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held a plethora of questions in check at Etain’s request, trusting that when
the group finally made their way to a secure location answers would be
forthcoming. In reply to the elf’s questions he replied,



is much to be shared but your immediate concerns shall take precedence. When we
have the time and privacy we shall speak at length. For now let us see if we
may catch the other hunter before they reach their goal.”

Gorlic Estate:

   With Raban's discovery of a locked gate Arawn began to slip off a bejeweled torc as he moved to examine the man lying beside the gate. 

   "Touch the sapphire to the lock if you wish to open to the gate," he said, ready to hand the item over to anyone wishing to use it.

   He then leaned forward, his keen eyes scanning the ground for any sign of recent tracks that might indicate the potential assassin's passage before examining the fallen figure. 

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