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John Stowman jorosto at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 07:41:04 CEST 2012

So there is a chance Will might wake up?  If he does then he might just try
filying agrian.  Now as recall you don't have to keep flying till you crash
so Will will try to fly past the Vong slash at a couple of them on the way
and land on the stairs above them taunt them to see if he can get some of
them to charge up the stairs and to attack him.

So if he wakes up:  invs.  Flight both el 0 slash land on the stairs above
them and out of sight yell at them bang my sword on my shield etc and
either way (if they chase me or not) el 0 flight again slash at them from
the side of the stairs land up the stairs repete.

If he does not wake up well oh well.

Do you get any points for crashing? He should be getting pretty good at it.
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