[pnpgm] No posts plus work with Time carry the dinner break equals

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Wed Jul 9 20:55:32 CEST 2014

	No update tonight I guess..

As said in last update (5 days ago) was going to work on update 
tonight.  But alas...no posts...

Even if started now would be pressedfor time.

Usually takes 3+ hours to write up.
An 30-1 hr to gather posts and place on site, format, place in my 
other computer dirs
Another 30-1 hour to spell check.

So 5 hours at times ...

Not  including combats.  If combats then longer.

An hour to spell check? No way!
Last update was 800 lines.
I do it in Word a diff file copied over edited out some stuff like 
header/recap posts.
That was 800 lines.
I then tab over to a diff window for the master copy and edit 
there.  So takes time to go back and forth.
Last update took me 45 I believe.
If I was doing it in word alone would be much less.
But my master copy is text files.

Oh well....

Sooooo..plan is to work on update Monday.
Thur/Fri will be hectic.  Why I was hoping ot do it tonight.

So will start it 6:30 pm ESTMonay.

With or without posts.
Was waiting to get actons before moving on since all groups have options.

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