[pnpgm] Game Update #182 - File #1256 - Groups start up

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Fremea doesn't care what group she is in. She wants to figure out the best places to fly to make sure she can use her dead rain of arrows to destroy the fastest, yet with as much surprise on her side as she can muster. "Since these things can sense magic with those strange creatures, I am not so sure adding extra to me will help right now. First thing though is to let me scout a bit more. I did not see anything flying around in here, so I should be fine." Taking a look out at the massive cave. "One thing I can do after that is to sneak fly over to key areas and use concealing fog to make it very hard from them to see anything and pick them off. It will seem like a fog for them has descended as I fly it down on them and pick at them. Only thing is that others will not be able to see in to help at this."
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