[pnpgm] Game Update #77

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   "He's under my control," Arawn quietly informed Kiet, referring to the bouncer. "Let's make use of him."

   "Does Ozon know if you're aware of this warehouse?," he asked the enthralled bouncer.

[If Ozon does then he'll use the bouncer to enter the building, having him barge in and cause a distraction by engaging in a rant surrounding the fire, Bogan's death and such, trying to cause a distraction for as long as he can.

If not, then have the bouncer barge in anyway, screaming at Ozon 'I saw you talking to them! The ones that started the fire! What are you up to?!'

   He won't have the bouncer enter until Kiet and Arawn are ready to go]

   After the bouncer's response Arawn turned his attention to Kiet.

   "I think we should split up. I can take the ground floor invisibly, using the bouncer as a distraction while I free Kiet and Will.

   In the meanwhile, do you think you can get to the top floor to take out the two guards before they kill the faerries? Something quiet would be nice, maybe a sleep spell if you have one, and I can loan you my sapphire to unlock the cages if you think you'll need it."

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