[pnpgm] Game Update #14, 871, 120 - File #981, 763 - Does it ever end?

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[Well, I was actively waiting for Unali to respond being as there is that small hostage... but I've waiting long enough. (That and moving). ]
Ha'kell ponders the words of the vile vong, listening intently to the giant leader. Several plans flash through his head. Summoning the giant fun piles of rock. Causing the roof to collapse on everyone. Teleporting and stealing the amulet from the leader. Teleporting the brother away. Killing the brother to remove the hostage situation. Whilst the last works, it may be slightly less desirable.
His favorite plans forms within 2 seconds of the leader finishing. Either asking for their surrender, or delaying to summon his buddies. 
Clearing his throat loudly, the half elf stands tall and proud. Refusing to cower to the Vong he declares, "You offer us the chance to surrender? Ha!! I will give you the chance to surrender now. You've seen how we arrived here. Surrender now and you can all return whence you came. Otherwise you won't return anywhere. We can give you half a minute to decide."
Kell then turns and looks at the groups as if waiting for another to speak... or debate in the group. In reality he is facing away from the vong to start his final castings.
Hoping that a few others understand this is a stall tactic for spells, the half elf speaks as quietly and clearly as possible, casting Earthen Elemental Powers [max el & lang]. If that works, he'll begin his last sumoning of two Elementals [max el & lang]. 

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With only one email from the Rope Whisperer there were no posts.  So without plans not much I can do.  Especially with a family member of a character on the line.

So I'll still wait..:)

Means more times to play D3

But around Nov 1 I'll let a NPC do something rash if nothing happens jus tto get a phase of action in.  :)

But I'm not going to push ya guys.

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