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Kiet's not bored.  Worried, yes.  Especially about the fighters in our group being wounded as they are.  Kiet knows he's only of limited use in a physical fight, but we simply cannot do with them dying...yet our healers don't seem to be in any hurry to take care of them. 

"Kell, we need to get some help to the better fighters...they're all hurt.  If they go down, we likely all will!" 

OOC - No, Kiet isn't bored...he's just of little use on this adventure.  His skills are lacking in some areas (like combat) but when he gets his 'stuff' back from the Dark Lands, he might be a good deal more formidable.  If he can get some time to make certain magic items... 

he also wants to get back to see how his 'investments' have done. 

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