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   When Lin describes the control device his thoughts go back to the mysterious 'Claw' the party held for a time, wondering if it was a similar, if not duplicate, item.

   "The Claw...," he says as if to himself. Suddenly looking up to the others he asks,

   "Do you think it's the same type of device?"


   Upon stepping into what appeared to be a Vong laboratory Arawn's heart sank further upon catching sight of the animals experimented on by the Vong. He wished he could tend to each one, to help them if he could but he knew that a greater threat loomed over the life of this entire world. Steeling himself he made a silent promise to either return and help them when the mission was done or see them off to the next life if they suffered. For now he focused on looking for the odd device described by Lin. Grabbing the orange pills in case they could be used to help human or animal his eyes fell on the map bugs and a thought came to him.

   "I wonder if we can use the bugs to track the device?"

   "Lin, did the device have a name that you can recall?"

   As he waited for Lin to answer he pulled out the list of Vong words looking for anything on it that might fit the description of the device. 

OOC: Knowing that the group is pressed for time he will not stand still while doing so, following after the group as they move.
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