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Kell listens to this, cocks his head to the side and slyly remarks, "We need some paint to throw on them."  Gesturing at the caves also in response to Arawn.
"I can calmly walk to them and use my whirlwind.  Throw some off the walkway or kill them," he offers.  "Raban can merely push them all off.  Caladan, can your wind blow them off?"
Concerned for time, Kell urges speed with whatever we do.

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   Suddenly aware of the voids Arawn looks away for a bit, staring at one of the distant caves he stepped up to pull on Unali's arm and pointing down to one of the caves below.

   "Try not to react but about a hundred paces ahead of us is a void area, likely a small group of Vong or their constructs, maybe covering a ten by ten space" he said to the party in voice quiet enough to hopefully avoid being heard by any Vong in the voided area. As he spoke he continued to gesture with his hand in the direction of the caves the group had yet to explore. 
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