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   Arawn raised a hand to pause the agent of Balance.

   "Please wait a moment Champion of Balance," he said to the Merkabah.
   "This mission is of terrible importance and will require some finesse as we are in their base and cannot afford to alert them to our presence until the proper moment. Though time is pressing I think it would be wise to share more of the Vong before you dismiss them as a threat.
   That the Vong are unknown to you is not a surprise. It seems that they come from a place far beyond the Upper, Middle and Lower Realms and even the gods seem ignorant of their presence... or at least unwilling to acknowledge, much less discuss their existence, but they have been here before and may have come close to destroying all.
   They seem disconnected from the flow of existence, the flow of mana, that we know of, having less of an aura than dirt and rock, and because of this are highly resistant to magic. Their weapons and their armor are creatures shaped into tools, capable of tracking enemies or magic, draining energies, even killing a man then restoring him back to life to keep him in perpetual pain.  And they possess rock-hard craft that fly through the air and spit fire as well as alien beasts. They worship gods I have never heard of and seek to inflict pain on all before destroying a world and moving to the next.
   They have come to this world and are finishing something called a World Brain. If it is awakened then it is powerful enough to literally pull moons or other celestial bodies to crash into this world and will likely do so. The time is at hand and we must find it WITHOUT being discovered as we are outnumbered, over-powered, and the Vong have means to spread word throughout this base in a near instant through orb-like creatures held by the female Shapers.

   At the same time, if it is possible, I would see to the rescue of any prisoners held by them and even the liberation of their Outcasts that have been enslaved by the Warriors and Shapers. Their world was once in peaceful balance until invaders nearly destroyed their world until driven away through the might of their warriors. But in the process fear and anger took a hold and changed their ways, the warriors and darker gods becoming dominant, destroying their harmony and setting into motion a religious war that drives them from world to world, even to the Upper Realms where even the mighty Balance Marches may be threatened. Some of the Outcasts have stood up to them but lack the power and, perhaps, a leader to guide them. I would hope to see more than this reality saved by giving the Outcasts a chance to heal their world and restore it to harmony, saving countless other worlds in the process."

   Arawn had been speaking quickly to save time and let out a deep breath. Hoping that the Merkabah warrior was wise enough to understand the importance of not charging in he continued.

   "We may have hundreds of Vong, maybe thousands if they open the gate to their world, and they have dozens of flying craft, if not more. My companions, who are far more powerful than they appear, and I seek to move forward, remaining unnoticed as we scout, and taking out the Vong sentries when necessary to avoid allowing them a chance to alert the others. If stealth is not a strong suit then your strength will be appreciated but we must coordinate our actions and I would ask that you work with our plans."

   He looked to the others to see if anyone had anything to add before finally introducing himself.

   "I am Arawn. If we are to work together on this I would have you know my name."

   Stealth Discussion-
   "It would appear that I forgot to pack my mirror," Arawn replied  to Kell. "But Will's suggestion might work if Unali or Fremea feel it's too difficult to slip through unnoticed without magic."

Nearby Caves-
   "While someone scouts we should search the caves for clues, or at least, maybe something to use in our mission." 		 	   		  
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