[pnpgm] Kiet at Boguns

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Kiet curses under his breath as he sees the city guards already at the house.  It means the odds of getting anything valuable out of there is effectively zero.  He turns to Z'leyra and says "Well, so much for that idea.  It was too good to be true.  Why don't we head back to the inn, unless you want to look around town a bit?"

"I wouldn't mind looking for a mineral shop.  I would love to find some Smarag, White Flint, or Heliotropius.  Heck, lodestone, or Hyacinthus, dinothera, or bloodstone would work, if it could be enhanced.  And if we happened to run across some quicksilver or antimony, that would be excellent."

"I'll even tell you a little secret.  Back at my home island, what was really sought after were great pearls!  Deep magic in pearls.  It's said that the wearer of a Great Pearl would live forever.  Think how much magic one could learn in many lifetimes, or how powerful your spells could become."

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