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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #108 in sequence (file #419)

      Admin Notes: I would classify this as a PG-14 update at least.
      I know in the past I've had some kids read these things. I've
      done updates and pbems for over 20 years since 1983.  Aside form
      sex stuff this is a bit more borderline in a general audience.
      it is not my cup of tea to do such things.  So I hope is good
      enough for you guys.  More comments later.

        From Kiet: [Re: Torture]
          Mavac first.  It will make Grosis more...um...pliable and
          loosen his tongue.
        GM: Ack.

        From Kiet: [Re: Help]
          Out of the hearing range of our two guests, Kiet says "I will...
        GM: Ack.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'lyera says to Kiet "I prefer healing to harming. But I...
        GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Kiet/Unali/Kell/Fremea/Raban  Group]
          [Time: 11:48:00 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Out of the hearing range of our two guests, Kiet says "I will
          need the help of at least one of you with these two...and two
          would be better.  I can't manhandle them by myself AND keep the
          pace of the torture as required to make them talk.  If you give
          them too much time in between treatments, they recover too much
          of their courage. Also, if one gets lose, I would be forced to
          kill him."

            Fremea nods in agreement.  She lets the man who seems skilled
          at things lead the direction of this.  She would like to have
          fun herself but with her immediate association with both men
          it would get her too involed from her emotions.  One may need
          to be unbiased in this regard.

            Z'leyra shivers at the word treatment.  If that is what they
          call it then what is healing?

            Z'leyra says to Kiet, "I prefer healing to harming. But I know
          that surgery must cut out some good flesh to get rid of all the
          bad infected flesh. If you don't get answers and don't want to
          rely upon my magics to get truthful answers I will assist you,
          but I take no pleasure in it."

            Kiet turns around and claps lightly with a broad smile on
          his face.  He had hoped Unali would be here to help but seems
          he and the trader don't have the stomach for it.

            Kiet looks around and spots a table that must be used for
          the animals or some work.  He removes the odd and ends of
          materials like whips, nails, candles and more off the table.
          He gets Z'leyra to help move the table to the center of the
          room where it brightest.  He then gathers the ropes and ties
          ends  of sections to posts.  He is unhappy that the table is
          a bit rickety and can move, but he tries to pile hay and
          some barrels to prevent it moving.  It won't stop it but it
          might at least slow it from moving.  He then with help of
          the other two moves Mavac to the table, still naked and
          places him on his back.  He then ties his hands above his
          heads using ropes to the posts.  He dangles his feet over
          the edge and ties his ankles.  Mavac just grunts and glares.

            Outside Raban gets directions on where to place the pile
          of wood for the workshop and his home out back.  The
          blacksmith says, "could use the wheel barrel and most guys
          can haul 10-15 pieces.  Just place them equally in both
          areas."  He looks to barn and lowers his voice.  "So those
          guys you ....invited to your party.  Who are they?  I don't
          want trouble from the city or thugs.  I owe Etain a bit but
          it isn't worth some gang or the city on my back."

            Raban looks at the small blacksmith and considers his
          words.  Should he tell him that Mavac is a city guard.  He
          places a hand on the man's shoulder and smiles faintly. "To
          be honest.  They are slavers.  One is a old slaver who even
          had captured one of our friends.  The other one is a current
          one.  Including children and girls.  Look we will leave
          here soon but I don't think you'll have any trouble.  The
          current slaver....is working for the city.  But he clearly
          does not have the interests of the people he serves at heart.
          Listen it is your choice.  We can learn what we need...info
          on more slavers and captured slaves...or we can leave now."

            The blacksmith looks around and considers.  "I had a uncle
          who went west and was enslaved by some barbarians.  I do
          not condone the practice.  Neither does the nation by a whole.
          But there are always those who exploit people.  Do what
          you need done.  Just clean up when done if you don't mind."
          He then moves to his shop while Raban gets to work clearing
          the wood pile.

            Inside Kiet has gathered up his materials and placed them
          on the table.  Especially in view of both men.  He tests
          some by making sure they are shape and flexible.  Mavac
          just glares and turn his head staring upwards.

            Kiet especially fiddles with some pincers that the
          blacksmith must use for some horses or another.  He
          ensures they are sturdy enough to remove toe nails.

            Kiet had hoped for fire but in a barn it would be
          a bit dangerous.  But the blacksmith does have a forge.
          He exits the barn and walks to the shop.  He studies the
          pit of fire and forge.  It is roaring but seems to be
          a open flame with little coals.  The blacksmith watches
          as Kiet looks around.  Kiet asks if he could borrow one
          of the fire buckets and a water bucket.  The blacksmith
          nods grimly and ignores Kiet as the acrobat gathers the
          buckets.  He places a few hot coals into the bucket and
          using a tool at the forge gathers a hot plank.  There is
          no good screen to use at this place without ruining the
          actual forge and upsetting  the blacksmith.

            Entering the barn Kiet quickly places the hot bucket down
          as is hot to be near.  He moves it onto a small stool to
          make it higher to reach the table.  He sets the bucket of
          fire hot coals aside for now.  Just needed to test the height.

            Kiet glances at the pail of water.  He wanted to get a tube
          but could not find any in the area.  But there was a clay
          half funnel of some purpose he doesn't know what.  Maybe
          it is to scoop up something disgusting or hot.  It is almost
          like a very tiny shovel with no handle but its the best he
          can do.  He glances to the ground and notices some very dry
          dung left over form the animals.

            On a shelf in the barn Kiet grabs a very long piece of
          wood that looks to be from a broken axe or hammer.  The
          top is missing and just the rod of thick wood.  He places it
          on the table as needed.

            Kiet asks to get some wood from the wood pile for at
          least 12-16 pieces of wood that can be sharpened to
          wedges.  He had hoped to use bamboo but it is not around
          these places at all.   Fremea finds the pieces in short
          order and begins to shave and carve the wood with her
          own dagger and flint.

            Finally Kiet places the very small two chicken feathers
          on the table. He then goes to help Fremea sharpen the wood
          as he stares and smiles at Mavac.

            "This is a nice show.  But it doesn't scare me.  I've
          seen a insane pirate on some odd drugs cut off a girl's
          head then douse himself with the blood all laughing." Mavac
          tells Kiet with a stone face.

          [Time: 12:02:10 am - Samma city, Donara]

            The blacksmith heads into his home for lunch as Raban
          works hard moving the wood.  He surpises the blacksmith
          by hauling 30-40 pieces of wood with ease in the wheel
          barrel.  In no time he should be done.

            Inside the barn the wood pieces are finally sharpened.
          Kiet stands and walks to the table.

            Kiet picks up the feather and begins to tickle Mavac's
          nose, under his arms, sides and moving down.  Mavac begins
          to laugh but not by the action but by the stupid so called
          torture.  "My mom tickled me like this it was no fun.  It
          was fun when I had a girl did it but I was just doing it
          to bed her.  You can't be serious!"  He emphasizes the word
          can't in sarcasm.

            To this end Kiet uses his other hand to whip Mavac in
          his upper thighs with a leather horse riding strap.  For
          ever other word Mavac speaks he tickles and whips.  He
          whips him in the thighs, stomach and upper arms.  The
          feather moves down as the whip moves upwards.  The feather
          ends at his feet.  Kiet avoids hitting the guard in his
          face but then drops the whip.  He grabs one of his own
          rope segments and ties a knot in it.  He dips it in water
          and hits the man in his stomach.  All the while being
          whipped or hit by rope the man grunts.  But it is a level
          of torture the man seems to take with no issue.  "I've
          been hit by drunk beggars harder than you!"

            Kiet then drops the items and glances at the bucket of
          hot coals.  H` can't just place a bonfire on the floor
          or the blacksmith would throw them out losing a barn.  But
          if he could create small fires in the bucket it might help.
          But then a small fire would just burn out.  But if he can
          tilt the bucket on its side and the coals on the side of
          the pail.  He considers for a minute or two. Yes.  The
          bucket can take the heat but not radiate much to the skin.
          It is made for blacksmiths.  It is big enough for both feet
          of the man.  He goes to work devising a plan.  He drags
          a large wooden barrel to the table and its just the right
          height.  He then tilts the bucket of coals on its side.  He
          quickly ties several ropes around so the man can't kick it
          away.  Using the wooden rod he shifts the coals evenly in
          the back of the bucket. He then positions the bucket and
          slides it into place moving the feet inside the pail.

            "Hey! What are you doing?" Mavac asks as he looks down
          at his feet as best he can.

            Kiet ignores him then stuffs the bucket with straw and
          hay from the barn.  This quickly ignites and causes a
          mini fire in the bucket.

            Kiet then lets the feet roast as he uses the feather
          on the upper body and the knotted rope on his lower
          body hitting and tickling.

            Fremea stands fascinated by the action.  Such a weird
          treatment.  Such novel things as a feather to burning

            Z'leyra eyes the action and realizes there are limits
          to a body.  A person's senses and body can't react to
          more than 2-3 such major stimulus.  This is why most
          may cower at a large blaze, smoke and noise.  But
          just smoke can handle it in most cases.  To use all
          these things it  may just overwhelm him

            In the first 30 seconds Mavac grits his teeth and
          clenches his jaw as his feet begin to burn and blister.
          Kiet is actually slightly impressed at his pain threshold.
          But even a brave man has his breaking point.

            "You...will....die..." Mavac gasps as the others begin
          to smell burn flesh flow from the bucket of fire.

            Mavac licks his lips and then Kiet hits him in the stomach
          with the knotted rope.  Mavac yelps as some connection from
          his feet and stomach collide. Kiet can see sweat begin to
          trickles off his face.  The man is clearly in need of some
          relief or water.  But he does not ask for it.

          [Time: 12:09:03 am - Samma city, Donara]


          [Kell/Unali's Group - En route to Tavern]
          [Time: 12:07:10 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            It has been around ten minutes since Kell and Unali left
          the barn.  Heading back toward the tavern they try to use
          the direction Raban took the wagon.  Both did not get direct
          directions but Unali at least can recall the general way back
          to the main part of town.  Here this far north of the city
          the nearest neighbor is maybe a half mile between each other.
          It is a thin section of city margins that does not see much
          normal traffic as evidence of the dirt path shows mostly
          overgrown with grass instead of sand beaten down by horse or
          wagon traffic.

            By wagon its a good 8-10 minute ride from the tavern to the
          city streets and regular neighborhoods.  But by foot its
          probably 3 times longer.  In this section of the city outskirts
          the area is light woods.  The dirt path goes winding from the
          north west to south east.  On each side is light woods that
          could not be terms a forest.  But enough trees and bushes to
          hide animals every few feet if a animal needs to hide.  Here
          the trees are mostly skinny but can be as big as Raban twice
          over.  They can be as tall as 50-70 feet tall.

            Unali listens to Kell droning on how Ba'ru has great weapon
          smiths who take huge pride in their self artistry of their
          items.  How each decorates and honors their host's wishes.
          Unali is half listening as she has other thoughts going
          through her head like the torture and direction of how
          this party has gone toward.

            Suddenly Kell slows down a bit in his stride.  He starts
          to stammer just a bit as if lost his concentration.  Then
          he just twirls around in front of Unali.  He grabs her by
          the shoulders and plants a kiss on her lips.  He lingers
          on the kiss and uses one hand toward her hair to caress it.

            Unali wide eyes blaze with confusion and anger.  Last
          time she was kissed like this was Ben'dar in the flying
          castle and Trembyl in the cloud base caves before he died.
          What is it with these people who suddenly just kiss her?
          She considers pulling a dagger and introducing it to the
          man's gut but a feeling over comes her and she sees his
          eyes dart back and forth.  Sensing something amiss she
          raises her arm as if to embrace him.

            Kell finally releases her lips and pulls back and then
          whispers, "we are being followed.  At least two in the
          woods behind us.  They aren't too skilled at hiding but
          they are hiding.  I don't see them now."

            Then Kell does that evil lopsided grin as if he enjoyed
          that and then steps back.  He motions down the path
          as if they might want to move on or if she has another idea.

          [Time: 12:09:20 pm - Samma city, Donara]


          [Arawn/Jordi's Tavern]
          [Time: 12:22:07 pm - Samma city, Donara]

            Jordi stands up, "so let's say 15-20 min break?  Stretch legs
          visit the bar or do needed freshing up?  Then we'll order lunch
          and get back to work."

            The humans stand and move out quickly toward the tavern proper
          and some head out back toward the outhouse.  The Elves get up
          slowly and linger a bit.  Two of the elves start chatting a bit
          quietly in one corner.  One from the west district shifts his
          hair to cover his ears and heads to the tavern to stretch his
          legs.  This leaves Jordi, Arawn, the General and 2 other Elves
          in the room after the quiet chatters leave the room.

            The general stares at Arawn.  "Are you what I think you are?"

            The Elf from the North and South districts look on waiting to
          hear Arawn's reply.

          [Time: 12:25:00 pm - Samma city, Donara]

                             ---Ending Time---

          [Current time for each group]
          [Time: 12:09:03 am - Samma city, Donara] - Fremea/Raban/Z'leyra/Kiet
          [Time: 12:09:20 am - Samma city, Donara] - Kell/Unali
          [Time: 12:25:00 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update...Friday...???

          GM: Torture was seen as a scary movie tactic usually  when it
              fades out when it starts.  Since the 70s we have gotten
              more ingrained in the act.  TV shows or movies like Hostel
              now treat it as nothing but being common.  As gamers we
              always joke that we'll beat the guy to get info.  But
              we never really get too serious hoping to just use dice to
              the dirty work.  Well this is the first time I've had
              to deal with it directly.  It makes you a bit dirty as if
              needing a shower after doing it mentally.  The days of
              all Law characters using rules and manners are over.  We
              grow up.  I can recall bad guys in the 50s movies would use
              manners before beating a guy.  Things have changed.  I am
              not saying bad things about what Kiet is doing.  Just I'm not
              used to it.  So I tried.  I used his big email on what he
              wanted done.  Believe it or not I'm only about 2 paragraphs in.
              The next part water torture not even gotten to.  :)  I wanted
              to do this in a bit more pieces.  PLUS I need to know when
              the questions come in.  David  you never did place the questions
              in the email.  So I assume on the fire torture you start to
              ask.  But not sure if this is a Silent interrogation thing or
              not.  So David post the questions you mainly want to now.
              Fremea and Z'leyra are around so they can as well. I could
              just cheat and insert old questions but this type of procedure
              requires role playing and not just dice rolls.  Where you insert
              the questions also will be a big different.  You can see that
              big email (David) you sent and add in section X or Y.  IF not
              I'll just repeat the same questions for each "section" of the

              I need to do a few projects very soon.  One is ordering my
              next batch of books from Amazon (I read at work on breaks).
              I have a list but would need to cross index and double check
              and all this taking time. I may do this week or next.  IF so
              I may delay a update or two.  First time in years so close
              to holidays.  Usually its mid summer or way after holidays.
              So I will also use the time for holiday shopping.  BTW I
              still accept bribes, gifts, virgins, gold ingots and such
              for gifts. :) j/k  So stay tuned for the next update. If I
              get tons of posts this week will work on it if not don't
              panic if no update Friday.

          GM: David - Hope your back in USA safe and relaxed.  I had to
                modify the fire stuff based on the scene I had.  Could not
                do a "fire" itself.  So used a fire bucket.  It might be
                more effective.  Hope this is acceptable.  Let me know what
                you want to ask.  See Below for suggestions questions.  If
                you want to add or modify you can.  I am doing the torture
                listed in order of the email.  So if I didn't cover it
                right then this is why.  So next would be the water torture

              Unali - Some fun time. :) Wonder if you can recall the time
                 kissed in the flying castle and cloud bases.  So its a
                 fun running gag. :)

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

          GM: Teams -

              Jordi's Inn - Arawn
              Barn        - Fremea, Raban, Kell, Kiet, Z'leyra
              Inn         - Etain, Will

          GM: Loot -

              2766 BB From Grosis's place divided up.
              That is 307 BB or basically 3 Silver per person.
              Remainder of 3 BB will say given to the beggar
              Raban told to go raid his home.

          GM: I seem to have skimmed Unali's post.  I gathered the
              following questions.  I will add them here for my
              own record keeping (so can answer later) and for Kiet
              to ask if need be.  Kiet you can add to it.

              "Who are you. Where do you live. Who do you report to.
              Who are your man. How did you get into the slave trade.
              Where do you keep your slaves. When and how do they get
              slaves. Who did you sell to. Where do you keep your records.
              Where is your profits stashed."

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