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  HT Aliaver/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  R1.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar,

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        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea stares at Lin for a bit after he looks at her...
        GM: Ack.
        From Will: [Re: Actions]
          Will with a nod to Captain Lin "till then...."

          Will wispering to Unali "You have a decision to make do...
        GM: Ack.

        From Kiet: [Re: Actions]
          Kiet looks about at the frames holding the now dead man and...

          Kiet studies the frames carefully with the idea of making an
          illusion of one so it can be built.  If there is time, and Will
          has his sketching items, 'sweet, little' Kiet may well pay him
          to sketch one up.  Such a device may be worth a fortune to
          certain courts...and certainly back home.
          And this is EXACTLY why Kiet ain't gonna get close to them.
          They probably have twice my hit points, and al I have are
          mundane daggers.
        GM: Ack. Well get more experience dealing directly with the
            Vong.  But the Vong can be killed.  

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          ["The mists of time fade fast through the memories of ..."]

          As the words slipped from the man's mouth Arawn's thoughts...

          ["Sacrifice is a universal cause. Harmony is
          Arawn pondered the man's words, the Alfar sensing that the...

          [Strie'bog glances at Arawn quietly and looks around.  His...

          "The Vong implants can do much to change a person. We...
        GM: Ack.  Good stuff. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn slid to halt when he realized that he had arrived too
          late to  do anything for Lin's friend. Giving the captain a
          sympathetic look of compassion he checked on the woman before
          giving them both a quick blessing for a better afterlife.

          "I'm sorry for your loss," Arawn quietly said to Lin. "I
          truly am."

          After Lin indicated his awareness of the party's nature and the
          party prepared to push ahead Arawn moved close to Lin, speaking
          softly to the captain.

          "Then you should know more about what we face," he said. "And...

          When the group arrived at the abattoir Arawn exhaled deeply and
          steeled himself.

          "Fremea, I don't know if you and Unali have something ...
        GM: Ack. 

        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          [OOC: Thinking about the Vong what and who, I have a thought.
          Not sure Kell does though, he can't read the PnP books like I
          can.  ;-)  ]

          Listening to the dieing farmer speaking in all these riddles,

          "If we stop the brain or close the portal, this growing...

          Watching as Lin speaks with, then eventually kills, his friend
          moves Ha'Kell.

          Walking beside Lin, gently speaking, "I am sorry for your...

          [...  The big, scary, gross room.]
          "Holy Pearls of Ba'arual..."  Eyes wide and face showing...

          [ Waiting on more details for planning.  Some things Kells
          wants - destroy all vong, close the portal and kill the
          leader/brain, rescue as many as possible.  Of course he'll
          mention summoning.  He's been waiting to unleash this.
          Whirlwind also since that worked very well. Planning is
          still on Kell's mind, no rushing in here.

          Don't know if the brain is actually in this room.  Or the
          portal. These are high priorities for Kell. ]
        GM: Ack. Vong aren't in the PNP universe at all. :)  So basically
            kill everything and win the day.  Gotcha.  Good plan. 

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea looks at Arawn, "I am not sure what you have in mind."...
        GM: Ack.                                                                 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          "Invisibility," he replied. "But if you'd rather work ...
        GM: Ack.

     [New Stuff]

         [Augado 10th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains] 
         [          Mountains west of Pamau]                

         [Time: Minutes earlier in the growing cave...]

           Arawn glances at Farseeker and Unali as the man gives his
         words to the party.  Unali stares back to Arawn to realize
         he is in control here and that Farseeker can help to end the
         man's life if needed.

           After the fight, Unali sees the struggle that Arawn and
         Farseeker are in, regarding the human. She will turn toward
         Arawn, look him in the eye (she can see him since the contact of
         invisibility allows that) and sign language to him "It is a
         terrible choice, but it is his own. We need to find out how to
         help rid them of the (implants/corral/thing in chest)."

           Arawn listens to the man's words and his brain seems to
         tingle in thought.  But it could just be the humidity.

           As the words slipped from the man's mouth Arawn's thoughts were
         drawn  back several months to the conversation he had with Kaylle.
         Though some  time had passed he seemed to recall the faerry
         mentioning an old story based out of Katai describing Vong-like
         creatures and an odd misty mountain cave. At the moment he couldn't
         be sure if he was recalling the story correctly but did wonder if
         this was the very location and if this cave might be found.

           The problem is the stories and myths.  For every one heard there
         are 20 that are so full of lies or half-truths it is hard to
         recall reality from falsehood.

           Arawn listens to the final words of the dying man about peace,
         harmony and fate.

           Listening to the dying farmer speaking in all these riddles,
         Ha'Kell can't but wonder what his Dad might think of him.  Dad
         was far more in tune to these things than Kell, as was Kell's
         older brother while he lived.  Dad though, he would have some
         ideas.  He knew and understood far more than he had time to
         teach Kell.  Then teachers became merchants and wizards and
         caravaneers, most of these not concerned with anything like
         this.  Gambling, swearing, and profits, yes, but this?  No.

           Arawn pondered the man's words, the Alfar sensing that the words
         held great meaning, and may not come from the human's mind but from
         some other source entirely.   As the man released his last breath
         Arawn said a quiet prayer, for both him, the other humans, and the
         Vong present in the room, hoping that they would find peace and
         enlightenment on the other side. After gently laying the man's
         head on the ground Arawn rose and headed toward the nearby Shapers,
         looking for any satchels that might contain the orange pills that
         could be used to save others along with any other useful tools
         that might come in handy later. Taking what he could find he
         moved quickly after the others, though not without a final glance
         to the room, wishing there was time to destroy the growths.

           On the nearby Shaper, Arawn finds no bag or other tools other
         than a carving tool of some sort like a gardener's knife to
         trim things. He figures the Shapers here may not be so well
         equipped as the leaders of the Shapers.  If they are here to
         just tend to simple growths   Maybe these Shapers are less
         on the hierarchy than others around.  Arawn begins to head to
         the cave door.

           Strie'bog stops Arawn as they walk to catch up to the others.
         Strie'bog explains about the dead man speaking which is not
         possible in most circles.

           "The Vong implants can do much to change a person. We had seen
         the fire-beetles kill and revive a man so it isn't surprising
         that something similar could happen here," Arawn replied to the
         bard. "But I think it might not have been the man speaking, or
         at least the information did not come from him, not directly at
         least. I wonder if the implants connected him to another source,
         perhaps a brain or even the World-Brain we seek.   Could it be
         speaking to us?," the druid mused. "Perhaps. But I think the
         human-side of him may have given us a glimpse into Vong as a
         parting gift.   We know the Vong live for sacrifice but that
         harmony and eternal life are desirable to them gives some hope.
         And the great sphere may be the World Brain but it could be
         something else entirely. But the latter part of the message
         may take some work to decipher though I have an idea or two."

           Strie'bog looks at the Alfar and grins a bit, shaking his head.
         "Those things may be true.  But for a very smart guy you seem
         to miss the obvious.  Take the implants away or the dead man's
         mind speaking out of reflex.  Then what do you have?"  He pauses
         a few moments.  "If the obvious is gone and reason is out then
         you have the supernatural. "  He leans over a bit closer.
         Arawn knows the bard is a religious guy due to his teachings
         from his mother and father.  The bard continues, "what if it
         was your parents?  Speaking to you to warn or give you advice?
         He looked at YOU not me or the air.  Rethink on those words."
         With that he trails off leaving Arawn to consider it.

           As Arawn joins the others, they are talking about the cave
         and how best to deal with the growths of the orbs and amphistaves.

           "If we stop the brain or close the portal, this growing room
         won't matter.  If we cannot stop them, destroying one growing
         pond won't make a difference," says the half-elf to Arawn.

           After that Unali walks to the door where the Vong disappeared.
         She speaks to Lin. "Thanks for helping the little one. I know
         how strained your feelings towards this group must be, but we
         need your help in the many battles ahead. There will be many
         more Vong here."

           Lin nods but glances at Fremea. "Well now that you mention it.
         There is something quite unus-"

           Farseeker slaps a hand on Captain lin's back.  "Good work.
         We'll make a good team yet."

           Will stands around waiting for the others.  As he waits he twirls
         a dagger in his hand.  He raises his hand up and down then back
         and forth as if to weigh the dagger.  He judges the feel and,
         shape and weight in his palm.  For those who watch the dagger
         is a coufee, the Vong bone dagger.  Will is glad the dagger doesn't
         seem to be alive.  The bone is simply bone and the hilt is a
         mix of hardened leather and some other hard substance.  There is
         no decoration to the hilt which makes Will think the Vong do not
         decorate their weapons and armor.  He figures they just prefer 
         to amputate body parts in honor of their gods and place tattoos
         around their body.  Will is happy for a new backup dagger.  It
         will not be as deadly as a metal one but this bone dagger is
         cheap and easy to make.  He has seen some barbarian cultures
         still use bone daggers and spears.  The coufee is a bit more
         heavy on the middle section rather than the ends of hilt and
         tip compared to a metal blade which is equally divided in
         its weight.  It should do the purpose just fine.  He glances
         at Unali and knows he will not be as good as her with the dagger
         but in a pinch it will work. 

           Unali waits near the door for the healings to be applied and
         the group to gather.  "Only one exit as far as I can tell.
         anything I missed? No, then we should proceed with caution."
         She will lead the way and asks Farseeker, Lin and Raban to follow.

           The group heads on toward the new area as they try to tolerate
         the foul smell of the hallway.


         [Time: 1:04 pm]

           Watching as Lin speaks with, then eventually kills, his friend
         moves Ha'Kell.

           Walking beside Lin, gently speaking, "I am sorry for your
         loss. Deeply."  Looking around again, "This is why we came, to
         stop the Vong."  Pausing to let Lin think, then finishing,
         "Maybe you can see we are all just people, whatever else you

           Arawn slid to halt when he realized that he had arrived too
         late to do anything for Lin's friend. Giving the captain a
         sympathetic look  of compassion he checked on the woman before
         giving them both a quick blessing for a better afterlife.
         "I'm sorry for your loss," Arawn quietly said to Lin. "I
         truly am."

           Lin finishes cleaning his dagger off and looks at Arawn giving
         a curt nod. "You are strangers here.  It doesn't take a smart
         man to know this.  Katai honor such death if done well.  It
         gives better after life to die in honor than in shame.  I did
         what is bound from duty to me.  He would've the same thing
         for me.  I hope there isn't more down there."  He glances to
         the large pit of bodies.  

           When the group arrived at the abattoir Arawn exhaled deeply
         and steeled himself. "Fremea, I don't know if you and Unali have
         something planned but if you're going to be doing any scouting I
         can grant you some cover if you like," he offered the deceptively
         deadly faerry.

           Fremea looks at Arawn, "I am not sure what you have in mind."
         As she puts on her darker clothes to make it even harder for her
         to be spotted while she is flying around. "I will take extra
         cover, though I can blend in very well to my area too."

           "Invisibility," he replied. "But if you'd rather work with
         your camouflage, I understand.

           Will stares at Captain Lin giving his speech.  Now  it is more
         likely.  No more of this subterfuge that Zhou likes.  Will with a
         nod to Captain Lin murmurs, "till then...."  Knowing that the
         short alliance will allow the truce to work but after that who
         knows what will happen. 

           Fremea stares at Lin for a bit after he looks at her during
         is quick speech. Then she sheds her disguise,
         finally feeling free to use her natural state and hoping Lin learns that the Fae
         are not to be feared only to be cautious about.

           She readies her bow, no spells yet, to server as her better
         weapon. She recognizes the rage inside Lin and knows he will
         most likely not care for a long time if this party were scary
         creatures or vile wizards; he will only care that the creatures
         that have harmed his friends and family are dead. Looking at
         Lin, "Though I was not tortured like this in my own slavery, I
         do understand their pain. Your people will be free of this menace

           Fremea will check for how high the ceiling is in the new area
         and what might be up there. If it is dark enough, she will use it
         for her cover.

           Will scans the dark cave and finds this obstacle course to the
         final object a pain.  Will whispering to Unali. "You have a
         decision to make do we go straight for the Brain or do we fight
         our way through the Vong?"

           Unali glances over at Will after hearing Lin's speech.  It is
         odd but she doesn't seem so surprised by the speech.  Maybe
         her intrigue training by Duke Aren has taught her too well to
         read others.  Unali listens to Will's words and considers the
         overall score of things.  They could use magic to simply walk
         about to find the brain and kill it. But what will that to do
         others like the human captives that would be killed as the
         Vong panic? Would the Brain in its final death throes demand
         they be killed and unleash some evil Vong thing?  Then maybe
         it will be killed and nothing will happen and the Vong will
         fade away as dazed zombies? 

           As the others talk about the plans of the future, Kiet takes
         a close look at the torture devices.  He finds them very

           Kiet looks about at the frames holding the now dead man and the
         already dead woman.  These frames would be invaluable to the man
         skilled at extracting information, but Kiet thinks only for use
         as a last resort. Still they may be quite valuable.

           Kiet asks Will to make a sketch on his book of the devices.
         Then the executioner stands back and studies the instrument
         of pain.  He got a quick glance on one at the carnival grounds
         when the baronness was a victim.  But these seem a bit more
         sophisticated.  He has seen such simple human devices like
         this before.  The most simplistic is a few pieces of rope
         to bind hands and feet as a person is dragged around clinging
         from a piece of wood like a pig in a fireplace.  Even those
         in barbarian tribe can make those things.

           But these things, the Embrace of Pain is a Vong thing. They
         seem to be possibly alive.  The leather rope like strips seem
         to determine when a person squirms enough to tighten and make
         it even more painful or lessen.  He isn't sure how they are
         controlled but it might be a Shaper thing or some innate
         ability from the "rope" itself to determine.  On the female
         it seems to have cut off circulation to her hands and they
         show bruises and signs of extreme blood loss in the hands.
         If she was still alive the limbs might need to be cut off or
         be useless.  The male, Lin's friend, seems to be in the
         down pig like position while she stands leaning into a
         frame like a human's stockade for whipping a person.  Her
         shoulders are lumped with "ropes" but also bulbs of some
         strange creature that seems to have connected itself to
         the shoulder, neck and forehead with sucker like ends.  From
         the looks of her face she was in extreme pain.  There are man
         signs of nerve damage to the skin directly as if she was
         tortured by some form of energy.  It is like a man struck
         by lightning shows sign of burnt marks from the damage.  As
         if she was hit by some lightning damage like a water eel all
         over her torso.

           Yes, indeed the Vong things would be quite useful in his
         job as executioner.  It would bring reward as well, but
         it could also lead to a new level of torture to society.
         Kiet shrugs at that.  He knows torture will happen without
         him or with him regardless.  So a new method doesn't bother
         him.  But these Vong creatures would be difficult to impossible
         to duplicate.  how does one control them?  How does one
         upkeep them with food or other things?  Do they act to
         human commands or are they independent thinkers?  Kiet doesn't
         cater to touching them at this point.  For now it will remain
         as a fascinating object for him.

           After Lin indicated his awareness of the party's nature and
         the party prepared to push ahead Arawn moved close to Lin,
         speaking softly to the captain.

           "Then you should know more about what we face," he said. "And
         know that there are more than just human victims suffering here."
         As they moved ahead Arawn did his best to quickly pass on
         knowledge of what was known of the Vong, their history, culture,
         the origins of their war and the days of peace before their own
         world was invaded, and their plan, along with the knowledge that
         some of the Vong present, the Outcasts, were not all bad and were
         also victims of the war, sharing the tale of Rua with the man. He
         knew the man was angry but also on a mission. When he spoke he
         did so as tactfully as possible, not trying to disregard the
         man's feelings but trying to give both useful information and,
         hopefully, temper the man's actions when they met up with
         prisoners and slaves of the Vong.

           Lin listens to the strange man speaking quickly of the details. 
         Lin crosses his arms and raises eyebrows and frowns at times
         in some confusion.  "You seem to know much more than we do.
         Maybe this will help us before the day's end."

           Kell gets a good look at the new large cave below the party.
         "Holy Pearls of Ba'arual..."  Eyes wide and face showing disgust
         at the pit, slaves, and the entire room.  The stench is
         overpowering to his nose, not one bit of that stench is good or
         enjoyable.  The Vong must be stopped, killed, and altogether

         [Time: 1:11 pm]

           While Will sketches the frames and others study the cave a plan
         is placed in each one's brain but not said out loud yet.

           Fremea pulls out her spyglass and begins to scan from afar.
         She scans the pit first and is disgusted by the sight below.

           "A sailor's glass.  Nice."  Captain Lin looks down at the
         Faerry.  Fremea looks up and smiles.  If only he knew it was
         magical and could see miles he'd find it more fascinating.  But
         at least he didn't call her a demon so far.  For that she
         is happy.  When this is all over though he might and it would
         be sad to kill him then.

           The pit itself is not a complete circle like a natural cave
         depression or sinkhole.  It does seem to be natural but there
         are signs and clumps as if maybe the Vong used beasts to either
         add to it or improve on it.  It is figured the Vong had to have
         bore some of this complex out from the natural parts.  It is
         clear where the foul smell has come from.  The party wonders
         if the Vong sense of smell is off or they actually like the smell
         of death and decay?

           For those with some underground survival skills it seems the
         pit had to have been some cave and combination of sink hole.
         There are boulders seen in the spyglass dot the pit as if to
         mark areas not leveled by natural erosion like water.  There
         is a bit of water at the bottom maybe knee high for most humans
         and is about 60% of its area.  While the pit itself is total
         black there areas around that seem to glow a bit of sickly yellow.
         It seems there is a lichen or growth on the bottom that gives off
         light.  While some caves have this naturally some wonder
         if the Vong shaped it to show their handiwork in full glory.

           The eerie glow makes the bodies seem as if in a state of
         rest as if asleep.  But it is clear the majority are dead.
         Fremea can tell some bodies though are moving as if twitching.
         She determines maybe a half dozen of them are about in this state.
         She figures they must be newly slain drop offs.  She knows they
         must be suffering or dying but is it better to help or leave
         them to die? She knows Arawn can probably see this as well with
         his eyes but hopes he doesn't go down to save the humans.  She
         isn't sure if its wise at this point.  She considers telling the
         others about the ones that seem to be alive.

           Fremea estimates that there are 100 to 150 humans all around
         the pit clearly dead.  The vast majority are in some form of
         decay that might indicate weeks of death.  But some are maybe
         days or hours only.  Fremea figures the Vong must've collected
         villages for some distance around for this and for some time.

           The side of the pit seems to be sheer cliffs of 40-50 feet
         down in most places with about 5 to 30 degree angles only.
         It seems the sides are more smooth and unnatural and Fremea
         figures they were shaped out more by possible Vong animals.

           Fremea then notices a clump of objects cluttered around a human
         male adult.  She zeroes on to try to study them for a few moments.
         They look like bugs, large ones.  She sighs in disgust and realizes
         that the bugs are eating the bodies itself.  She isn't sure if
         they are natural but assumes Vong made due to their size.  They
         seem to be as large as fists and beetle like.  They are brown
         and red in color.  But at least they don't have wings.  She
         wonders why the Vong would cycle the bodies and for what
         purpose?  Maybe the bugs feed something else in return or
         they just like to pay the gods tribute by the bodies in a
         non-natural state of decay?

           Once they are seen she then scans and finds there must be
         thousands of these bugs in the bit.  She hopes Arawn doesn't
         try to get a sample.  Something's just need to be avoided she
         figures to herself.

           Aside from the dying humans Fremea tells the others all the
         details she sees.  She considers the other part.

           For those scanning the cave without spyglass there is two areas
         left and right of the party's position.  They seem to be a bit
         of light shown on the rock wall.  They don't seem to be simple
         torches though.  They flicker on the wall like indirect light,
         like maybe torches not seen at this angle.  They seem to be about
         20 feet above the normal ledge itself.  From this angle it is
         unclear what they are.  

           Caladan points to the one on the right when he notices others
         looking at it. "It reminds me of a perch for a bird.  But if
         we see light from inside it might be a deep hole or smaller cave.
         They could have Vong just inside watching the ground."

           :It makes sense to me." Farseeker nods in agreement.  "This
         cave is about the same height.  If we can see at this height
         over the ground they see this as a perch.  The problem though
         is we doused the light.  So we'll have to move soon before they
         question why its dark here now."

            From this angle it is impossible to see what is beyond the
         threshold behind the flicker of light.  Fremea can see just
         below the perch there seems to be a brown light area that might
         be Vong made.  Fremea figures it to be a ladder or rope material
         to climb to the perch.  The light brown is easily seen due to the
         darker black of the rock wall.

           Everyone can notice openings in the cave wall in the north
         west side area.  The angle isn't good but it seems to be
         possible larger mini caves. It is unsure what lies beyond due
         to this angle.  

           To the far right or north east there seems to be another Vong
         doorway.  The texture of the door is clearly seen but the 2
         Vong warriors standing there also seem to indicate this.  but
         what is beyond is not clear.

           "What was that?" Farseeker points above the pit.  "Something
         dark moved about and soared a bit then faded in the darkness.
         Almost looked like a bird."

           Fremea tries to scan the ceiling of the cavern which is about
         60-80 feet above the top of the pit.  After some long moments
         she finally spots something clinging to a rock upside down.  It
         is very hard to see in the light even with her good vision.
         But it almost looks like a bat of some kind.  

           The overall lightning of the cave is dim but the eerie glow
         of the pit seems to shine for some distance maybe 10 feet just
         from the pit edge.  The glow of the pit is enough to see
         bodies you may step on but not enough to read a book. There
         are about 8 torches around the cave itself.  Not as many as
         one might expect but this leaves a bunch of places where it
         remains in shadow.

           Fremea begins to scan and estimate the Vong below.  Two Vong
         that Fremea dreads are two Voxyen animals.  Last one was seen
         at the carnival that seemed to pinpoint Fremea or sense the
         magic itself.  the six legged dog like animals are in the north
         section.  The first is by the Vong door likely guarding it.
         the other seems to be in the area near one of the mini caves.
         The drooling smelly beasts seem to be docile for now but if they
         have been ready for action they could be a problem.

           There are about 16 Vong warriors around the lip of the pit
         that are seen.  There seems to be about 4 Shapers as well
         that are seen.  There are maybe 4 Outcasts seen but Fremea
         doesn't trust them.  They are Vong and should have the same
         ideals as the Vong.  There are about three humans that can
         be seen around other Vong.  They seem to be in rags or torn

           Those on the left side of the cave seem to be moving north.
         Those on the right or east side of the cave seem to be either
         standing still or slowly moving south.  There are no growths
         of Orbs or Amphistaves.  So it seems the purpose of the cave
         is nothing more thane to be used for sacrifice.  
           The perch that the party stands in is about 25 feet above the
         ledge of the walkway area.  There is a slight slope to this
         one rather than ladder or ropes. The slope is about 55 degrees
         or so making it not a sheer drop but easy enough with some
         good footwork to move down.  The slope seems to be non nature
         likely Vong made but is just rock and sand.  One slop goes to
         the north west down the perch to the ground area and the other
         goes north east like in a large Y from the perch itself.

           It will only take a bit of footwork to step off the mini perch
         ledge to head down the slopes to the ground.  The Vong in the
         west are moving away so they should not be a problem.  But
         there is a Shaper to the east with a Outcast that could be
         a problem.

           Farseeker pulls his great sword and Ben'dar grins at the sight
         of Vong to finally kill.  Farseeker turns to the others. "So
         what's the plan?  Possibly two groups again?"

         [Time: 1:14 pm]
         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update....Monday...

         GM: Busy busy busy.  Staff also wanting to slack rather than
             work.  Needing to help family member as they are sick.
             Just not enough time to finish update. But here it is.

         GM: Unali's comments should've been in the last update or the
             one before.  But I misplaced the file.  So added it now.

         GM: Updated the Important Updates link.  Noting the last update
             which has the dying man's words.  Figure might be good
              reference if folks need it again.  See the link for other

         GM: If some map details are messing or confusing let me know.
             I'll reply to fix issues.  Remember the scale and the
             map is simplistic.  Ascii maps are easy to edit rather
             than graphics which I simply have no time to edit.  

         GM: The Abyss Map -

             1 Row    = 6 feet 
             1 Column = 3 feet

                  1         2         3         4         5
        I%%%%%%   %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I A
        I%%%%     %%%%%%%%%%%  V           V  +%%%%%%%%%%%%I B
        I%%%%%  B  %%%%%%%%       ____            %%%%%%%%%I C
        I%%%%%%    %%%%%%%+      /    \            V [  C  I D
        I%%%%%%%  V       OOS __/      \___ V     `  [     I E
        I%%%%%%%         ____/             \____     V%%%%%I F
        I    %%%%  _____/                       \    +%%%%%I G
        I A %%V    /                             :    %%%%%I H
        I      `  /                              :S   %%%%%I I
        I%%%%%   :                               :H  %%%%%%I J
        I%%%%+   :                               :   + %%%%I K
        I%%%%  V :                               : V  %%%%%I L
        I%%%% S  :          The Pit of           :    %%%%%I M
        I%%%% HHH:                               :     %%%%I N
        I%%%%    :             bodies            :     %%%%I O
        I%%%% V  :                               :       %%I P
        I%%%     :                               :    %%%%%I Q
        I%%@     :                               :  V +%%%%I R
        I%%%   P :___                      ______:    %%%%%I S
        I%%%%        \            ________/ VV         @%%%I T
        I%%%%%%       \___       /        S          %%%%%%I U
        I%%%%%      V     \_____/                     %%%%%I V
        I%%%%%%%+    V                    O    +%%%   %%%%%I W
        I%%%%%%%%%    V                        %%%%%%%%%%%%I X
        I%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%X%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%I Y
                  1         2         3         4         5

    Pit: 50-60 feet deep in most places.  Minor lichen allows some light
         from below.  There are maybe 100-150 bodies.  There are three
         times that in estimated body parts.
    @ - Perch like area, 20 feet off ground, possible wall ladder below
    A, B = Possible mini cave areas 
    C = Possible doorway? '['= Door
    % = Rock wall, cave wall
  Ceiling = 60-80 feet above pit top.  

    + = Torch B38, D18, G45, K5, K45, R46, W18, W39
        Torches are about 15 wide light areas so about 3 rows or 6 columns

  V = Vong Warrior clearly with weapons, armor
  O = Vong outcast? No armor so must be them.
  S = Shaper females, gown so no full length armor
  H = Humans
  ` = Voxyen animals E42, I7

  Each V,S,O, H is a single Vong or Human on the map
  X = Y26 party's position

Remember if map messed up in email see website 

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