[pnpgm] Game Update #106 - File #412 - Interrogation prep

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<Ok, been out of it a bit lately. Just too many things hit at once. Something had to give way a little.>

Fremea quietly says that if they die, it won't matter much. Obviously Grosis is no longer a major part in the slave trade, but he still has valuable intel that can help to destroy it, or at least hinder it for a long time. This Mavac is the one that pushed Grosis out of it, so he definitely has a lot of intel that he is not wanting to give up. Now, she knows they can be just killed out right, but it would be even better if they are done in by the very organization that they work for. It will look better all around and not lead to us being in the mix. Though she never wanted to learn this type of tactic, it seems that there is a use for it.

"We do need every scrap of info we can get, I am not completely sure out what questions to ask, as I was only pushed to kill people, not extract info. The main thing is that we need to learn who the bosses, or what resembles the bosses, of the organization are. Then we can set it up to have Mavac destroyed by and even killed by them. As for Grosis, he does not matter anymore." Still very quietly, so that the prisoners don't hear any of this.

"Kiet, as to your question of the torture, I have never really been shy of it, it is just can remind me of my time having it done to me. These ones do not deserve pity though and I really don't think they care that much."

"It would be good to find out where they have any of their actual wealth too. We could use that to create new factions and send misinformation and misdirection to the different branches. Along with get more for our own coffers of course." She smiles a Kiet with that last one.
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