[pnpgm] Website extras

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Thu Oct 6 03:45:02 CEST 2011

Didn't take as long as I'd thought to upload the old files.  So all 4 adventures are now online. 

Some notes - for some reason it was uploaded case sensitive so if a 404 error comes up you can simply rechange the file name like - 

/TREASURE.TXT will not come up
/treasure.txt will

I can if needed if vital files go in and change them.  I don't mind.  It will take time but let me know which files.  

If after the case is changed still get a error then file si missing let me know and I can search for it.  

Note: Adventure #3 - For some reason the website file itself the index.htm file I use is gone.  Not sure what the staff did to it. But my security Chief is trained to find such things. Mor'daveas are like that.

So to get around this till I get to work up a file if you do the site it will show a basic ftp dir.  You'll see all the files.  You could look around or wait.  If folks really want I can rig up some website file in a quicky.  If you want to look aroud the files - look at Files.lst this is my personal notes o neach update.  Its quickly made so not spell checked but how I find things when eeded. 

So here it goes...


Adventure #1 - Party goes to Clima - Cloud base - use /pbem1/

Adventure #2 - Zen'da plains/Exam castle - /pbem2/

Adventure #3 - Vassa threat - /pbem3/

Adventure #4 - Lymrian castle - flying castle /pbem4/

Current Adventure - Katai - just use /pbem/

Hint: on current site top and links section there is "campaign timeline" it shows the full timeline from adventure #1 which started in 1999.  

Enjoy!  Let me know if issutes.

I will make some link on the game site later to tap into each adventure when i can so easy to get back and forth. 

On a side note.  I came across a review on pnp.  Not so happy about it.  Should do my own.  Came out last year.  I was looking to see if the 'net had adventure#3 website archived as theyused to.  


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