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  HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          OOC: Remember to bring more than the usual 5 clones.

          We often needed more than 5 to finish a chapter of Paranoia.
          Both the players and the GM were burning through them at a
          high rate. Fond memories of the hair dryer shaped flame
          thrower (no, you have no idea what it does, but it is shaped
          like a hair dryer. There is a button to press. You don't want
          to annoy friend computer by using it on empty space, do you?)
          and the super glue coated nuclear hand grenade.

          Unali extends her hand to Zhou to wish him well: "Keep..
        GM: Ack. Fond memories.  Many GMs can't run it.  Plenty can
            play it but a good GM has to be used.  Then again if run
            at midnight while some are high from booze or Jolt then
            It is fairly easy. 

        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          Ha'Kell nods at the villagers as they leave.

          Turning to Unali "I volunteer.  I'm not the most ...
        GM: Ack. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra suggests "Lets forget about doing illusions and...
        GM: Ack.

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          "I don't like the idea of using illusions. Stealth is...
        GM: Ack.

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Unali: "Fremea, I agree. I will follow with Ha'Kell...
        GM: Ack.                                                         

        From Tobie: [Re: Evil Computers]
          Ah, Scott,
          I did tell you my business is full IT work and building of....
        GM: Ack. Thanks for the info.  More stuff with computer. See
            below.  I hope is the last time.  Edited the info
            but the post was good.  Will accept any an all advice.
            You'd think I was some house wife using computer for the
            first time rather than having used them since 1985 (few
            more earlier outside home).  Rather than using win3,1 up
            to Win7.  Removed thousands of pieces of softwares.  NEVER
            had t format a SINGLE harddrive.  Never had to reinstall
            win in any version till now.  

     [New Stuff]

         [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]                

         [Time: 2:03 pm]

           While the others are debating the merits of the illusion
         plan some use the time to do tasks needed.  Even though Will
         made the plan himself he breaks off to find a hidden area
         in shadow away from the others, especially the villagers.
         He pulls out his Wand and begins to speak a few words while
         he points to his chest.  After casting the spells he suddenly
         finds himself over powered by the sudden weight on his chest.
         He tries to stagger a few feet but not used to the weight
         it takes some effort.

           Will finds that the new magical transformed armor weighs a bit
         much for his frame.  He might be well protected but he knows
         he will have some problems fighting.  If it was Chion, Raban or
         even Farseeker it would be like wearing a loin cloth.  


         [Time: 2:07 pm]

           Unali extends her hand to Zhou to wish him well: "Keep them
         safe Count. We will see each other outside again." She keeps
         looking in the direction of the exit until all are out of
         sight in the tunnel to the other cave.

           Zhou shakes her hand in some awkward moment of peace.  The
         Dark Lander looks over the party and hopes all will make it.
         But based on conversations in the past like the ship here
         2-3 never came back from such a dangerous mission.  So
         maybe this group will fare better.  Zhou looks to Fremea
         and most would assume she is the weakest but now he knows
         the reality of that.  Zhou briefly looks over the big
         fighters like Raban and Farseeker knowing they will be the
         big targets.  He has no fear that Raban will make it but
         if a simple invisible poison could take out a giant then
         things could be hard to determine.  Zhou looks to Kiet
         and knows he could be the weakest in terms of most of the
         others. But he does not doubt he could handle himself if
         things got rough.  He just hopes the party will not throw
         him into the wolves or in this case the six legged dog like

           Zhou looks grim briefly and then nods giving a sly roguish
         grin to the party.  Turning with that flair that Dark Landers
         do who like to wear capes like Zhou he faces the villagers.
         "Time to go.  Remember keep the children in the middle.  Do
         not let them stray.  When we get to the lake area there will
         be bodies so try to block their view.  When we cross the
         lava tube bridge safety is a issue.  We can rig some
         ropes for them if needed."  He waves the village group
         forward toward the south perch the party came from initially.

           It takes him a few minutes to get to the area and finally
         ascend the incline.  From this distance murmurs are heard
         of them talking but nothing can be understood.

           Caladan looks to Chion.  "Your chat was quick.  You going
         to help him or link with his mind if a problem?"  Caladan
         refers to Strie'bog which at least once before had a link
         with Chion in the past.

           Chion simply smiles and moves toward the Vong door.

           Unali turns becomes all business again: "OK, let's go. Who
         is in front with me?"

           Ha'Kell nods at the villagers as they leave.

           Turning to Unali "I volunteer.  I'm not the most stealthy, but
         perhaps my senses and vision will help.  Unless someone else
         wishes to lead?"

           "What about an illusion?  Are we doing this or not, or should
         I send Squirt to scout ahead?  The illusion may just mark us more
         clearly for the Vong."

           Z'leyra suggests "Lets forget about doing illusions and just
         get on with it."

           "I don't like the idea of using illusions. Stealth is much
         better here. I will take lead and with none of the others being
         in my way or watching me, I can use my talents." Fremea makes
         sure she waits till all the villagers are out of eye sight and
         then takes her disguise off and gets herself ready.

           Captain Lin still reacts to Fremea's wings a bit but at least
         he is getting used it even if his face betrays shock still.

           "Fremea, I agree. I will follow with Ha'Kell. Take care." Unali
         replies and motions for the others to move out.

           The group gathers up at the door and Farseeker taps that
         Vong animal-knob-thing to open the door.  The door a animal
         almost leather skin like mouth opens up likea maw.  Fremea
         steps forward quickly after a cursory scan.  Then followed
         by Kell and Unali.  The others follow up and try to move
         as silently as could be in things like chainmail rattling.

           Will had quickly done a sketch of what the villagers made.
         But none of the party followed up with questions on what
         they saw further.  Will realizes that if those questions
         that might solve problems come up, the answers will not
         come up now.  He grumbles slightly to himself that the
         plan of illusions was shafted.  He still thinks it is
         a good plan.  But until a situation allows it the
         party will avoid it.  He recalls the area leading to
         the upper area is open to everything.  He wonders how
         the party will get past it.

           Farseeker is also surprised that follow up plans or
         questions were not asked.  But he is so used to these
         type of things by now that he rather enjoys the wild
         unorthodox method of tactics.  Tactics can only improve
         a situation so much.

           Arawn is torn between going with Zhou and with the party.
         His mind goes back to that coin the magic user gave him.
         Could they even help?  Would they have time to get here?
         Maybe he should've warned them before now.  But he could
         always use them in the future for some Katai based
         operation.  Maybe the "contact" coin is one time only.
         But he hopes his parents and their allies will be able
         to help the party in their situation.  He is still a bit
         worried that his parents or the gods in general seem to
         have no such knowledge of the Vong or if they do they are
         very lacking.  If the Vong came around over 400 years ago
         that would be nothing for the gods.  But surely someone
         must know about them.  If not does that mean they do not
         know everything?  Does that mean they are almost like
         humans in they could make mistakes or fail?  He hopes
         these distracting thoughts do not come to his mind during

           Ben'dar grins his "ready to drink ale and find women"
         broad smile.  He is eager to finally get to some battle.
         Standing around talking like some diplomat or city
         major is too boring. But he hopes that Tef'wo will be able
         to help the party if things go bad outside.

           Caldan concerns is that not that the party will be among
         a hive of Vong but they will be literally climbing up and
         out from the bowels of the earth to be around and below the
         Vong.  He recalls the story of the forest bear that climbed
         into a bee hive log and got stuck cause he was surrounded.

           Chion walks with the party down the Vong made corridor.
         The walls are like the Vong as if it was grown around some
         large animal intestine.  Stepping forward the crunch of
         squishy noises are heard as if the ground is alive.  There
         are lichen along the wall that gives the area a green, yellow
         or red dull light from the Vong light lichen like creatures.
         He wonders if the walls and whatever this hall is, can sense
         them?  Clearly the villagers walked by and through so should
         be safe for the party.  But for a large man like Chion it
         is a bit unnerving as if you are swallowed whole by some beast.

           Farseeker's concern isn't so much the walls or the Vong
         but their change in gear.  These Vong seem to have more
         poison at hand.  Maybe their snake rod things use them
         since so close to home.  Then the Crab armor and even
         the skills of the warriors seem to be better.  The forces
         encountered so far must be less elite then these here. He
         doesn't voice his worry that things will be tougher but
         he is aware that they will all find out eventually.  Being
         a military man one doesn't lower morale by pointing out
         the obvious.  If one is outnumbered 300 to 1 while on
         a hill you never speak of the odds.  Even if its known
         by all that are on that hill facing the army of L'p'nth
         warriors for example.  

           Kell third in command did say he'd lead.  But he does
         admit that Fremea can react faster.  Her smaller frame
         and ability to fly does give her an edge.  Though these
         hallways carved by some Vong beast are no taller than 10
         feet in some area.  The "hallway" isn't as big as normal
         cave tunnels maybe only 6-8 feet.  He scratches the red
         eyed beast in his arms.  He wonders if he should've given
         him to Zhou.  A animal like him could've smelt trouble
         before the villagers did.  Vong do have that not-washed-in
         weeks smell.  But he figures his pal will be needed.  Plus
         what else could go bad for the furry creature.

           Kiet walks forward and as always counts his ropes mentally
         as he does every few moments.  Nothing has changed but it
         is a concentration helper.  He is glad to be out of Zhou's
         shoes but knows there is always the trip home he could make
         him bathe him or something.  The details of the above
         mount worries him.  If there are that many Flyers around
         that could be a major problem.  It took the party some
         time to get one down.  What will a dozen or more need?

           Raban walks confidently but he is aware of the post healing
         of the poison.  He wonders if there is some small bit of it
         still in his body to come back later.  He does have a solution
         to that but it involves some female and a inn bed.  The
         party doesn't know of that skill of his but it works.  Raban
         looks around the hallway betrayed by his disgust.  He only
         recalls that large non Vong worm on the plains that swallowed
         him whole.  It reminds him of that.  He hopes this hallway
         doesn't go on long or he'll need to get out.

           Z'leyra also tries to make a mental note of the material
         used in healing the others. She figures she has plenty but
         if the party has to hold somewhere it might not be enough.
         She wonders if the Shapers have some healing aids the humans
         do not.  Could they cure things like diseases?  She considers
         all the knowledge lost in their deaths.

           Z'leyra underestimated the amount of healing the villagers
         needed at first glance.  Most of the wounds were cuts,
         bruises and sore muscles.  But many had been tortured
         by the Shapers mostly for no real reason.  Some had
         broken fingers or replaced body parts with coral.  But
         there is no time to really go through and help those
         people.  It could take hours.  Some had been what looks
         like burnt by Vong bugs as they bore in ribs and legs.
         The most extreme case was a female who had but cut open
         just below the left breast along one rib as if to examine
         the tissue around the breast or just to be mean.  Some
         of the rib was also taken for some reason.  Z'leyra noticed
         the Shaper had used some material to ensure the wound was
         in good shape and not a gaping hole.  She knows the full
         time recovery could take a bit of time.  The hatred of
         magic would not allow the female to be healed.  She will live
         but she'll likely have a bad scar.  The second worst was
         a old man who had his right toes removed for some reason
         so had to limp badly.  

           In the end it took 51' of bandages to heal the 10 or so
         folks.  A great bit of that was needed by the party as well.
         About 8 ounces of healing herbs, ointments and other herbs
         had to be used as well.  

           Before entering through the threshold Z'leyra taps her
         drum and enters into a shamanic trance for spell preparation.
         It should last a couple of minutes. 

           Lin walks far behind toward the end of the party.  His
         worry is that his friends will find the villagers.  Will
         they capture them and consider them traitors or Vong?
         He regrets not giving some paper to Zhou on that.  Then
         what of the group ahead of him.  These strange band of
         small winged things to giants.  Those who use the vile
         magic he has been trained to hate.  How will they react
         to the group?

         [Time: 2:09 pm]

           After the villagers leave the pit cave, Will lumbers as best
         he can toward the pit edge.  He casts a levitate spell and
         steps over the edge.

           A few others notice this like Arawn, Z'leyra and Lin
         for example.  But most of the others are busy talking about
         how best to move forward.

           Levitating down toward a human body at the bottom of the
         pit he raises his hand.  The woodsman then speaks a few
         words not heard from the others due to distance and the
         body transforms into some object.  But due to the darkness
         and shadow those who see this can't tell what object.  The
         bugs around the body scurry as their sudden meal they have
         been eating on for sometime is missing.   Will then raises
         his hand and wand toward the object in the shadows.  From
         the pit lip those can tell the object is very small maybe
         hand sized but the details are not known.   The object
         lands in the gloved hand of Will and then he places it in
         a pocket.  

           Will then levitates back up and toward the party who
         are waiting now.  Most of the forward people like Unali,
         Kell and Fremea have already moved on.  

           Will realizes that adding over 80 pounds to one body in
         a second or two is not good to the heart much less the
         muscles. He knows he is overwhelmed and encumbered and
         will have to fight differently.  He knows he could jus
         dispel the transmutation at any time.  But maybe he could
         give the armor to someone else with a similar body frame.
         Then swap their armor?  Will is 76" and about 182 pounds.
         Farseeker is 73" and 190 so almost the same body frame.
         Farseeker's chaimail is 50 pounds so it would be 40 pounds
         less for Will but even then might be touchy.  Will glances
         to Chion ahead of them.  The man is 81" and 242 pounds.  His
         chainmail might be too big to borrow.

           Kiet glances to Will and wonders why he is breathing hard
         and sounding like just ran a marathon.


         [Time: 2:08 pm]

           Fremea walks down the hall extending her senses and normal
         senses to the forward and side areas.  She knows the Vong will
         not have magical defenses.  But just maybe her sense will detect
         some strange thing.

           At most times the hallway is just big enough for 2 folks to
         walk side by side.  Kell and Unali follow up behind Fremea
         as she is forward about 20 feet.

           Soon the hallway turns right.  Fremea glances around the
         corner and notices a faint glow of light about 20 feet
         from the right corner.  It is on the side Fremea is peering
         from so should be able to get close.

           Fremea creeps along the wall toward the light.  As she does
         she notices a new glow some distance away maybe 30 more feet.
         She can see flicker of maybe torches rather than the glow
         of the lichen that seems to dot the hallway.  As she gets
         closer she can see shadows flicker on the ground outside the
         area in question.  One seems to be a flicker like what might
         be from a torch.  The other is a tall figure that seems to be
         not moving at all.  She figures a Vong or other could be just
         around the corner.

           Mun did mention that the area here should be where they
         store the items and personal effects of the villagers.  It
         is not clear how the Vong could use stolen booty other than
         to find their Peace Brigade allies.

           Fremea kneels down on one leg and peers past the corner.
         One thing about being small is one can get away with such
         a simple tactic.  As she carefully peers around the corner
         the looming shape of a obvious Vong warrior is seen just
         a foot away.  He is standing facing the opposite wall in
         a small cave area.  It looks natural but it is hard to
         tell.  A single torch lights the 20 foot by 200 foot or
         so cave.  The Vong warrior is silent and just stares at
         the wall.  She can tell he is holding a amphistaff in his
         right hand and his left hand near her head is free.  His
         crab abort is clearly seen from this angle.  Only one guard
         and right there should be easy to deal with Fremea thinks.
         But she recalls the other shadows down the hall.

           As Unali and Kell wait they also notice the flicker of
         the other area some distance away.  Both figure it must
         be a cave area. Beyond that area the Vong made tunnel
         extends further down maybe 50 feet then does a turn to the

           Fremea pulls her dagger out silently.  But then Squirt
         leaps from Kell's shoulder having sniffed the air moments
         earlier.  The beast leaps to the ground and toward Fremea.
         But then darts past her.  Kell realizes this just a instant
         before and figures his pal must be hungry.  He does that
         when hungry just goes a bit berserk.  He must've smelt
         something nearby.  Unali glances at Kell with some worry
         and then draws her second dagger.  

           Fremea glances at the beast in confusion then realizes
         all stealth will be lost soon.  Just as she turns her head
         the Vong warrior notices the beast run past her.  The Vong
         stiffens and grabs his weapon and leaps out into the hallway,
         just a couple feet in front of Fremea with a full view of
         his back to her now.   The Vong speaks a few words and seems
         to be concerned by the beast.  Fremea knows only one Vong
         was in the cave but how many might be in the next cave?

           The red eyed ferret runs forward down the Vong made hallway
         toward either the left junction or the right cave along the
         wall.  He makes a noise that Kell knows to be a gleeful
         chase of prey.  The beast is now 20 feet or so before it gets
         to the next cave.  The guard barks something loud and a new
         Vong emerges.  He looks at the red eyed beast coming at
         him and raises his amphistaff.  The warrior must've not even
         noticed the group of humans down the hallway.

           From Mun's estimated and rough map this must be the treasure
         area and maybe that is a sentry area for more guards.  A few
         villagers did mention Vong warriors were in there.  Some figure
         to guard the entrance to the pit area or to the outside area
         above them.  If the left goes to the ramp area to the Mount
         interior this could be their main sentry area.

         [Time: 2:09 pm]

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update....Monday...

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               basis unless short ones.  Something like the lake or
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         GM: Will note the EL change in transmutation on the report now +1.

         GM: The ongoing saga of my computer.  After fixing the fix to
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         GM: Hope all had a good Xmas and New years.  Now the droll stuff
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             many updates require 4-6 hours that is important.  So I
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         GM: A update at least.  It is a rough start and I will do a
             rough map below.  This will give us time to adjust to the
             new year and for me my computer.  Be advised and warned.
             After a decade I bought a new game.  It was Diablo 2 I
             last got.  I got Star Wars Old Republic as I like those
             style games.  So will know this weekend if I get addicted
             and the game suffers. :)  I doubt it though.  But I will
             say when Diablo 3 comes out this year I likely WILL be
             dragging in some updates at that time.  :)  I deserve
             after a decade to get some free fun time in I think.

         GM: Rough map -

             Top of screen is East.
             North is Left.
             * = Vong Warrior   + = Squirt
             F = Fremea, U= Unali, K=Kell
             F = Farseeker, C=Chion  L = Lin, T = Kiet
             A = Caladan, B=Ben'dar  R =Raban, Z=Zleyra
             W = Will Q=Arawn

                                          Going left somewhere
                                        /  /
                _______________________/  /
               /L  E U      +   *         I
              /QT__C_KF *_______   _______I
             /AB/     I  I      I?I<unknwon area maybe sentry area
            /RZ/ I<-?II XII<--?I   
           /[W]   50' I  I  30' 
          / [ ]        /I\
      150'> [ ]        Treasure area cave
          \ [ ]       *
           \[ ]
          To pit cave

         These are rough locations.  If need to I can do a hext map
         this weekend and get it more details.  So basically from
         corner it is 50 to first cave then 30 after that.  Then another
         50 feet from that the side branch.

         The tabs will mess up the map.  So if need better view see
         the website for this update.  Basically just if need to
         use the Wall as alignment margins if need be (I and /).

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