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Ha'Kell looks around slowly, very subdued.  He hefts the spear in his hand ready to throw it and his other spear, then be backup with his tulwar.  The half-elf volunteers to be the second wave and backup as he's feeling rather light headed, tossing spears and spells and keep anyone from escaping.
"Let's chat with this arrogant shaper, then kill them all.  If they give the control we can take it, otherwise, well, whilst talking sounds intersting we are out of time."

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Kiet soundlessly snarls at the insolence of theses Vong.  Surrender, indeed!

To the rest of the group he says, "We've come this far, so lets finish it!  I know I won't be surrendering to creatures that can enslave people as no man has been enslaved before.  Death to these damned Vong!"

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