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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #107 in sequence (file #415)

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        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          <Ok, been out of it a bit lately. Just too many things hit
          at once.  Something had to give way a little.>

          Fremea quietly says that if they die, it won't matter much.

          "We do need every scrap of info we can get, I am not
        GM: Ack.

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra is not fond of torture, though she knows that
          sometimes it  may be necessary. Thus she hopes to avoid by
          using bluff then if  needed, magic to convince the individual
          to tell his secrets.
        GM: Ack. Like I said last time you will have to get with Kiet
            or Fremea or all to decide if magic, bluff or torture is to
            be done.  I can't decide it for you guys.   So far based
            on group views torture is assumed since you're the only
            one to mention magic at this point.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Kiet/Unali/Kell/Fremea/Raban  Group]
          [Time: 11:45:00 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea quietly says that if they die, it won't matter much.
          Obviously Grosis is no longer a major part in the slave trade,
          but he still has valuable intel that can help to destroy it, or
          at least hinder it for a long time. This Mavac is the one that
          pushed Grosis out of it, so he definitely has a lot of intel
          that he is not wanting to give up. Now, she knows they can be
          just killed out right, but it would be even better if they are
          done in by the very organization that they work for. It will
          look better all around and not lead to us being in the mix.
          Though she never wanted to learn this type of tactic, it seems
          that there is a use for it.

            Fremea eyes the two men in the corner.  Grosis is still
          out but Mavac clearly showed sign of recognition and a
          big enough sneer that both men aren't too friendly toward
          each other.  But the idea of using them and letting the very
          people they work for kill them is just sweet justice.  It would
          be even better if the slaves did them in but one can't be
          too picky.

            "We do need every scrap of info we can get, I am not completely
          sure out what questions to ask, as I was only pushed to kill
          people, not extract info. The main thing is that we need to
          learn who the bosses, or what resembles the bosses, of the
          organization are. Then we can set it up to have Mavac destroyed
          by and even killed by them. As for Grosis, he does not matter
          anymore." Still very quietly, so that the prisoners don't hear
          any of this.

            "Kiet, as to your question of the torture, I have never really
          been shy of it, it is just can remind me of my time having it
          done to me. These ones do not deserve pity though and I really
          don't think they care that much."

            "It would be good to find out where they have any of their
          actual wealth too. We could use that to create new factions and
          send misinformation and misdirection to the different branches.
          Along with get more for our own coffers of course." She smiles at
          Kiet with that last one.

            As Fremea finishes up Fremea, Kiet and Z'leyra turn to see
          Mavac yelling.

            "I will kill you! You slimy pig.  You did this to me!"

            Mavac is yelling at the now awaken Grosis who is looking
          around to gauge what is going on.

          [Time: 11:48:00 am - Samma city, Donara]


          [Arawn/Jordi's Tavern]
          [Time: 12:15:10 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

            Arawn felt mixed emotions over the gaffe, at once disconcerted
          at the embarrassment brought upon the elves yet also annoyed at
          the lack of open honesty. He understood the intrigues of court
          and the politics of nations but it did not mean that he was a
          fan, much less a supporter, of such games - he felt that such
          things stood in the way of inner and spiritual truth. However,
          in this particular case it was not his nature but his lack of
          intimate knowledge regarding the aftermath of the Climan affair
          proved the source of the current kerfuffle. The 'cat was out of
          the bag', as he'd heard the mortals say, and he would have to
          tread carefully for his words could prove a powerful lure or a
          nasty obstacle towards an alliance.

            Arawn suddenly feels a bit warm.  Maybe the room I just
          hot but he glances around for some water.  Spots a empty
          glass and some water jug.  He pours himself some water and
          collects his thoughts.  He drinks and uses the time to check
          as much of his Alfar abilities and training to read the
          crowd in front of him.  The Elves are stalling and eager to
          hear Arawn speak.  The Elf general it seems even flashed the
          faintest smile on his face but a half second later it left
          as quickly as it came.  Could the general be enjoying this?
          The humans are clearly startled by the news of this thing
          called the air ships.  But Arawn can also detect something else
          that is just below the surface.  He can't pinpoint it.  Maybe
          his lack of being around humans is the issue.

            "The air ships...," Arawn echoed, followed by a deep breath
          before a slow exhalation.

            "I can't claim to know the details, that privilege belongs to
          the small but elite group responsible. This team, a gathering of
          races and backgrounds, were also those responsible for the
          liberation of the ambassadors, some of whom may have also been
          witness to the existence of the air ships," he said, his eyes
          dancing across the table for a sign of hidden knowledge amongst
          the humans. "But I am personally aware of this group and can say
          that from their reports a small handful of air ships had been
          successfully constructed and held in a secret base. Through their
          efforts the base was decimated and the ships dealt with."

            "Very, very few outside of this group would have known such
          information as anything more than rumor. I don't imagine
          discussing rumors and hearsay a normal part of negotiations or
          a proper thing for hosts to do but as I know some of the
          individuals involved I feel comfortable attesting to this
          story. Perhaps that is why the gods have seen fit to guide me
          here, to bring to light the gravity of the Climan threat and
          allow everyone to realize the price that might come from ignoring
          their power and peril."

            Standing on the other side of the long table Jordi turns around
          briefly and covers his mouth as if to sneeze.  But Arawn can
          see a glint of a smile as he turns.  Arawn doesn't know why
          but Jordi almost laughs at the word gravity.  Since it seems
          the Climans captured elemental creatures that had control of
          the gravity force that lifted the ships aloft.  Arawn turns
          around and calms his facial features.  Arawn gets the slightest
          bit of annoyance at Jordi laughing at his expense.  But then
          it flies away as he also sees the humor in a demi-god making

            Arawn hoped that his words would help pull any doubt away
          from the elves and allow the weight to rest upon his shoulders.

            "I imagine there's likely concern as to whether they can renew
          this project but from what I understand they are no longer
          capable of production. They are bereft of the rare resources to
          recreate such vessels, such assets thankfully no longer able to
          be found upon the face of this world."

            Jordi shifts a bit at the word of resources. He eyes the humans
          and hope this new mistake doesn't come back.  If they question
          these resources it could lead to nations searching for such
          things for their own means.  But Jordi is relieved to see little
          reaction on the humans.

            "But, personally, I would not sit and wait, I would not give
          them more time to rebuild. Their fuel source is gone but I would
          not wait to see if they should somehow find it again. If they're
          allowed to keep this Fort, if they're allowed to accumulate wood,
          then you allow them one-half of what's needed for them to raise
          such a fleet again - no matter how unlikely that might seem to
          be - or at least add to a navy that could become a juggernaut
          upon the sea."

            At this the Elves all nod slightly in agreement as does the
          human from Xan.  They all seem to agree on that point at least.

            Arawn gave the assembly a moment to weigh his words. As he did
          so he gauged both humans and elves, trying to get a sense for not
          only their reaction but how his words should flow. Inside he
          prayed for the eloquence of Nuada and Lugh and his mother's
          insight that he shouldn't prove an obstacle towards the formation
          of the alliance.

            As he pauses he drinks some more water.  The humans seem to be
          stirred so far but they are so impassive it is hard to read.
          Then Arawn hears the slightest bit of laughter.  As Arawn's
          eyes dart though none in the room seem to react.  But it all
          seems that one heard it?  Arawn thought it might be laughter
          from the tavern in the other room.  but no wait it almost
          sounded like laughter in his mind or maybe just a faint
          whisper in his ear?  Could that ghostly laugh be?  Nah.  He
          shakes his head maybe its just his imagination not some unearthly
          voice from some distance plane.

            "Trying to form an air force is one thing but their kidnapping
          of diplomats, forcing them to comply with Climan desires or risk
          imprisonment, this is not only a slap in the face of countries
          along the Sea of Tears it's a major threat to the stability of
          every nation within Climan reach. Left unaddressed it sends the
          Climans a message that they can do so with impunity again. I'm
          of the opinion that their recent loss is something that would be
          wise to capitalize on. They've lost a military force, resources
          and a base while angering several powerful nations who surround
          them. And as an island nation surrounded by those they've angered
          they have nowhere to run. The Climans may lick their wounds now
          but you know that it will only be a matter of time before they
          strike. They once ruled a huge expanse and ever strive to regain
          that glory. And when that time comes they will not only be
          stronger but any of you could be the target, and without an
          alliance, forced to stand alone against them."

            At the words of kidnapping the diplomats all the humans nod
          in agreement.  The Gom diplomat smiles as well.  The Bhamotin
          diplomat sips some of his wine and raises an eyebrow.  Of the
          more others he may be the most civilized so understands this
          threat just a bit better.

            "Take this Fort, keep them from ever landing on fertile soil
          again to deny them the wood they need and bit by bit they will
          wither for lack of resources. Without wood, as each ship fails,
          they will be unable to replace them."

            At this the mix of elves and humans nod in random times and
          shrugs as if they all agree but at varying parts of the last
          bit of speech.

            Arawn turned to face the representative from Bhamotin when
          Farseeker's name was brought up.

            "I've heard of him, a noble warrior, skilled and with powerful
          connections. If he saw fit to speak with one of your nobles it
          might well be that you have allies in this quest without
          realizing it," Arawn thoughtfully commented before returning
          focus to the main body.

            The Bhamotin man nods and flicks a finger as if in reflex to
          shooing a fly away.  A gesture humans seem to do as if they
          are deciding something.

            "And if some of the countries, whether Marentia, as one of you
          mentioned, or another, join in then information or supplies might
          prove a boon. And if ships can be provided they do not need to
          arrive in time to join the battle for such a force to be useful.
          If nothing else they could patrol the waters on the other side
          of Clima, acting as a distraction to pressure Clima into
          splitting its attention and forces."

            At this the group including Jordi all stare at the man who
          seems to be neutral to this coalition.  It is clear the group
          has been urging the large nation to join.  The Bhamotin man
          just sips his wine more and raises a left shoulder.  He nods
          and smiles as if smiling at a kid who annoys a parent.   Arawn
          realizes this will be a long time to sway such things and
          no time to deal with the fine points.  But it is clear that
          the man is considering it.

            "The very fact that they were amassing such a force alongside
          the kidnappings are a clear indicator that they were planning
          to expand their power once again. I can also say that once they
          do any one of your nations could be the first to be struck, in
          fact those standing alone would pose the most tempting target.
          Stand together and you will present a front the Climan's will
          think twice about taking on."

            The humans all do brief glances at each other as if to see
          which nation would be first victor or victim.  The Elves seem
          to just stare at Arawn as if not to point fingers at some
          particular human culture.

            "I am not a proponent of violence, far from it, but I can see
          the wisdom in preventing an aggressive force access to the
          resources they need to inflict harm. And with continued effort I
          can see and hope for the possibility of peaceful coexistence and
          economic growth for all within this alliance."

            Arawn ends and waits for some reaction.  Seconds pass.  Ten.
          Thirty.  A full minute.  Arawn draws another sip of water and
          shifts in his seat.  A few more seconds and then one of the
          humans laughs.

            Arawn stares to see the Xan man grin and laughing.   "Flying
          ships.  Climans can lie like the best of them.  I hear those
          witches can do great illusions."

            The man from Gom seems to stare at the Xanese and then
          grins.  Turning back he looks at Arawn.  "A stirring speech.
          I commend you.  I'm expecting the sales pitch next.  But
          seriously.  I'm sure not all of us here are aware of these
          things you speak of.  To be honest most of us here," he
          waves at the humans, "are second and third choices for our
          nation.  Some I can even assume are not endorsed fully
          by their nation.  Most see the Elves as noble beings who
          talk of good and bad things.  Never in between. It is always
          the extremes with these guys."  He grins but shows no
          malice.  "Let's face it but most humans would not join such
          a thing unless it gives them something in return.  Helping
          the Elves to kill the fort or conquer it helps the Elves
          mostly.  Though as has been talked here the wood exports
          to our nations would help.  The details have to be ironed
          out I'm sure."  This gets all nods around.  "There is
          concern that if Clima fades who will replace them?  The
          Rogizini empire is the best guess.  Could we be doing
          something good for the future or making things worse?
          This is a human thing that we fear the future.  The
          elves live so long that future is just the next thing
          to them."

            Jordi finally sits down and relaxes that the mishap
          may have been dealt with.  "A true nation sees to
          their internal affairs first.  But a nation who ignores
          other people find themselves in trouble later.  I'm
          sure we can appreciate the words from this wise man."
          he nods toward Arawn. "But now we must get to the details
          at hand.  The more time we waste it gets bad.  The winter
          is the time to attack since it will not be months before
          they can regroup and realize what is going on."

            "I think we could use a short recess before we get to the
          work we started this morning."  The Elf General speaks up.
          This causes to nod and some stand.

          [Time: 12:22:07 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

                             ---Ending Time---

          [Current time for each group]
          [Time: 11:48:00 am - Samma city, Donara] - Fremea/Raban
          [Time: 12:22:07 pm - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update...Friday...???

          GM: A good place to stop for now.  Arawn's post is long and
              that gives a good read for now.  Plus I'm running out
              of time.  If I don't get it out then it might be a day
              or two later.  Like with last update was delayed due
              to lack of posts and time.  Now I got some good posts.
              As to this Friday I work Thursday so will not have much
              time to work on it but a hour or two Wednesday.  So
              don't be surprised if can't get update out for Friday.
              So stay tuned.

          GM: Arawn - Good save.  :) I didn't edit any of your stuff.
                aside from He to your name for reading purposes.  I
                did add some of the stuff myself in between to fill
                in some gaps. I was going to have a bit more reaction
                from Jordi but time is an issue.  I'll see if I can
                add that next update.

              Kiet - Who do you want to question first?  Grosis is
                 the weak fat guy who probably won't last long.  Mavac
                 may be trained and have some work to do.  Grosis is
                 out of the game it seems but Mavac is not.  Just
                 something to consider.  No rush on reply if I get
                 no update out by Friday that gives you a week to
                 decide.  But with your trip no rush if too busy
                 to reply.

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates

          GM: Teams -

              Jordi's Inn - Arawn
              Barn        - Fremea, Raban, Kell, Kiet, Z'leyra
              Inn         - Etain, Will

          GM: Loot -

              2766 BB From Grosis's place divided up.
              That is 307 BB or basically 3 Silver per person.
              Remainder of 3 BB will say given to the beggar
              Raban told to go raid his home.

          GM: I seem to have skimmed Unali's post.  I gathered the
              following questions.  I will add them here for my
              own record keeping (so can answer later) and for Kiet
              to ask if need be.  Kiet you can add to it.

              "Who are you. Where do you live. Who do you report to.
              Who are your man. How did you get into the slave trade.
              Where do you keep your slaves. When and how do they get
              slaves. Who did you sell to. Where do you keep your records.
              Where is your profits stashed."

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