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   Scott, saw your comment at the end of the post. Not sure why it took so long for my email to reach you as I sent it before 8pm but I'll have to start sending it out sooner. I had planned on leaving the baroness alone for Z'leyra to check on but I can roll with things:)


   Translocation spot- Arawn realized the carriage was being driven away, though he hoped that Kiet wouldn't pull it too far off. With that in mind Arawn would likely have picked a spot far enough away from the house to (hopefully) avoid being attacked, someplace further back between where the horses are and the wagon's apparent path. I'm thinking maybe 150 feet north of the house for now.


   Post- Arawn carefully looks over the woman for any signs of shock or injury that need immediate attention, trying to adapt his skills as an elven healer and incorporating what he has picked up from Z'leyra so far. He focused on the situation at hand, although the battle and things back at the house were in the back of his mind. As he tended to the woman he called out to his horse, asking it to meet him.
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