[pnpgm] Game Update #222 - File #1399 - 10..9..2 little Vong [Indians]

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Tue Apr 24 09:05:14 CEST 2012

   HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
   R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
   ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
   W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
   W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
   --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
   R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
   R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
   R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
   W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
   R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
   R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
      Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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      Game Update #222 in sequence (file #1399)

      Admin Notes: None.

         From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
           Kiet's not bored.  Worried, yes.  Especially about the
           fighters in our group being wounded as they are.  Kiet knows
           he's only of limited use in a physical fight, but we simply
           cannot do with them dying...yet our healers don't seem to be
           in any hurry to take care of them.

           "Kell, we need to get some help to the better fighters...

           OOC - No, Kiet isn't bored...he's just of little use on
           this adventure.  His skills are lacking in some areas (like
           combat) but when he gets his 'stuff' back from the Dark Lands,
           he might be a good deal more formidable.  If he can get some
           time to make certain magic items...he also wants to get back
           to see how his 'investments' have done.
         GM: Ack.  I just want you to get some CEP.  :)  I mean even
             my personal character - Xian - was far weaker than you and
             more useless.  But at least he got into fights.  Sure he
             technically died twice but was saved twice. But sometimes
             risk has its rewards.  :) I just feel bad that you feel
             so unuseful in this adventure.  I'll try hard to think
             of something for you. :)

         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Positioning Ben'Dar so that she won't be surprised while
           working on him Z'leyra quickly patches his wound then casts
           a max EL Healing spell on him. Then she prepares again for
         GM: Ack.

      [New Stuff]

          [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
          [Location: Middle Katai Plains]
          [          Mountains west of Pamau]

          [Time: 2:27:52 pm]

            Fremea blinks his eyes suddenly realizing that is still
          invisible.  Maybe it was his brain reacting well to his
          own personal space.  Glad that at least he is hidden from
          view he prepares again for another firing solution before
          the spell ends.  This time facing the enemy.  He tries to
          target a group of 3 that are already wounded.  One of the
          six arrows goes wilds and falls onto the steps.  Five
          hits targets two doing good damage. Vong #3 is hit in the
          left shoulder but his crab armor makes it bounce off.  But
          the other arrow hits him  in the left neck doing 8 points
          shredding his neck and killing the already wounded warrior.
          Vong #6 is hit in the left shoulder doing 4 points.  Vong #7
          is hit on the top of his skull but the arrow penetrates the
          bony ridge that blocks the top of the skull.  The force of
          the blow does 6 points to the bone out right but lucky for
          the warrior there is no tissue there.  The warrior cringes
          in shock but is still moving!  Fremea wonders if these creatures
          have no brains even to die normally.  If it was only a inch
          lower it would have penetrated his brain case.  Vong #8 is hurt
          for the first time in his right shoulder.  The massive deep
          penetration does 20 points deep into his shoulder destroying
          the arrow.  Vong #11 is hit in the upper left chest doing 1
          more point of damage to him.

            Raban turns to face the home (C13) door and opens it.  There
          three Brigaders are placing sheathed swords on their hip.  They
          become alarmed and surprised to see a giant at their door.  Raban
          reaches up with both gauntleted arms and tries to grab two of the
          humans.  But one on the left ducks in time and he only grabs one.
          Changing position he slaps the human against the back wall of the
          home doing 4 points of damage by the light tap.

            Back on the other side of the mountain ground, Farseeker looks
          to Chion.  He is not eager about asking this as he'd rather have
          Z'leyra do it but she is missing.  "Can you heal me?"

            Chion glances at Farseeker's clothing but sees a few blotches of
          blood but not serious wounds.  Yet, he nods to the military man.
          "Just wish I had a healing kit."

            Ben'dar not eager to die in this cess pit of a home gathers the
          last bit of strength and will to attack the warrior.  Raising
          up to a half sitting position he stabs at the Vong impaling him
          in the left side ribs doing the final damage to kill the wounded
          creature.  Then Ben'dar collapses to the ground exhausted by
          his own massive damage.

            Arawn steps up to the left of Raban and announces himself to
          the giant not wanting to startle him.  He knows the Bard is aware
          of his intention to take prisoners.  But a giant's anger is hard
          to curtail.  Drawing his Elven blade he slices to knock one of
          the humans out. The blade slips past the human's skull though
          and misses.

            Kell considers his own wound but realizes that he only has
          light damage.  Kell comes to check on Will's progress. He
          notices the bow that the man carries is missing.  Looking
          south he does notice a object and can't tell if it is a bow or
          not due to the distance.

            Lin hears Arawn's voice but can't tell where he is.  Moving
          slowly he gets to the right of Raban and slashes at the one
          human in front of Raban but fails to hit him.

            The last Vong turns to glance at Ben'dar and figures he is
          no threat.  But this unseen threat is important.  So he swings
          at Z'leyra but the snake spear head fails to make contact with her.

            The last of the Vong on the stairs continue to ignore the
          arrows.  They have given up hope to find the threat and figure
          if they keep moving down they can fan out and find the threat.

            Z'leyra tries to block the space between Ben'dar and the
          last Vong.  She is smart enough not to place her back to
          him or be stabbed by some last minute desperate thrust.  But
          enough to get within her magical staff's length.  Swinging
          left she hits the warrior in the left side doing 4 points of
          damage to him.

            Kneeling down, Caladan removes his backpack and drops his
          staff.  He quickly digs into the pack and pulls out a small
          box.  "Like this one?" Caladan presents the large sailor-magician
          the healing kit.

            Kiet with back turned to Chion and he others speaks to Kell.
          "Kell, we need to get some help to the better fighters..."

            Inside the home the three humans react.  The first can hear
          Arawn's voice and suspects it is a dirty stinking wizard so
          tries to thrust at him but the sword after being drawn goes
          wild and misses him.  The middle one does hit Raban with a slide
          swipe of his own sword but his armor protects.  The one on the
          ground quickly recovers from Raban's slap and pulls a dagger from
          his belt rather than his sword.  He lunges upward and at Lin
          stabbing him in the left shoulder doing 2 points.


          [Time: 2:27:55 pm]

            Fremea repositions now to fire at the back of the Vong
          as they cowardly retreat downward.  Vong #7 is hit twice
          by two arrows.  The first hits in the left arm doing 1 point.
          Then the second arrow hits him in the left shoulder doing 2
          points.  Vong #8 is hit three times with arrows twice in the
          left center back with two arrows and one in left leg.  The
          arrow in the left leg does massive damage doing over 15
          points of damage but the Vong is dead before he realizes
          his arm is shredded.   Vong #11 is hit in the rear center left
          back doing over 26 points of damage enough to kill the wounded
          warrior.  Vong #6 is hit twice but the one on his right arm
          bounces off.  The other arrow hits him in the left center back
          doing 11 points penetrating deep in his ribs.  Fremea smiles at
          seeing two go down from one arrow. She should join a betting
          game and bet someone to hit 5 pumpkins with 1 arrow!

            Raban feels bad for Arawn and at times agrees with him.  But
          to keep these scum alive is beyond him at this point.  He can't
          place it why but there has been a odd sensation to just do
          what must be done.  Some would call it simple justice.  Maybe
          it is from his goddess or just revenge.  He isn't sure but for
          now his anger is fired up.  He punches forward hitting the jaw
          of the brigader breaking his jaw bone and killing the man before
          he falls to the ground.

            Farseeker places his well worn great sword on the dirt ground
          and begins to remove some of his chainmail.  For most men it
          is a task but for a man in the military for so long it as easy
          as a farmer peeling a apple.

            Chion opens the healing kit and takes out some bandages and
          begins to take pieces.  He finds a water skin on his belt and
          knows it might not be clear water but it is good enough.  He
          begins to clean one of Will's wound with the water and some
          of the bandage.  He knows he can't remove the transmuted armor
          as it would take three of them to do it.  Plus he isn't sure
          if that would obliterate the magic.

            Ben'dar grabs his leg and lays his head onto the ground of
          the home.  In times like this he does miss his ranch and
          his girl.  He wonders if he should just ship her down to
          ranch and retire.  But he has heard the old horse warriors
          from days long gone and knows that is worse than some girly
          wound that cripples him.

            Arawn tries again to subdue the human in front of him
          not wanting him to die here.  But the blade fails to make
          contact with him at all.

            Kell pats Squirt and nods behind Kiet to draw his attention.

            Lin stabs at the man with the dagger but he is too quick and
          the swing goes wild.

            The last Vong hits Z'leyra in the right chest but her magical
          chainmail protects her from the amphistaff.

            The final 5 Vong continue downward ignoring the fallen dead.

            Z'leyra swings high and this time hits the Vong square in
          the side of his jaw breaking his jaw and nose doing over 18
          points to just his head.  The Vong is killed before the war
          staff is removed from his face.

            Caladan helps remove Farseeker's chainmail so he can be
          treated next.

            Kiet turning to see what Kell's pointing out continues,
          "they're all hurt.  If they go down, we likely all will!"
          As he finishes he realizes Chion is now digging in what looks
          like a healing kit.  He then realizes maybe Chion could help
          in this situation.  But he doubts the man is not as expert
          as Z'leyra.  But it might help.

            The last two humans swing at Arawn but fail to hit the
          cloaked Alfar.  The other one swings his dagger at Lin but
          the man is able to duck back just in time.


          [Time: 2:27:58 pm]

            Fremea happy that half of the Vong are dead is not aware
          of what is below her.  But she reshifts her hovering and
          fires again now facing the Vong.  She grimaces when the Vong
          seem to have finally learned.  They are now dodging back and
          forth.  This makes 3 of the arrows miss entirely.  Maybe
          they are able to think after all.  Vong #1 is hit in the center
          chest but his crab armor protects him.  Vong #9 is hit in the
          left arm but his spiked leather makes the arrow bounce off.
          Vong #7 though takes a arrow in his left lower chest doing
          11 points deep in his abdomen.

            Raban turns to help Lin knowing Arawn can handle himself.
          He grabs forward and reaches under the man's shoulder and
          with his other hand does a vice lock on his neck and twists.
          The man's spine breaks like a twig and he is dead before he
          realizes he is captured.

            With help from Caladan, Farseeker removes his chainmail.
          He begins to do a quick survey of his wounds.

            Chion finishes doing the very fast treatment of Will's
          worst wound and cleans it getting ready to heal him magically.

            Ben'dar looks for Z'leyra.  Though she isn't seen he feels a
          bit comfortable with her there knowing he will not die alone.

            Arawn desperate to knock the man out before Raban turns to
          him does a martial arts punch with to his side ribs and tries
          to hit the man's skull but the blade misses by a half inch.
          His luck or maybe his haste to save the man may be to blame.

            Kell takes the chance to look up to the stairs to see if
          he can see movement. No sign of any foolish Shaper or Vong
          leaning over the side.

            Lin tries to squeeze in front of Raban to get to last
          human but the space is too tight to get to him.

            The last of the Vong on the stairs bark orders to each
          other that they should continue to dodge and weave.  They
          continue to descend and see the ground at this point.

            Z'leyra kneels and touches Ben'dar to let him know she
          is there.  She drops her staff and pulls off her satchel
          to begin getting materials out.  She can tell from his
          leg wound it isn't critical but it is serious. He might
          not be able to walk at all until healed.

            Caladan hears a few rocks slide behind him in the collapsed
          cave and wonder if some Vong just died in his last breath
          to ditch the debris field.

            Kiet also notices Kell glancing up and finally sees
          movement.  Some humanoid forms maybe 4-5 descending the
          stairs moving fast.  He notices from one skull they are
          definitely Vong.  He gives some Lemasan curse and realizes
          they are only about 40 feet from the ground moving fast.
          He raises a hand and points out what he sees to Kell.

            The last Brigader kneels in a crouch and stabs forward
          at the invisible threat of Arawn.  The blade impales deep
          in his left center ribs doing 7 points through his magical


          [Time: 2:28:01 pm]

            Chain touches the worst of Will's shoulder wounds and
          places his other hand on Will's forehead.  He speaks the
          magical word of healing magic and blue green energy shoots
          from his hands into the hunter's skull and shoulder.  The
          shoulder wound completely heals up sealing any tear or
          possible scar that could be seen.  Chion does a quick
          mental survey and finds his health improves by at least
          2/3rds of what he was.

            Fremea repositions herself knowing that the target mass is
          less due to dead Vong and them dodging.  Vong #1 is hit by
          two arrows doing over 12 points to his left leg which kills
          the already wounded Vong.  The other arrow in his chest isn't
          even but a point but the Vong is still dead.  Vong #6 is
          hit again in the right lower abdomen doing over 16 points
          of damage badly hurting him but he is still alive.  Vong #7
          is hit in the lower left abdomen doing 3 points of damage.

            Raban turns to the last Brigader that just hurt Arawn and
          tries to grasp him but his sweaty shoulders make his hands
          slip away.

            Farseeker watches Chion heal Will and notices the strange
          color of his healing magic.  Most healing magic is green
          but this was a two shade event.  He doesn't know what that
          was but the skill he observed and the quick wound treatment
          from the magic seems equal if not better than Z'leyra's.  He
          is amazed that the man is more skilled than he looks.

            Chion looks up to Farseeker to imply he'll be next.

            Arawn relieved that Raban fails to kill the man, tries to
          again subdue the man.  But the blade is too high missing the
          man by half a inch.

            Kell watches the Vong descend and growls.  He clears his
          throat and points to the stairs.  He tells the others a one
          word warning of "Vong."  Then he runs toward the stairs. It
          is better to block them than to let them fan out.  He isn't
          sure why he rather fight hem there but if Farseeker is caught
          without armor that could be a disaster.

            Lin lowers his blade waiting for Raban to finish the last

            The Vong descend down the stairs eager to kill the enemy
          they are now seeing on the ground.

            Z'leyra unpacks her healing materials and begins to
          assess the leg wound and clean it.

            Caladan looks up and stands to see what Kell is seeing.
          From his angle he can't see all the Vnng but the warning
          is clear.  He back up a few feet and watches the boots
          of the Vong move downward.  He moves forward to also attack
          at the stairs if needed.

            Kiet seeing Kell run into danger looks at Will still knocked
          out but at least he looks a bit better.  Kiet realizes that
          the stairs give him a chance for his magic.  he rushes to
          join Kell.

            The last Brigader thrusts at Arawn but the sword slips free
          of his hands and hits the wall as he fumbles the blow.


          [Time: 2:28:04 pm]

            Fremea knows this will be her very last chance to fire
          on the group as a whole.  It looks like she is now only
          20 feet from the ground.  She glances down and notices
          Will? When did he get there.  She hopes they didn't heal
          him again or he could be dead.  She raises her bow and
          fires on the last of the Vong.  Vong #5 is hit in the
          right arm for one more point.  The Vong is badly damaged
          and near death but still moving.  Vong #7 is hit in
          the right shoulder and the warrior is taken to the stairs
          falling a couple feet down.  Vong #8 is hit in the right
          shoulder for 1 point, right leg for 3 points and 10
          points in his left shoulder.  This Vong also falls against
          the railing and onto his back down the stairs.  This
          leaves 1 fully fit Vong and 1 badly wounded Vong left.  So
          she is happy to have taken 9 out.

            At the same time Caladan raises a fist and speaks some
          very quick magical words.  From his fist a small fireball
          shoots out toward the Vong.  But since it was a quick
          attempt the fireball actually goes to the ceiling above
          their hands singing their hairs.

            Raban turns his attention to the last Brigader who just
          lost his weapon.  He pulls the man around and slaps him
          across the chest sending him into the wall and collapses
          onto the ground.

            Farseeker notices the activity at the stairs and reaches
          for his chainmail again.

            But Chion places a hand on him and shakes his head.  He
          quickly uses his healer skill to clean two rib and arm
          wounds to ensure they are not ready to be infected.  He
          forces the warrior's hands away clearly eager to get the
          warrior back to full health.

            Ben'dar grits his teeth as Z'leyra removes a strap of
          his pants cut by the amphistaff.  She stops the bleeding
          and can see serious muscle damage.  Ben'dar wants to thank
          her for the help but it is not a Zen'dan custom, at least
          to show gratitude to females.

            Arawn kneels and checks the man just slapped by Raban.
          He sighs when he finds no pulse.  A large bleeding bump
          is seen on the man's skull in the rear.  He shakes his
          head in dismay.

            Kell reaches the stairs and hits behind the stairs that
          lead down.  This will allow him to jump forward and
          to the side to attack from the cover.  Kell can also sense
          that the connection to the earth has ended.  He feels a bit
          odd in that loss.

            Lin steps outside and looks around then heads further
          west to the next home.  He runs to the next home and
          following Raban's example opens it up.  With sword raised
          he finds the home empty.

            The last two Vong duck from the blast of the fire ball
          above their heads.  They cross to the other side and
          use the inner wall for cover.  This actually prevents
          them from descending further.  One peers from the other side
          to look down at the group.  He sees Farseeker, Caladan,
          Chion and Kiet closer to the platform at the stairs.

            Z'leyra cleans the wound and repositions herself so she
          doesn't have her back to the door.

            Caladan forgetting his war staff turns to go pick it up
          from the ground ready for a fight.

            Kiet reaches the stairs and heads where Kell has taken
          up his position.  He knows the Vong probably saw him but
          is now out of their field of view.  Grabbing a couple
          segments of rope he tosses them onto one of the steps
          about 4 up from the bottom platform.  Maybe he can cast
          a spell on the rope and make them trip.


          [Time: 2:28:07 pm - Current/Next update]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next Update....Friday?

          GM: This is a good place to end.  Was going to do one
              more phase but no time tonight.  Thursday may be
              a hectic day so there is a slight chance of no update
              for Friday if things go bad.  So if none then you
              know why.  Didn't have my Editor last update so minor
              typos.  Also was a mistake on the timeline.  I mentioned
              Fremea became visible.  But in fact was a minor duplicate
              in the spell entry and actually Fremea will stay invisible
              for a bit of time still.  If a map is needed for the
              fight at the stairs will add it next update.  Who knows
              the last 2 could be killed before they get down.  For
              some better visual clues on the stairs situation see
              the bottom.

          GM: Situation Report -

              Arawn - Bad rolls on trying to take the guy KO.  Sorry.

              Fremea - Multi Arrow will end next phase.  Thought it
                might end this update as said in chat but did one
                less phase.  Did good.  Killed/KO 9 out of 11.

              Kell - I didn't have action so figure maybe a ambush
                at the stairs was best.  If another plan let me know.

              Kiet - The whole protecting Kell lead you to the stairs
                so used it to lay some rope down.  If want to use
                as typical let me know will try it.  Problem is
                the sequence of movement and magic.  But the duration
                will help for the next time.  Could cast the spell
                and throw it on the Vong as they move down unless
                you have a new plan.

              Will - Will do check to see if you wake up.  Regardless
                of that though you will wake up in just 24 more seconds.
                That is 8 more phases (2 updates).  So you'll be back
                in the game minus the bow a bit of distance away that
                wasn't picked up. :<

          GM: Spells active

              Z'leyra -   Orient Self, Invisibility
              Will    -   Armor Transmutation
              Arawn   -   Invisibility
              Fremea  -   Invisibility, Multi-Arrow*

              * = Soon to end (next update?].  I may NOT post this
              info unless I remember to do so. :)

         GM: Current Positions -

             Z'leyra   *     - H13 [Top Map], P15 [Side map]
             Ben'dar   *     - H13 [Top Map], P15 [Side map]
             Chariot   *     - Gone/missing/left
             Raban     *     - C13 [Top view], P13 [Side map]
             Lin       *     - C11 [Top view], P11 [Side map]
             Will      *     - D43 [Top view], O48 [Side view] [KOed]
             Farseeker *     - D43 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Caladan   *     - D43 [Top view], P48 [Side map
             Fremea    *     - E42 [Top view] 20' up besides E Wall stairs
             Arawn     *     - C13 [Top view], P43 [Side map]
             Kell      *     - D43 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Kiet      *     - D43 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Chion           - D43 [Top view], P48 [Side map]
             Unali           - Tunnel Q26 [Side map] below ground

             * = Not marked on map
             Wounded: Ben'dar, Caladan, Farseeker

             Homes/West Side  - Z'leyra, Ben'dar, Raban, Lin, Arawn
             Flying Field/East- Fremea,Farseeker,Caladan,Kell,Kiet,Chion
             Below ground     - Unali??

             Flyers [In air]  - 4 Outside mount somewhere
                                R9 [Crashed crater]
                                B5 [Crashed wall crater]

             Homes Explored: 22 out of 32

                Unknown around homes
                1 Home E11 - Captured/Enthralled
             Vong Warriors:
                None others seen yet
                2 climbing stairs 20' above ground
             Towers: SW Tower - 3 dead / Destroyed
                     SE Tower - 3 dead
                     NW Tower - 3 dead or wounded???? by unknown
                     NE Tower - 3 dead / destroyed
             Any other enemy not seen or targeted yet.

             [These are last known positions for some of them-may have moved
             since last seen.]

             Note: When a coordinate is given it might say H8.30.  The
             first letter is the coordinate row and second is column.
             If the scale is large I will use a .XX to denote distance
             between that row and next (in this case Lin for example
             is 30 feet heading north to row G).  This way I know where
             folks are exactly.

         GM: Info on recon -

              Bowl homes - Upside bowls - 10 feet wide, 8 feet tall at zenith
                           Almost igloo shape.

              Overall map - North is top of screen /I\
              Scale - 1 Column = 20 feet
                      1 Row    =100 feet

              [Top View/Overview map - from fake ceiling of cavern]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                 A I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
                 B I%%%%%   X X X X                          %%%%%%%%%I
                 C I%%%%% / X X X X               H H H H H  O %%%%%%%I
                 D I%%%%%%  X X X X                 H     H  KC%%%%%%%I
                 E I%%%%%%' X X X X               H H H H H  '%%%%%%%%I
                 F I%%%%%%  X H X X       U       h b   H H    %%%%%%%I
                 G I%%%%%   X X X X  @            H H H H H     %%%%%%I
                 H I%%%%% / x X X X               H   H H H  O  %%%%%%I
                 I I%%%%%%  X X X X                            %%%%%%%I
                 J I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I
          % = Rock wall
          / = Destroyed tower
          X = Bowl Homes 10' at zenith height
          x = Destroyed Home
          H = Vong flyers
          h = Cracked/Damaged/Destroyed flyer
          O = Raised observation post / tower 30' high
          U = Rabbit hole below this level is party's tunnel.
          ' = Vong ladder structure up
          @ = Mysterious portal seen by Arawn [30' high off ground]

          Villagers say no caves are on the north and south walls.
          The caves starting 300' from this level are mid way or so
          on the wall along the ladder structures for entry.

          K - Kell/Kiet
          C - Caladan/Farseeker/Chion/Will

              Mount Side View -
                Scale - 1 Column = 15 feet
                        1 Row = 50 feet  North=wall facing screen
              [Looking from one wall to the other wall.  Toward North
               wall with back to south wall.  Looking east/west.]

                             1         2         3         4         5
                   I###              Fake Vong ceiling             ###IA
                   I#                                                #IB
                   I#                                                #IC
                   I#                                                #ID
                   I#                                                #IE
                   I#                                                #IFCave
          Cave 1-> `#                                                #`G<-#4
                   I#                                                #IH
          Cave 2-> `#                                                #`I<-#5
                   I#                                                #IJ
          Cave 3-> `#                                                #`K<-#6
                   I#                                                #IL
                   I#                                                #IM
                   I#                 @ <-Portal                     #IN
         Mount     I#T                                              T#IO
         Ground --?I#]A_A_A_A_A_A_A_A__________________V__V__V__V__V[#IP
                   I                       Y<X                        IQ
                   I                      Z                           IR

              I = Rock wall, #=Vong ladder structure
              ` = Entrance to cave [open mostly]
              _ = Rock floor (Row P) ground floor
              A = Vong Bowl Home (10' high)
              V = Vong flyer
              T = Vong Tower (30' high)
              ],[=Base of Vong tower (wooden)
              X = Rabbit Hole opening 30' wide below cavern to tunnels
              Y = Tunnel of Treasure/Sentry cave (under ground floor)
              Z = Pit/Lake caves below elevation of Treasure cave tunnel
             1-6= Side caves on east/west walls

   As always if map messed up see website.

     *  Stairs clarification

        Facing the east wall.  At the base of the stairs is
        the first flat ground area about a half foot off the
        dirt ground (but on the ground not above it).  The
        flat area is mostly to the right but the left has
        section there for the steps.  Looking on the right
        side is the slab (10').  Looking to the left are
        the 10 steps going up to the next flat level slab.
        Ahead is the railing that blocks direct access to
        the steps.  East of the steps or right side of the
        steps (if facing north) is the middle inner wall.
        Facing east you see the inner wall but on the other
        side (can't see unless facing north) are the steps
        going up from the next flat slab.  So if you
        are in that area you crouch down and bend to hide
        below those steps like a basement might have.  This
        is where Kell and Kiet are waiting on the other side.
        The Vong are directly above Kell/Kiet hiding one
        level up on those steps going up.  Hope this
        helps to illustrate the idea.

             /     I
       I    / StepsI Support wall \
     Slab  /       I              --2nd level
       ------------I              /      2nd level blocked by
       I   \                   \         inner wall so can't see
      Steps \      Open space   -1 level    those steps
       I     \                 /
      Slab                Side view

     :       :   Left steps going
     :       :   down right side
     :,,,I,,,:   steps going up on
     :,,,I,,,:   other side of wall but
     :,,,I,,,:   opposite 45" angle
     :       :

      Top View

     :       : K = Kiet and Kell under the steps
     :       : V = 2 Vong hiding behind wall above
     :,,,I,V,:     Kell/Kiet on steps
     :,,,I   :
     :,,,IK  :  <<To left is Caladan, Chion/Farseeker
  off        :
    > _______:  : - Railing
the            , - Steps
sairs  Top View

      Hope this visual info helps if not let me know.

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