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   HT Aliaver/Player    DS    Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight.......HY..Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar .. Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom....YY..Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry.. Fe
   R3.Mark Murtha.......HN..Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human....Ma
   R1.David Sanders.....HN..Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  ..Ma
   R4.J H Hooten........YN..Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human....Ma
   W4.Wout Broere.......YY..Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  ..Fe
   R1 John.Stowman......YN..Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human....Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen......YY..Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  ..Fe
   -- Npc...............YY..Etain.............Teacher.Normal/Elf......Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Squirt (Ferret) Kell, Wolf - Will

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      Game Update #92 in sequence (file #352)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet is a little curious about his assigned role.  Reading
           through scrolls for which he knows not the language.  Still,
           Kiet understands that it's Fremea's party.  Besides, Kiet
           feels he could stand a good rest after that damned warehouse
           debacle.  Profitable and satisfying though it was.

           The sheer volume of gems really gets Kiet's interest.
           Carefully selected, these could be made into some interesting
           jewelry.  Also, it might provide a way to reduce the bulk of
           carrying certain coinage.. besides...gems are nearly universal

           Looking at the gems with Z'leyra, Kiet says "You know, ...
         GM: Ack. Initially forgot you don't read it.  But I do have
             a method to my madness.  See below for your task.  They
             are universal (gems) which is why Bogan used them.  Being
             a fence as well he could use them as payment for coins if
             the dead beat guy couldn't pay his debts.  Let's face it
             the common gambler would underestimate gems while Bogan and
             his staff would NOT.  So they could cheat the folks that
             way as well.  If seems a lot but it is based on the quality
             not the quantity.  I'm sure many are flawed and cheapo
             ones not a king's gem mine.  So share in Gems you really need
             me to post all the info on each item?  I can do that but it
             will take up some room.   So theres what? 180 gems or so?
             If I do 2 per line or even 3 info bits per line it would be
             60 lines of just that info.  I can do it you need to. If you
             want to separate certain aspects of gems I can do that like
             keep all cloudy fine clarity X gems or such.  Let me know.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]

           I see a list for distribution - how did we come to this? And
           is this temporary or permanent distribution?

           Were we going with Fremea's suggestions? Or by Player interest?
           (Asking as the former would have Arawn paired with the Ruby,
           the latter with the Tourmaline (he has little to no interest in
           the Turquoise))

           Studying the Scrolls:

           As Z'leyra and Kiet are unable to read Donaron it would make
           sense for at least one of them to switch roles with another PC
           who is able to read Donaran.

           Who in the party is able to read Donaran?

           If no one is capable of it I believe Arawn can do so and is
           willing to switch roles with Z'leyra as she's a trained
           Herbalist and if she's willing to look for information on the
           Moon Gort in the meanwhile.
         GM: Ack.  Gems were selected by folks in their posts.  If
             not claimed then the simple non magical one swill be grouped
             up together.  Calculated a price.  Sold.  Then final profit
             divided up equally unless stated otherwise.  I can't control
             anything beyond that.  As to roles this is why I spent two
             weeks on this and even gave a few extra days to see if
             changes were made.  None posted until I did this update
             where it was already defined and finished (yes I finished
             this update then the posts came in - sigh).  There is a
             reason why they can still do their tasks.  See below they
             now have a option to do other stuff.  It would not just
             be reading all day.  Sigh.  You now want to switch after
             I typed up the update.  Hmmm...

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           [Having looked up the Donaran language in the Perilous Lands
           Culture Book I find that Salaqi is considered a dialect of
           Donaran. The linguistic family of Ced for Salaqi and linguistic
           family of Thaliban for Donaran. Marentian is another of the
           Thaliban languages and Salaqi is associated.]

           While she is fully proficient at speaking Donaran, Z'leyra has
           to work at deciphering the Donaran scrolls using her mastery of
           Salaqi and Marentian scripts to work out the Thaliban base
           roots of many of the words.

           Gems are valuable rocks. Jewels are gems that have been cut
           and polished and are twice the value. Jewelry is a jewel that
           is set as part of an ornate piece and again doubles the value.
           Z'leyra knows that she is a master jeweler and suspects that
           some others in the party are as well.

           "Yes Kiet, nearly all these gems optimally should be made ...
         GM: Ack.  Correct you could read the scrolls.  I forgot about
             Salaqi.  You could act dumb and proof his work like Kiet
             suggests.  But I kept the below as not able to read since
             I did that BEFORE this post came out.  As to gems the bottom
             list can't be enhanced those are not the perfect ones.  So
             this is just cheap rocks.

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           Assuming Z'leyra is comfortable working alongside Etain to
           study the scrolls Arawn can return to the original task of
           hunting down the Moon Gort. But if she prefers hunting for
           plants let me know:)
         GM: Ack.  Whew.  Ok.   no major rewrites then.  This is why I
             gave time to switch tasks awhile back. :)

         From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
           [Time: 6:32:51 am - Samma city, Donara]

           "Mere mortals... If I limited myself to godlings I'd make ...

            [Time: 6:43:19 am - Samma city, Donara]
         GM: Ack.  Good stuff.  Thanks for adding the time marks that
             does help for blocking.

      [New Stuff]

          [Sepes 29th, 1634TH]
          [Location: City of Samma, Donara]

          [Time: 6:32:51 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn helps Etain heal in the privacy of their room.

            "Mere mortals... If I limited myself to godlings I'd make
          for a very poor healer, indeed." Arawn grinned.

            "Should I limit myself to gods and kings? Remember, Etain,
          power and prestige are relative. True respect is earned, it is
          not a birthright."

            As the Elf pulled away Arawn rose, propping himself on the
          table. A serene smiled graced his face as he gazed enigmatically
          into the prizzti's eyes.

            "You worry too much about the traditions and rules of court.
          They have their place and I respect them greatly but sometimes
          tradition can hold us back, trapped in the past and forcing us
          into stagnation For our people to survive, to thrive, we must
          adapt, we must learn if we are to evolve. We must temper the
          possibilities of the future with the wisdom of the past. And
          sometimes I think that propriety can be overrated. There are
          greater things in life, like happiness and love, and sometimes
          we have to make the difficult choice of what is truly important
          to us if we are to find fulfillment."

            He held his look for a moment longer before allowing his eyes
          to drift upwards in a thoughtful manner.

            "As to my parents... well to you I must seem an odd child
          indeed.  They are great patrons of war and vengeance, a far cry
          from me though I can hear the echo of it in my blood. But what
          we have in common is passion, whether for peace or war. And they
          have taught me that on the battlefield a good leader does not
          ignore the needs of their soldiers or others who rely upon her.
          the leader would tend to the wounds of those men even if with her
          own hands, because it is upon the other that each stands."

            Etain nods and turns back to Arawn.  "Well said.  But traditions
          do change.  We have Varange seeking the glory of the faerry and
          it seems the Royals back him or wish the same. The Elves are
          eager to see change on a global level and are restrained by
          others.  It is something to consider."


          [Time: 6:43:19 am - Samma city, Donara]

            The group sits at breakfast and discuss matters.

            Arawn's attention was drawn to Etain as the Elf drew the mug of
          ale to his lips. It was indeed early but it was no surprise,
          even in the short time they had spent with each other the fallen
          court official's self-medication had become apparent. When Fremea
          voiced her acceptance of the druid's metaphysical offer a moment
          after he turned away to look at the faerry.

            "It is more than just controlling - it is about embracing them,
          channeling them..." Arawn's eyes flashed back to Etain for a
          moment as he continued, "... healing and transforming them."

            As his attention darted back to Fremea he smiled warmly.
          "And it would be my pleasure."


          [Fremea/Raban group]
          [Time: 7:01:08 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Raban and Fremea walk down the many crowded streets.  She
          ignores the stares at the two of them and starts to convey
          her story a bit in detail.  How during a mission she was
          captured by men and enslaved.  The ring leader, Grosis the
          Bear used her after that.  He was named a bear by his men
          and himself.  More for his body frame which was large with
          wide shoulders and tree limb like legs and arms.  The man
          could lift a horse off the ground with little effort.

            Fremea was fitted with some collar that seemed to affect
          her natural abilities.  She feared for a long time she would
          not escape.  She had hoped that her people would at least
          send people to find her.  At least she learned that Etain
          did try to do this very thing according to him.  But her
          own people either did not or Etain did not know of it.

            Grosis was a successful business man who dealt in inter-city
          trade of metals and furniture.  But on the side he would deal
          in the underground with slaves of captured girls or indentured
          girls under his service.    At the time one of his major contacts
          was a local Baron who would use his power to free Gross from the
          eyes of the law.  Fremea explained that the old Baron was actually
          not well off.  In order to pay off a large debt he sold his own
          14 year old daughter into indentured service.  Grosis obtained
          this contract from the person in question, a local tailor, by
          winning a large card game.  Grosis seeing opportunity threatened
          to sell the girl to the underground if the Baron would not use
          his own influence in his trade deals and steer the law away.

            For months Fremea was alone in a simple cage like a animal
          on display for people to see and abuse.  Humans would come by
          to stare, poke at her, burn her hair, beat her through the
          cage with clubs and just spit at her.  Even the kids would
          come and laugh.  In great despair she was at the end of
          her ability to go on.

            Then Fremea explained a noble of some kind came by with
          his older teen boy.  The noble commented on the dirty nature
          of the winged beasts.  The boy was clearly not happy about
          the words.  Then the noble made Fremea strip everything off
          so the boy could see what the girl looked like.  Grossi
          was happy to do so after he got paid well.  Two men of the
          noble house helped with this.  By now the boy was clearly
          not happy.  He stormed away upset with his mother.

            Then later that night, Fremea explains as they stand still
          for a few minutes.  That the boy came to her cage.  At that
          time she was in a shed out behind the property.  He sneaked
          past the dog guard and go in the shed.  She recalls the
          words to this day.   "This is not right.  All creatures
          should not be treated this way."  Then the boy without
          waiting opened the cage.  It seems he was wearing some
          ring at the time to do so.  Fremea later guesses that the
          ring must be the one Arawn uses.  The boy must've had
          one or obtained it somehow.  The boy then removed the collar
          with the same ring.

            The pair continue down the street.  The boy must've not
          been any older than 15.  But he was kind.  He gave food
          and water to get out.  At the time Fremea considered just
          killing Grosis then.  But his family of 6 brothers and
          5 uncles and nephews gave him a virtual army.  She explains
          that she was weak and had no magical energy or weapons.

            As time went on though she had other things come up
          and eventually fled the land to the east toward the
          Zen'da plains and north.  She wanted nothing to do with
          the people who likely betrayed her.

            The first spot that Fremea checks is the location of the
          shed and the home.  She was not always in a cage.   In fact
          Grosis used her to break into places to obtain things or
          items.  While still in her collar.  Grosis would use the
          girls he had also enslaved or her weakness other kids as a
          pawn to threaten their lives.  She did maybe a dozen or so
          such missions and always had to return.

            After leaving the tavern it takes about 30 min just to find
          the neighborhood.  Then some time to find the home.  This
          neighborhood is middle class merchant style households.  The
          home about 12 rooms in size seems to have gone down hill in
          quality.  Both watch the home for some time.  There are
          people in yards and kids outside so it is difficult to just
          do a aerial recon.  But a simple kid lost without a giant
          is just another kid.

            With some reluctance Raban lets Fremea head to the house
          alone.  If she does not return in 20 minutes he will come
          storming in like a dragon in heat.

            Soon Fremea creeps toward the house.  Outside this home
          there is no one.  But there is a wagon and a single horse
          tied out back.  Homes here don't have barns but the ground
          is big enough for even a small grazing area for a horse.  Each
          property is about 400 feet between the next.  Using the
          bushes she looks in various windows.  On the fourth window
          she sees a woman and a boy around 3-4.  But after looking
          around the bottom floor she uses a tree to check the second
          floor.  Upstairs in some kind of office a older man in his
          50s is sitting eating breakfast at a desk.  Tolls around
          him seem to indicate he may be a writer or scholar of some
          sort.  But this man is clearly not Grosis.  Seems the slug
          has moved on and away.

            The house would be full of guys and other slaves and this
          place has none.  Fremea sneaks to the back and stops when
          she sees the shed.  Her anger begins to rise and her
          heartbeat increases.  Memories flood into her mind and
          doubt begins to sink in.  Fremea begins some deep breathing
          exercises that Arawn taught her.  She doesn't know she is
          twirling her dagger among her fingers until a couple minutes

            Calmer but not completely normal she moves past the horse
          toward the shed.  She checks and the door is unlocked.  The
          cage and all the tools of abuse are gone.  Now only tools
          of gardening and the home are there.  She looks for possible
          clues but doesn't even see the bloodstains she left.  As
          she rises to leave a voice behind makes her jump.

            "What are you doing in her young lady!"  A female voice
          behind with a looming shadow.

            Fremea glad she didn't reach for her dagger.  She plays
          the confused and bashful child.

            "Dangerous stuff in there.  Move out or I'll tan your
          bottom.  Now go..go..go.."

            The female in her mid 40s is the same from the window that
          must be the mother or servant.  Likely mother based on the
          clean and soft looking hands.  As Fremea leaves the shed
          she asks about the people who lived her before  That she
          had a friend that lived here.

            "So you break into my shed and not use the front door?
          They sold the place a long time ago.  Don't know and don't
          care where they are.  Now go before I call the city guard
          and redden that bottom of yours."

            Happy her act works but angry at being the kid again.
          She leaves knowing no clues will be found here.

          [Time: 7:53:17 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Fremea realizes that maybe Unali might have been better
          here.  She has the skills of a investigator it seems.  As
          they leave the area Fremea considers her options.  Then
          she recalls one of Grosis's men speak of his place of
          work.  Some office on Orange Rock lane.  After finding
          a market they ask for directions.

            Finding the street though leads to a series of offices. But
          which one it?  Then Raban sees a sign half way down that seems
          to have letters like his name.  Nearing they do indeed find
          a tattered sign saying Grosis Trading.  It is out front of
          a single story probably 4 room structure not even big enough
          for a normal home.

            The street has maybe 4-5 dozen people going back and forth
          on their duties.  But Raban checks the door and finds it locked.
          He could break the lock but it would bring attention.  They move
          toward the back and find a back door and no windows.  This
          alley is only used by wagons to feed stores and warehouses so
          there are only maybe 3 people seen going back and forth.

            The nearest person is a young man unloading a wagon of crates
          in the back of some shop toward the north or right of the
          pair.  The wagon is about 250 feet away or about 6 stores down
          the alley.  To the other end to the left is a single man who
          seems to be smoking something leaning against a wall.  He
          seems to be staring west which is not toward the two. he is
          about 300 feet away.

            Raban looks down at Fremea.  "What now? I could easily
          break the door down with a kick.  The smoker likely won't be
          there that long.  We could time for the guy doing the wagon?"

          [Time: 8:12:38 am - Samma city, Donara]


          [Kell/Unali's group]
          [Time: 7:01:08 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Kell had considered leaving Squirt with Kiet after the
          animal was injured.  But the animal was a bit more nervous
          so takes him with him.

            Going on what the Faerry said they look for this "Mavac"
          character.  "City corruption disgusts me.  A person in power
          like this abusing his power.  Should be flogged and taught
          a lesson."  Kell speaks to Unali as they move down the busy
          streets.  Both seem to have no eyes on them as they seem just
          as common in the others.  The only time folks look at the
          is at Squirt so he is a good distraction.

            Kell continues, "what if we find him?  Did Fremea say if
          we should capture, kill or just find his location?"

            Unali shrugs and passes a city guard on duty.  She
          asks where the local garrison might be.  He gives her
          the details.

          [Time: 7:18:21 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Soon the garrison is found a two story structure with some
          buildings behind it that look to be barracks.  The two story
          place looks to be a administration or office place.

            Watching from some distance the two figure out the rank
          system based on uniforms.  Most in this area are clearly
          recruits or lowly privates.  Finally Kell sees one young
          boy around 18 pass by and stops him.

            Kell asks the lad, "A question young man.  Do you know
          a Mavac?"

            The boy nods, "Captain Mavac?  He is in charge of district
          8 of the regular guardsman in the west side of the city."

            "I heard he is a skilled fighter? Could you give us some
          directions to find him?"

            "Mavac?  He is skilled as in hand to hand combat.  He
          teaches here at the garrison every few weeks.  His father
          is a Captain for one of the naval ships at Pelara.  But
          it seems Mavac does not have a taste for the water."  He
          then gives the two directions.  Then leaves the pair to
          do his patrol of the city.

            Kell walks with Unali, "so he is a captain which is high
          but not a big wig.  Comes from a working family not some
          noble or big house it seems.  So he may just be in this
          slave stuff for personal gain."

          [Time: 7:46:51 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Some time later Kell and Unali are down the street to a
          small squat building that serves as a district guard house.
          The two story place looks to have been a converted bed
          and breakfast place.  It might have a dozen rooms up and
          downstairs.  The area is lined with a dozen or so other
          shops of various types from pottery, tailors, butchers,
          glass works to leather shops.

            The two watch the guard house for some time.  Only two
          guards leave and one enters.  So it does not seem to be
          a busy place.  If the locals go here for crime issues it
          must be light.  It looks like based on the size of the place
          could be as little as a dozen or 3 dozen people inside.
          But budgets do shrink at times so it could be all empty
          offices and only a handful of guys.

            Kell turns to Unali, "now what?"

          [Time: 8:02:21 am - Samma city, Donara]


          [Arawn/Will's group]
          [Time: 7:01:08 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn, Will and his pet wolf walk the streets to find this
          rare natural magical item.  Most civilized cultures do have
          many herbalist shops but most are simply too generic for
          the most common items.  In fact Will knows that in dealing
          with so called barbarian cultures they tend to have better
          info on such things and more supplies since they are aware
          of more rare situations.

            The common person wants simple cures for colds, muscle aches,
          back pain, headaches and even love potions for the most part.
          So finding a place that might know this rare item may take
          some time.

            A city of this size finds many shops.  But after the 5th such
          shop no one has heard of Moon Gort but many have Moonwort.
          The dealers simply look like Arawn is not sure of what he
          is looking for.  Then they offer the day's deals on herbs
          for foot itch and for Will's pet dog fleas.

          [Time: 7:49:03 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Some time later and two markets after the pair seem eager
          but losing steam finding this item.  Then another shop is
          found.  Entering the shop a old man in his 80s is behind
          the counter.

            "I've heard of it.  Very rare.  Very hard to find.  I've
          only heard of two local shops that found any.  Boligs shop
          said they found two.  But frankly I think he was lying.  We
          never saw the plant and he says he sold it.  But I think it
          was just for the tourists.  The other shop is a friend of
          mine.  He has a shop but he has specialized services to
          seek out less common items.  He himself will do expeditions
          with others or track the items down.  Right now I believe
          he is in the Caldan mountains looking for some items.  But
          his wife has the shop open for him."  He gives the pair
          directions.  "I doubt she has any around but maybe she can
          recall more info for you?"

          [Time: 8:05:03 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Now in the Green Lotus shop owned by Avalos Triendar.  His
          wife greets the pair but makes the wolf stay outside.  "He
          is away on collections.  I do recall this Moon Gort thing.
          He was out in the field and saw it.  Thought it was a
          illusion or him being tired for lack of sleep.  But then he
          found it up closer and picked the item.  Sadly by the item it
          got to the shop it was shriveled and useless.  He was very
          disappointed.  But the local scholars of the Herbalist Guild
          certified his find. The guild later directed him to a library
          where a book had more info on this.  He learned now what
          to do."

            Arawn asks if any such Gort might be in town or in the
          province.  "No.  I'm sorry.  Personally I doubt but what
          6 people in this city might even know what it is.  Including
          you two. Maybe a few more but the thousands of others do
          not so I guess it is not in demand."

            The woman gives directions to the library where they migth
          learn more information.

          [Time: 8:29:16am - Samma city, Donara]

            Arawn enters the Samma North Library.  The clerk at the
          door demands that Will's pet must stay outside. The clerk
          a man in his mid 30s looks at Will in disgust clearly
          showing that the man's type is not common if not welcome
          here.  But the clerk remains silent.

            Arawn finds the librarian a woman in her 50s.  "Moon Gort?
          You say?"  She ponders the thing.  "Is that a book of moon

            Arawn explains and mentions the herbalist's use of the
          book.  Then the woman nods, "Ah.  Yes.  I recall that.
          We spent a full afternoon looking for that book.  The
          place isn't as organized as the library in Donara city."

            Arawn nods and figures Thig could give some advice on
          that situation.

            After a few more minutes the woman leads the two to
          a series of books on herbs and rare plants.  She finds
          the book and hands it to the Druid.

            Sitting at a table he opens the book while Will scans
          the shelves.

            "A Celebrated Illustration of Rare Plants, Animals and
          food found in the Wilderness by Duke Setch Makal."

            Arawn begins to scan the table of contents.

            Moon Moss.  Moon Spider.  Moonwort.  Moon Gort.

            He turns to the section and finds a illustration of the
          plant.  The book and pages seem to be over 300 years based
          on the print date.  So when it was brand new none in the
          city were even born or their direct few upper ancestors.

            The plant in black ink has a long stem it is estimated
          to be 14 inches.  But the author does state this is only
          from one sample so not enough samples have been found to
          get a common average.  In this one it looks almost like
          a sunflower in design.  The author describes the petals
          as dark white.  The interior of the plant aroundthe petals is
          a dark gray it is said.  In this case there were 8 petals
          around the top.  On the stem there were 4-5 smaller plant
          normal like leaves.

            The author notes that in his research there have only been
          4 such plants found in over a thousand years.  But the
          author notes this is likely it is so rare no one is looking
          for it.  In his research he has found that the first two
          were ruined.  This is when a scholar found a Ticasi book
          on the plant.  It told of tales by barbarian shamans who
          used the plants in very rare rituals.  The shamans told that
          to preserve the plant it must be placed in a bowl of fresh
          milk.  If it is not fresh within the last 2 days they say
          it will go bad.  Once in the bowl it can be kept for up
          to a week at most.  The author does not know of any
          magic that could save it longer.

            The book goes on to explain that the plant only shows
          during a full moon and a clear night.  If the moon is
          blocked by clouds it will not be.  Once it is at the apex
          of the sky the plant will, the author estimates here,
          grow taller and then do its thing.  The thing being a
          light of some magic or some unnatural glowing essence
          like that of water plants. The light will then shine up
          toward the sky toward the moon.  But the shamans believe it
          is actually the moon shining down on the plant not up.

            It is said that light like torchlight or lanterns can
          only prevent this effect and the plant might respond by
          closing.  The shamans even say during eclipses the plant
          never shows as if knowing this is only a short night.

            The shamans believe the plant to be as smart as a animal
          and treat it with respect.  The shaman even say there
          is myths that plucking the plant without just cause can
          cause wrath from the spirits in the sky.  But the author
          simply says this is just stories to scare kids.

            The author could not at the time of this publication
          find out what the rituals and uses are for this plant.
          Some herbalists believe it has mysterious curative effects
          while some believe it can cure moon madness.  Some believe
          those inflicted with the bite of wolves can be cured by
          this but none of this is confirmed.

            Arawn memorizes the few sheets and closes the dusty old
          book.  So it is only common found at full moon.  The author
          did mention there is no common terrain.  But at least three
          of the known plants were found in the open wide plains.  Not
          forests or jungle.

            Arawn returns the book and asks the library when the next
          full moon is.

            The library checks a calendar under her desk. "Three days
          from now.  Rather three nights."

            That would make it the night of Octagi 2nd.

            Exiting the library Arawn considers his options at this point.
          He could find more shops.  He also wanted to send funds to
          the free slave girls Bogan had to the farmer.

          [Time: 8:39:19 am - Samma city, Donara]


          [Kiet/Z'leyra/Etain's group]
          [Time: 7:01:08 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Back at the tavern Etain sips his tea while reading the
          scrolls.  He looked at some of them last night so has a bit
          of head start.  But was a bit worn out when he was basically
          interrogated by Arawn and Fremea.  But he seems to have
          gotten a second wind even after his wounds are much better
          he looks with a purpose now as if accepted once again.  He
          doesn't know if Fremea will ever forgive him or even
          like him but at least she saved his life. Rather than
          going after Varange.  That might count for something.

            Both Kiet and Z'leyra can't read Donaran.  The only reason
          Etain can is from his time at taverns reading bottle labels
          and carousing with others.  It is not fluent but it is enough
          to gather the basics.

            Z'leyra spends the time looking at the customers and seeing
          if anything is out of the ordinary.  But it seems like a normal
          day in a city like this.

            Kiet is a bit annoyed at being left behind like Kell was last
          night.  He is not front line material but he does have
          skills.  But in reserve he might do some good.  Besides
          who to trust watching the loot if he left?

            Etain is forced to pay for the table for a few hours so the
          bar keep does not kick them out.

          [Time: 7:41:08 am - Samma city, Donara]

            Finally bored and having counted the least 30 times to
          ensure he counted them all, Kiet sighs.

            Etain looks up.  "It would be good to have three look at
          these things.  But ...wait."  He re-reads action of the
          scroll.  A eyebrow perks up.  He goes to a different scroll
          and then compares.

            "This might be useful.  Bogan had a statue he obtained form
          a loser in debt to him in gambling.  The statue is worth
          at least 75 silver.  It was shipped based on this other scroll
          to a home in the north side of town."  Etain looks up and
          then eyes the two.  "Either this is Bogan's personal home or
          he gave the statue to another person.  I suspect on what we
          know of him he collects debts personally.  This includes
          items and people.  Do you two want to find this place and
          I can continue to study the other stuff?"  He waits for their

            Looking at the gems with Z'leyra, Kiet says "You know, Z'leyra,
          I would personally prefer my share to be at least partially in
          stones. Between the two of us, I think we might be able to work
          out a value about equal to one of our shares.  Personally, I'd
          also like to pick thru these and identify which ones would make
          really fine jewelry."

            Looking over the scrolls, Kiet would love to help but not
          knowing how to read this language is somewhat inhibiting.  He's
          also not certain yet that Etain can be completely trusted.
          Pulling Z'leyra off to the side for a moment he asks her
          "Should we not make sure that what we are told the scrolls say
          really IS what they say?  Maybe we should hire a local to 'help'
          and keep Etain honest.  If one of the scrolls held a secret to
          something valuable, would we be able to trust someone like this
          that we have known for so short a time?"

            "We would just want to make sure that whoever it is that
          would help did not know this all belongs to Bogan.  The last
          thing we need is more people knowing we had something to do
          with his demise.  That information would probably be worth
          something...and not to our benefit!"

            Kiet wishes that servant was here and not in the other
          city he could use him.

            Z'leyra replies to Kiet, "Yes Kiet, nearly all these gems
          optimally should be made into jewelry. We aren't in a rush to
          do so but we should save these and when we have  time make
          jewelry and those pieces that can be enhanced should be.
          Doing so will be well worthwhile. I can write down what I
          think each of these stones are worth...and what we could make
          them worth. Perhaps other jewelers in the party should as well
          and when we have all done so we can compare our lists and come
          to an agreement as to the values to assign them."

          [Time: 7:58:33 am - Samma city, Donara]

                                 ---Ending Time---

          [Current time for each group]
          [Time: 8:12:38 am - Samma city, Donara] - Fremea/Raban
          [Time: 8:02:21 am - Samma city, Donara] - Kell/Unali
          [Time: 8:39:19 am - Samma city, Donara] - Arawn/Will
          [Time: 7:58:33 am - Samma city, Donara] - Kiet/Z'leyra

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update...Friday..

          GM: That's how I'll try to handle the groups. Its a bit faster
              than one large party doing each thing.  It speeds things
              up for the pbem purposes.  As you can see each group
              ended different times.  So for example Arawn's is at least
              half hour after the others.  So if there is a need ot
              rescue or such it will have to be in that time line.
              So if say Fremea needs help might be too late for Arawn
              to join but Kell in theory could if had to. I timed
              each event differently since it is easier to deal with
              in this manner.

              Some tasks will be ended faster than others.  If Kiet
              wants to sell the loot he can but it might be better
              with Kell since he has the merchant skills.

              So let me know what you guys want to so.  If nothing
              then Monday I'll continue as above.

              Ok.  New posts came in after I finished this.  I did everything
              but the stuff from Arawn, Z'leyra and Kiet.  I added those
              sections.  Luckily no need to rewrite stuff.  I was worried
              that Arawn would switch tasks and that would need a rewrite.
              I finished this Wednesday night as I posted I would on Monday.
              Thursdays are hard at times due to working and shows like
              Defiance to watch during update time.  So this is why I
              tried it on Wednesday to start.  Then was convinced to
              delay it a day so I did.  Then the new posts came in.  That
              delayed things since I didn't have time to add them in
              till now (Saturday).  So now finished.

              Consider this the Monday Update.  Since this gives you only
              2 days I'll not work on the next update till Wednesday
              afternoon.  Assuming enough replies.  This will give you guys
              4.5 days to reply.  Hopefully can then post it for that
              night for the "Friday" update.  I know this is oddly
              staggered but catching up here.   The holiday also messed
              up time factors.  Will try to work on mana stuff next week.

          GM: Tasks to do -
                * Find mysterious Mage      - Upcoming updates
                * Sell loot if possible       Upcoming Updates
                * Messenger funds to Farm     Upcoming updates

          GM: Suggested groups -

              Find Fremea's slaver -     Fremea, Raban
              Town slavers         -     Kell, Unali
              Find Moon Gort       -     Arawn, Will
              Bogan scrolls        -     Kiet, Z'leyra, Etain

          GM: Treasure

                  Item               Claimed by
                Meteorite  [1]    Z'leyra, Kiet
                Ruby       [2]    Fremea
                Diamond    [1]    Fremea
                Turquoise  [2]    Arawn
                Emerald    [1]
                Sapphire   [1]    Kiet
                Tourmaline [1]    Kiet
                Toadstone  [1]    Unali

                 Copper Coins    -  117
                 Silver Coins    -  367
                 Gold Coins      -  256
                      Total      -  293 GC 7 Silver

                 Arawn     Donates to girls
                 Kell      Donates half to girls, take half
                 Kiet      Takes share or 1/3rd or 1/4th
                 Raban     Donates to girls
                 Unali     Takes share
                 Etain     Donates to girls

               * Gems
                 Ruby            -   42
                 Diamond         -   28
                 Turquoise       -   25
                 Emeralds        -   39
                 Sapphires       -   17
                 Tourmaline      -   34
                 Onyx            -    2
                 Toadstone       -   11

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