck and she
          looks around.  In the distance she can see two fire red-green
          eyes flare.  Both flash in red and green hues.  Whatever is
          coming it is moving fast.  She flies to the skies and warns Arawn
          to follow.

            From the air they can see in the moonlight a small creature
          about the size of a bear cub moving toward the flower.  It
          looks up and growls but does not seem to have flight ability.
          Fremea can sense a taint of Kotothi to it.  This creature must've
          been drawn to the flower as well.  Arawn is low on magical
          energy and decides to just leave the creature to its own time.

            A few miles away Arawn lands and changes back to his human
          form.  The cold saps him as he is naked from the change.  He
          quickly casts translocate and returns to the warmth of the

            Arawn secures the plant on the wagon and realizes that was
          a bit too easy.  In the end the bird wasn't needed or was it?
          Nature needs rebirth and if one plant was to be taken another
          had to be made.  Just nice timing to have the bird there
          though it was not needed for finding it.  But it seems a bit
          too easy in some ways.  The entire trip only took about 25
          minutes but the party is back together.

          [Time: 7:13:20 pm - Plains north of Samma, Donara]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update...Monday...

          GM: Last Friday no posts to work with and then by Monday tons
              and too much.  So a delayed update.  Consider this the
              Friday update so next will be Monday.  But if I get posts
              I'll work on it Saturday a bit.  This is a big post since
              it is best to moves things along.  I could've stopped
              and did the demon encounter but I figure Fremea would've
              fought quickly before using magic.  I went and completed
              the plant thing since it was easy.  Next update I'll do
              the mage hunt as well as any other encounters then we
              can move into Donara.  Folks still need to give me IBT time
              for the 7 days.  I started this update last week and
              it took me at least 10+ hours to complete.  This includes
              for sheet updates, charts, etc.    So probably 10-12 hours
              easy for update and 10-12 minutes to read for you guys.
              A bit unfair. :< :)  If you reply to something and its
              not easy to figure out where then add the time stamp so
              I know where to place it.

          GM: Mana file updated - Magic mana updated as of 31st, 7pm.
                I know Z'leyra will probably cast Cure Disease so her
                stat may be a bit off when I update it assuming she casts
                it. I will update Z'leyra's stats later as she has a odd
                way to regen and takes a bit longer.  But she's good
                on mana.  If you cast spells though for IBT for up
                to this point 29/30/31 then I'll have to backtrack
                and reverse engineer mana.  So get those IBT days done.
                If skills that's fine and fast.

          GM: It is that time to select a new adventure.  So I've updated
              the Future Adventure file on the site.  So let's get some
              votes in on what you want next - based on that I can figure
              out IBT length.

          GM: Arawn - Your a bit tapped out magic wise.  Keep this n
                mind.  Doing all those wisdom spells and such was
                costly. Your IBT the spells you cast is unclear when you
                cast those 2 spells.  So I'll assume you cast them once
                say the day after this update unless stated otherwise.
                Keep in mind low on mana.  I assume mage hunt will be
                the next day?  Since unclear.  Just hope you have the mana
                to do it all.  As the mana chart now shows you are down
                to single digit mana left.  Will assume along the emailed
                actions you track the mage via the ape collars.

              Fremea - The random demon encounter I randomly determined
                who was in duty.  You and Etain.  But he got the short

              Kiet - I will assume you do another illusion when
                entering the capital since short duration.  But
                between then not.

          GM: Minor IBT Time: [7 Days]

                Player            Skill/Action
              Arawn           Power Strike x1, Energy Shield x1,
                              Shield skill for 1 EL, Jeweler for 1 EL
              Fremea          Herbalist           - 7 Days
              Kell            Teamster            - 7 Days
              Raban           Horsemanship        - 7 Days
              Etain           Artist-Drawing      - 7 Days

          GM: Schedule of events -

              [Sepes 29th, 1634TH] - Rest at night first Camp night
              [Sepes 30th, 1634TH] - Travel
              [Sepes 31st, 1634TH] - Full Moon - Plant found
              [Octagi 1st, 1634TH]
              [Octagi 2nd, 1634TH]
              [Octagi 3rd, 1634TH]
              [Octagi 4th, 1634TH]
              [Octagi 5th, 1634TH] - Expected to be at Donara by noon

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