[pnpgm] Game Update #179 - File #1244 - Abyss details

Murtha, Mark Mark.Murtha at dishnetwork.com
Tue Aug 9 22:19:18 CEST 2011

           Once they are seen she then scans and finds there must be
         thousands of these bugs in the pit.  She hopes Arawn doesn't
         try to get a sample.  Something's just need to be avoided she
         figures to herself.  [Pit? You had bit...  Assuming these are all in the pit.]

Ha'Kell listens as this is described, the pit filled with decaying bodies and bugs.  Bug and more bugs there, feasting.  Thinking quickly, taking a few moments to gather his thoughts on this pit of bugs and their dinner.  An idea hits him, "Oh! Those thousand bugs in the pit?  What if they work together as the Brain bug we're seeking? Instead of one big queen bug, it's like a spider-web brain.  The pit is there for feeding and protection.  Or possibly these create the portal."

"There must be another way out of here.  Either up or one of the other caves.  If this isn't the brain or portal, then we must be extra careful."

Waiting for direction from others, Kell becomes impatient yet again.  "This many warriors, shapers, dog-animals, bugs, and now the flyers.  This may be hard." 

Sucking on his bottom lip, the tall man continues, "Two groups, maybe three.  Two front line groups head down, and the third stays back for support.  Both archery and magic."

"Are we abandoning any idea of steath now?  I can summon Earth Elementals, have them attack first, then we attack while the Vong are fighting them.  Possibly, with luck, they may even defeat most in this room with little help from us.  Any escaping Vong won't report people, rather they'll report giant soemthings attacking.  Then we join the fight.  They should attract the six-legged dog-creature asl well.  What do you say?"

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