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gave Raban an odd look when the bard took it upon himself to give an order to a
druid. He wondered what the bard was up to, perhaps a subtle hint towards an
area of importance he did not wish to bring to light before a gathering of
strangers. Although he had other plans, a purpose that should keep him at the
dead admiral’s side, he opted to play the bard’s game for the time being,
hoping that such a resource would not soon find itself short.


his return and the dissemination of Corona’s report he stared at the corpse
while the others hurriedly discussed options.


him,” Arawn answered upon hearing Etain’s concern. “Enough have seen us to
report our appearance and I doubt he knows much of interest.”


   A look
of annoyed perturbance crossed his face as he continued to look upon the dead


   “A pity.
I would question his spirit if I could but be left alone with him...”

OOC: Mana Sense on the admiral and room followed by Mana Reading
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