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   As groups are formed Arawn makes a few comments.

   "So what are the locations each group is heading towards?
    Also, as the Shapers need to be dealt with, will we send in assassins again or teleport in? If the latter, I can take up to 4 with me, leaving someone behind unless an archer chooses to remain up here."

   He'll also offers his own group the following,

   "Just before we strike I can bond us in a Battle Mind. If anyone wishes this let me know and I can cast just before striking."

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> Posts are hitandmiss...
> Looks like Fremea will scout ahead quickly (keep in mind spells don't last long and things to avoid) Once I report those results we cna move on and the battle going.  As with large battles the frst few phases will beheavy stuff to work up.  But will speed up once things go.
> Still time to add any battle plans n that is needed..
> Waiting on Fremea's email reply to see on her plans.  Will try to get to update soon.
> Not enough material at this point to work on so just a quick status...
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