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Tobie Bonahoom bonahoom at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 17 17:15:54 CET 2014

> Fremea - Skimmed email but I assume you ok the deal? What are the deal rules?
> * Talk to him in barn or outside?
> * Let him go after the info?
> * What then with Mavac?
> Guess that's my main questions.

Mavac dies for sure - just need to stage it so that he is killed by rivals.

Talk to Grosis in barn, no need to actually move him to get info, plus just a good reminder of what can still be done to him if he does not tell the truth.

She will keep her word that he can walk out of the barn. He just better run really fast, Raban does not know about the deal and he may not allow him to get far. :)
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