[pnpgm] Game Update #92 - File #734 - House attack begins

Scott Adams longshotgm at netzero.com
Tue May 18 09:00:21 CEST 2010

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1.John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ??.Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.Tom Corckett..........Caladan...........Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2.Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3.Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  --.Tobie Bonahoom........Fremea............Sidh....Normal/Faerry Fe
  R2.Mark Murtha...........Kell..............Trader..Normal/Human..Ma
  Do.David Sanders.........Kiet.Sunan........Acrobat Normal/Human  Ma
  R4.J H Hooten............Raban.Usherwood...Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W2.Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard....Normal/Human..Ma
  W4.Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 John.Stowman..........Will..............Hunter..Normal/Human..Ma
  R4.Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
  R1 NPC...................Zhou Kiwat........Noble...Normal/Human..Ma
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Tef'wo (Horse) Ben'dar, 

  Cover Story Info: [HD- House member, F-Foreigner, N-native non house]
     Arawn      aka Arawn         as Teacher to daughter [F]
     Ben'dar    aka Bu Da         as Horse expert        [F]
     Caladan    aka Ca Lu         as Guard/Archer        [N]
     Chion      aka Capt. Chu Mai as Sailor Trustee      [HD]
     Farseeker  aka Fu Sa         as Guard               [F]
     Fremea     aka Lin Mong      as Noble child         [HD] [Disguised]
     Kell       aka Swan          as Trader              [F]
     Kiet       aka Kiet Sunan    as Zhou's servant      [F]
     Raban      aka Toban Nu      as Entertainer/Guard   [F] 
     Strie'bog  aka Sun Zhu       as Entertainer         [N]
     Unali      aka Tun Au        as Zhou's wife         [HD]
     Whitney    aka Whitney       as Herbalist/Tailor    [F]
     Will       aka Sun Tzu       as hunt master         [F]
     Z'leyra    aka Kakita Junami as Healer              [F]
     Zhou       aka Zhou Wa       as Baron Noble         [HD]

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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Once Ben'Dar hears about the torture going on, he decides that
          the Vong are bluffing about killing prisoners.  He lets out a
          Fel'oros battle cry and gallops out to confront his enemies.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          The party had been stalling while Z'leyra scouted but it seemed
          that things were starting escalate. Arawn had yet to hear of Z'
          leyra's trouble when the Vong tossed out the finger. Before
          anyone could do anything Ben'dar had begun his charge. Worried
          for not only the prisoners but for those in the party that were,
          again, charging in he quickly but quietly spoke, his attention
          towards Unali.

          "I hope you have a plan," he said, trying to keep in line with
          Unali's suggestion to avoid charging in.

          Not sure if the next post is due Thursday or Monday but if it's
          tonight Arawn will go along with whatever Unali decides.
          [*** Ben'dar's post removed for space ***]
        GM: Ack.  I always post at the bottom when the next update will be.
            This tends to be 95% true unless situations come up. 

        From Kiet :[Re: Actions]
          If the others charge in, Kiet will simply begin to turn the
          wagon around ready to leave in a hurry should the need arise.
          Kiet has NO intention of getting close to another Vong.  Keeping
          Zhou safe...yeah, that's the ticket.

          It's a shame that Kiet is so hit-point weak...

          Should a Vong get anywhere close to me and the wagon, I will
          cast a max EL Entangle and chuck a rope at them...then go kill
          them with a knife to the throat or into the eye socket...
          something permanent...
        GM: Ack. 

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
          Unali "Arawn, Farseeker, Will, come here. Chion take us inside
          to the baroness' room. The others, please backup Ben'dar at the
          door. GO."

          Given that Ben'dar is already on the way and Unali feels we have
          to act fast if we want to have any chance of rescuing the humans,
          she decides (proposes if more time was available) to form two
          groups. One is to go in, weapons drawn, to fight the Vong and
          rescue the humans. The other group has to help Ben'dar fight the
          Vong and beasts near the door. As Chion can teleport a group in,
          she asks Chion to bring group 1 in by teleport.

          I propose the following groups, but if people feel they want
          another composition, feel free to switch. I will be on a plane
          later today and  off for a conference all next week. Not sure
          how often I will manage to  check into the game.

          Group 1) Teleport inside and rescue baroness Unali, Arawn,
          Chion, Farseeker, Will (+ Z'leyra)

          Group 2) Backup Ben'dar's attack on the front door Ben'dar,
          Caladan, Fremea, Raban, Kell, Strie'bog, Whitney

          Group 3) Safeguard our noble Zhou
        GM: Ack.  Thanks for the quick reply.  You shouldn't need to reply
            once this decision is made above.  I figure your typical
            dagger to flesh attacks.  Good plan for such short notice. 

        From Fremea: [Re: Actions]
          Fremea will cast Cold Arrow (Max EL w/language) and quickly fly
          about 20 feet above ground, to be in Short/Mid range to shoot
          the vong or beast that is outside.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Kell: [Re: Actions]
          OOC - Kell is designed as more of the "lone wolf" type
          fighter/mage, hence Whirlwind and Heat.  Useful, but can hit
          teammates.  Same w/ summoning and Earth Strength.  This would
          come out in talk/play especially after this fight.

          "Unali, for the Baroness group, can one of you teleport ...
          hostages."  as he finishes prep for fight, readying spear and
          shield and watching as Ben'dar decides to charge ahead.

          "Outside group, I can Whirlwind and Fly and try to wipe them
          out?" [Max EL Flying then Whirlwind]  "Or Battle Mind?"  Turning
          his horse and staying with the group.
          [*** Other emails deleted for space ***]
        GM: Ack. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Not sure if there's time for Arawn to reply but if so he'll reply
          to Kell with a nod of yes -

          "If Chion doesn't I will."

          Arawn will grab his battle gear and backpack with healer kit if
          there's time.
        GM:  Ack. 

        From Will: [Re: Actions]
          [*** Other email deleted for space ***]

          I like the plan and the groups.  Will says "I'm in"

          OOC: Will normally uses insubstantiability in conjunction with
          teliport so he would cast these himself el 0 if necessary to
          arrive with the rest of the group (then el 0 Lev to move and
          use missile weapons).

          If Chion is not available perhaps he and Arawn could each take
          one party member in but for Will at least this would slow things
          down as he is not as fast as Chion and he would still use Insb.

          Once in he would first cast Lev. el 0 then target the female
          Vong to hopefully stop whatever is attacking Z'.

          If Will is attacked by the 'leach' he will try moving through
          the wall to loose it.

          If that does not work he will try teliporting back to the wagon.
          If that doesn't work then dispel Insb. and swat the thing.
           Hopefully before it kills me.
        GM: Ack. 

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Seeing that the Vong have figured out a way to leach magic
          Z'leyra quickly goes thru the nearest wall (presuming that it
          won't be able to follow her thru the wall) to prevent her spells
          (and casting ability) from being drained dry. Mentally informing
          Will of the problem she goes on to scout further, avoiding the
          Vong with leather-strip magic leaches that have proven able to
          drain magic.
          After having checked the building Z'leyra gets behind a Vong and
          slings a shot at it. She will continue to do this while keeping
          an eye out for the magic leach (which she will avoid if she can).
        GM: Ack. 

        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          As Arawn preps his gear he adds,

          "If possible I think we should capture the female Vong."

          Before the group teleports in Arawn will cast Battle Mind
          at max EL.
          "Stand close if any wish to join the Battle Mind."
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Julis 26th, 1634TH]
         [Location: Middle Katai Plains, Shantou Province]
         [          20 Miles south of Shantou City       ]
         [          Old Shantou Carnival Grounds         ]

         [Time: 2:38:00pm]

           Ben'dar begins his charge toward the house.

           Unali stands up in her saddle and stares at the house.  When
         Zhou determines the prisoner Z'leyra is seeing is likely the
         Baroness she perks out of her slight odd mood.  "The baroness?
         We should try to ... It seems Z'leyra's cover is blown. Chion,
         can you get us all in there NOW?"  She glances to the others.
         "Arawn, Farseeker, Will, come here. Chion take us inside to the
         baroness' room. The others, please backup Ben'dar at the door.

           Arawn dismounts and quickly speaks up. "I hope you have a plan,"
         he said, trying to keep in line with Unali's suggestion to avoid
         charging in.  Arawn shakes his head at the barbarian the first to
         charge and start this fiasco.  He knows some monsters throw
         human fingers for fun at folks to anger them while others
         cut off heads to study.  He begins to wonder what is really the
         true definition of a barbarian and a civilized person.  Arawn
         pulls off his backpack and places it over his back but it is
         a bit hard with the quiver there.  It will have to work in the
         few seconds he has to wear it. He then grabs his buckler.   "If
         possible I think we should capture the female Vong."

           Kell grips his spear and considers the quick plan which has
         been formed. "Unali, for the Baroness group, can one of you
         teleport back with her while the others fight?  Save her first.
         And the other hostages.   Outside group, I can Whirlwind and Fly
         and try to wipe them out? Or Battle Mind?"

           Farseeker dismounts and grins eager for battle.  With his great
         sword on his hip he jogs over near Unali leaving his horse.  He
         has all the gear he needs.  As he nears he draws his sword and holds
         it in one hand.  

           Will turns to Unali and says, "I'm in."  He then jumps off
         the wagon onto the ground.  He reshifts his bow and quiver.
         Will adjusts his tulwar on his hip and suddenly realizes he
         can't hear Z'leyra anymore.  He turns to the house and wonders
         if she had perished?  Then he realizes and hopes the spell has
         only ended.  

           Kiet shakes his head at the woodsman wanting to go in to the
         thick of battle.  He pulls up the reigns and prepares to flee
         the area to protect Zhou.

           Fremea quickly casts a cold arrow spell speaking in the strange
         Sidh language.  The arrows glow a faint blue as her spell
         activates.  She takes to the air and hovers about 20 feet off
         the ground ready for battle.

           In the first few seconds Ben'dar urges Tef'wo forward.  But
         the horse only moves a few feet forward.  Then the dog like
         beast howls again and the sound pierces to the very core of
         all those around.  For the first time Tef'wo hesitates and
         doesn't move.  Ben'dar urges the horse on and uses his spurs
         but the horse is too powerful and remains still.  Ben'dar shifts
         in his saddle and pats the horse onward.  Ben'dar has never seen
         this in the time he has had Tef'wo.  The horse could charge
         giants, demons, trolls and armies.  But a sound can unnerve
         the horse?  As if finally getting his courage up Tef'wo surges
         forward and charges the house.  

           Inside the house Z'leyra feels the pain of the flying leather
         creature as it seems to tap into her very energy reserves.  She
         quickly turns and moves toward the north east corner and flies
         through it.  The leather strip follows and hits the wall and
         seems a bit confused for a few seconds.  As she exits the
         wall she sees the group in the distance and glances back to
         see the strip has not followed her.  She lowers herself to the
         ground level and then realizes that her connection to Will
         has been lost.  There will be no more relaying of information.
         Once on the ground level she flies through the wall and through
         three rooms.  

           At the same time Chion hears Unali's request and grins a wicked
         smirk.  The man has been awfully quiet of late but the is still
         needed in this battle.  Maybe he is quiet as this is his homeland
         as well as Unalis.  In the city he would look over his shoulder
         as if watching for people or maybe it was avoiding being seen
         by others?  He quickly calculates the spell requirements and
         begins to cast the spell when Unali ends her words.  He knows
         going into a blind area is dangerous.  Based on Will's report
         it would be best to go into the open hallway, bathroom or
         storage room.  But Unali wishes to save the baroness and that
         is a bit of a crowded room.  Risk and Chion smiles.  At his
         mastery of the spell he could play tricks with the spell to get
         things done.  But Unali wishes to go in right this instant and
         since Ben'dar has jumped the gun time is moving fast.  He could
         teleport folks a few feet in the air and hope they land on
         things rather than not inside furniture.  But what is life
         without risk?

           Will casts insubstantial upon himself and loses body mass. 

         [Time: 2:38:15pm]

           Within seconds Ben'dar gets to the edge of the house but
         finds the cowards do not take the bait.  The Vong in the
         door only slinks back inside and watches the mad human ride
         forward.  Tef'wo loses his charge steam and circles back a few
         feet in hopes the Vong will exit.  Ben'dar realizes maybe they
         aren't as stupid as they look knowing the advantage the horses
         give over those on the ground.  

           Chion casts his teleport spell.  With his mastery of the spell
         there is no error.  The group of Arawn, Chion, Farseeker and
         Will all appear in the bedroom based on Z'leyra's information.
         Chion has placed them in the south end of the room just a
         couple feet in front of the fireplace.  This small area between
         the desk and dressor is about 20 feet just enough room for
         the group to fit side by side.  That is when all hell breaks

         [Time: 2:38:18pm]

           Will now finds himself on the second floor of the house.  He
         is about a foot off the ground where Chion seems to have
         decided for the landing for safety.  But he remains there
         floating like a ghost in some fairy tale.  He begins to cast
         his levitation spell as Chion under Unali's orders, rushed
         the teleport spell.  He cites the words but oddly he feels
         strange.  Wait he feels empty spirit wise.  Where is that
         familiar tingle of magical energy that he can feel in his soul
         and body - when he has one.  Could he be tapped out for the
         day and out of magical energy?  No.  He should still have
         plenty.  Unless that flyer or swarm did something to him.
         To sap his energy and thus diminish his reserves.  He curses
         as the spell is ineffective and he remains floating unable
         to move at all.  

           The leather strip now moved from the wall flies from some spot
         near the Shaper toward the group of intruders.  The flittering
         leather strap-creature is so fast its really a blur to those
         who stand before it.  It zooms around Unali then Farseeker.  It
         spends what seems like an extra revolution around arawn then it
         homes in on Will and circles four times around it.  As it does
         Will feels the tingle of possible mana returning but then realizes
         this is how Z'leyra described her sensation in her mind!  The
         thing is attacking him and eating his life force.  

           Tef'wo jerks his head back and forth as he begins to circle
         the ground only about 5 feet from the front of the house.  The
         Vong are cowards, Ben'dar thinks and refuse to meet him on the
         field of battle.  Ben'dar hears behind him the others are finally
         catching up and so he'll have backup soon.  At this point Tef'wo
         is a bit useless inside the house though that window does look
         tempting to jump through but it could shred Tef'wo's head where
         he has no barding.  Ben'dar grumbles and dismounts grabbing his
         spear readying for battle.

           Fremea stays flying toward the house about 20 feet high.
         Since the roof is 22 feet she can't quite see the complete
         roof at this angle but it appears from what she can see that
         no Vong is up there, that she can see.  Holding her bow she
         approaches the front and waits for house entry or for the
         Vong to leave the house.

           Raban continues to fly toward the house not as fast as
         Fremea but not as slow as he might be on his horse.

           Inside the house on the second floor, Unali adjusts her
         eyes and scans the room in that half second orientation that
         a trained warrior takes.  She sees the Vong at the door, the
         nude baroness and the Shaper Vong.  With both daggers in hand
         she charges the 7 feet forward.  The Shaper is facing the
         north west toward the bed and so her left side is at Unali.
         Unali spins right and stabs forward with both daggers.  With
         her right hand the magical dagger stabs upward and slightly
         into the back of the left shoulder doing 8 points of damage.
         Her normal dagger hits stabs lower in the rear ribs doing
         another 6 points of damage drawing instant thick Vong blood.

           Farseeker charges the Vong warrior standing at the bedroom door
         in that second of surprise.  Swinging this great sword he hits
         the Vong warrior in the right arm shattering the skin and breaking
         his arm instantly sending bone, flesh and blood all over the
         bedroom walls.  Farseeker is slightly unnerved to find the Warrior
         doesn't even seem to flinch from the pain.

           Chion turns to Will and sees the creature seeming to affect
         the ghost that is Will.  He raises an eyebrow as he wonders how
         he captured and teleported a person who wasn't there?  Could
         his high skill have allowed that?  He figures that is something
         for later study.  He knows the creature is simply too fast to hit
         with traditional weapons and hope to even hit.  He concentrates
         and stares at the blur that is the creature.  His master taught
         him how to capture flies for some stupid reason.  Now he
         realizes why that exercise was so important.  It not only
         helps in eye hand coordination but also to show off to the ladies.
         Raising both hands up, one with a sai in his right hand he quickly
         slaps forward.  His hands clap against each other and he feels the
         odd sensation of something inside in his large hands.  He grins
         as he realizes he captured the creature.  Then he realizes how
         stupid this might be if he has poison or attacks him.

           Ben'dar ends his battle howl and stands firm on the ground
         staring at the house.  He charges toward the Vong in the doorway.
         He hits the Vong in his chest but the spear doesn't penetrate his
         crab armor.

           Arawn continues his thought.   He had hoped to cast Battle
         Mind but Chion was simply too fast and he had no time.  He
         glances now around the room.  The warrior is busy with Farseeker
         and the female Vong seems busy with Unali.  Chion is playing
         patty-cakes some odd human child game with the ghost form of
         Will.  The blur seems to be gone so maybe Chion took it out?
         He glances to the nude woman and approaches the bed.  He quickly
         examines the A frame torture structure.  He should be able to
         teleport him and her out in a few seconds.  But frankly he is not
         sure if doing so will kill her in this condition.

           Kell rides forward toward the hose in chase of Ben'dar.  There
         was simply no time to discuss casting whirlwind with the others
         and he doesn't know if it is worth the risk to the allies. 

           Now all over the house the Vong all react at the very same
         instant.  The two Vong in the second floor hallway hear the
         noise in the bedroom and open the door to see the attack going
         on.  But their friend is in the doorway and can't get in to help

           The Vong who Farseeker just attacked drops his Amphistaff. With
         a broken arm he can't fight with it.  But with his left arm he pulls
         his coufee dagger from his belt and thrusts it toward Farseeker.
         The bone dagger which is quite deadly and sharp hits Farseeker in
         the right shoulder and does only a minor slice of 1 point of damage.

            The Vong at the door pushes Ben'dar back with a kick to his
         chest as there is no room in the threshold to fight.  Ben'dar
         goes back by the motion a few feet.  This allows the Vong at the
         door to move aside.  Now three other Vong spill out.  One
         holds the leather leash to the dog like animal that continues
         to bellow.  One Vong charges Ben'dar but fails to strike him.
         The others seemed to have moved quite a distance from inside so
         do not get to attack this time.

            Caladan continues to ride toward the house and sees the Vong
         finally exit the house.

            Kiet commands the horses to move forward and slowly turn around
         and to speed off to the east.

            The female Shaper turns to face Unali.  Angry she steps
          back a foot and does a forward kick with a slight acrobatic
          jump in the air due to the cramped space at Unali.  The leather
          boot with spike contacts Unali's right upper chest and does
          damage to her ribs around 7 points of damage.  The boots with
          their metal spikes does most of the damage in a slicing blow.
          On top of her head the snakes wiggle and move as if also angry.
          As the Shaper moves forward three of the snakes lurch forward
          and spit something at Unali.  Two of the liquid stuff misses
          but the third hits her in the left chest but doesn't seem to
          do anything to her clothing or armor.

            Strie'bog also continues to ride toward the house to catch
          up to the others.

            Inside the wagon Zhou is tossed to the side of the wagon and
          hits his elbow and cringe sin pain.  He wonders what is going
          on and what is that crazy driver doing.  Whitney glances out
          the window and sees the wagon moving away and wonders if he
          should at least try to run and catch up to the party on foot.

         [Time: 2:38:21pm]

           Will attempts to gather his magical energy again just in case
         it was some fluke but continues to find nothing happen.

           Reaching out toward the baroness Arawn touches her shoulder
         and begins to cast his translocation spell.  But he knows it
         will take a bit of more time to get her out of here.  

           After exploring the three north rooms, Z'leyra exits the
         far north west one.  She finds herself at the stairs to the
         top level.  There a Vong is standing still guard at the stairs
         and nice for her with his back to her.  

           Fremea behind Ben'dar but having a good angle rises her
         bow and fires at one of the Vong warriors that just exited
         the house.  The arrow hits the Vong warrior in the neck and
         does a massive 16 point strike spurting blood out.  But
         Fremea sees no blue splash.  The cold effect must not have
         worked against the Vong's high resistance.

           Z'leyra fires her sling at the Vong's head.  The bullet
         leaves the field of insubstantial area and become solid as it
         hits the Vong in the back right shoulder doing a minor wound
         just missing his head.

           Raban flies toward the Vong and gets within about 10 feet
         of them.

           Strie'bog and Caladan ride forward and both dismount when they
         to the point they wish to be to fight on the ground.

           Upstairs the leech creature inside Chion's hands begins to
         try to fight to escape.  When it can't it begins to nibble
         down onto Chion's index finger.  It also begins to target
         Chion in his energy leech attack.

           The dog like creature with six legs and a strange spear like
         tail breaks free of his handler.  It charges the large giant flying
         thing and leaps at Raban.  But Raban is just a tad higher than
         it can leap and fails to make contact.

           Unali recovers quickly and lurches forward.  Swinging and
         stabbing with her daggers.  With her normal dagger she fails
         to strike but with her magical dagger she hits the Shaper in
         lower left abdomen and does a massive impaling attack of 22
         points of damage.  The shaper falls backward against the window
         and slides down the wall and slumps to the ground.

           Farseeker thrusts his great sword at the Vong but fails to
         make contact this time.

           Chion grits his teeth as his life force is drained and as
         the creature bites his hand.  Gripping the creature in his
         left hand he pulls his right hand away and then uses his Sai
         to slice the creature down his body.  The small creature begins
         to drip blood and soon stops moving as it dies.  Chion drops the
         creature to the ground and stomps on it for good measure making
         it a bit of a bloody pulp with no resemblance to the former

           Ben'dar recovers quickly and charges the group of Vong in front
         of him.  He stabs with his spear and impales one Vong for a massive
         21 point blow but the warrior remains standing but hurt.  The spear
         does take some damage from this strike.  The wound is in his lower
         middle chest and draws a lot of blood.

           Kell dismounts and grabs his spear then moves toward the fight.

           The Vong in the bedroom slices his coufee dagger across the
         chest of Farseeker.  The cut is not deep but draws blood from
         the minor wound.

           Another Vong joins those outside and now five are outside.

           Three of the Vong charge toward Strie'bog, Caladan and Kell.
         They all swing their amphistaffs but fail to strike the targets.

           The wounded Vong staggers back a foot to recover.  But the new
         Vong charges Ben'dar.  He thrusts with his staff but fails to

           The one inside on the first floor near the stairs twists to
         face Z'leyra but doesn't see her.  He swings wildly with his
         amphistaff but fails to make contact at all.

           Caladan swings his war staff but fails to hit the Vong.

           Will just hovers in place not able to move due to lack of
         magic.  He watches the Shaper fall and stares at the well
         endowed baroness.  He can't fire his bow at the other Vong
         or hit Farseeker.  He watches in amazement as the leech falls
         thanks to Chion and smiles in his ghostly form glad he won't
         die in this room.

           Strie'bog swings his axe at one Vong and hits but fails to
         penetrate his crab armor.

         Actions? Comments?

         Next Update...Friday...

         GM: Carnival ground player map on website updated with building
             E and G (current) maps and notes.  Also a reminder if you want
             to see what a Vong looks like see the 2 images on the site
             links section. I removed the short comments on the house details
             from the below.  Can consult the online map for those details
             if need more specific info.  

         GM: Don't forget talking takes away from spell time.  I do time
             each word.  I estimated Unali's speech was 9 seconds long.
             Then the followup by Kell and Arawn was another 6 seconds or
             so.  This is why the first segment of time was difficult to
             coordinate all actions.  I had to do mini timelines to
             ensure all actions were done equally at the same time. Once
             Unali's speech was done I then set things in motion.  It would
             do no good to start doing spells and gathering gear until you
             heard her full plan.  So in reality there was only a couple
             phases before the teleport happened.  In that case it took
             time to dismount and gather gear so less time for other
             actions.  This is why Arawn didn't do Battle mind or Will got
             to do Levitate before Chion did do the teleport.  Just ran
             out of time in that segment.  I then did 2 actual combat
             phases after that.  I will do 2 more next update. Even one
             word can slow your spell casting time down so just remember
             this in the future.

         GM: Ben'dar - Tef'wo was scared a bit at first of the noise
               that just got to him.  Or was it time to stall for the
               others to coordinate actions?  Nah!  The Vong would
               not leave the house until you got close so I figured
               you would dismount.

             Fremea - Should have one free target (Vong near door) which
               is already wounded.  After that will be risk of hitting
               others unless you target the dog-like creature or enter
               the house.

             Kell - Base don your dialogue of Battle mind? It sounded more
                a question or should I type thing.  I didn't know for
                sure if that was your action.  So I just rode you close
                and dismounted you.  If you want back on the horse you
                can get back on and fight that way or cast spells.  Since
                it wasn't clear I did the above.  In this tight area a
                WW spell might be dangerous.

             Kiet - How far do you run away err I mean retreat to protect.

             Raban - Opps.  Had you on horse then flew you.  Oh well.
                Too lazy to fix.  Name your target or if you enter house.

             Will - Sorry!  Lots of mana used plus energy loss from the
                creature and previous things.  This added up to mana
                limit for the day.  Can't cast any more spells.  But you
                should only have 3 or so more phases standing around being
                a ghost till it wears off. :)  The mana was not as big
                but the energy loss lowered the current level and thus
                that decreased casting ability.

             Arawn - Next phase you can teleport her out.  This assumes
                you still wish to.  You could keep her there.  If you
                do translocate where to?  How far out?  Then what.

         GM: Vong Status -

             Female Vong  On ground dead or knocked out.

             10 Vong - 2 outside wounded, 1 first floor wounded,
                       1 bedroom wounded, others fine.  

         GM: Spells still active -

             Active spells - No other spells active. 
               Raban   - Bless
               Z'leyra - OS, Insubstantial, Levitate, Invisibility
               Will    - Insubstantial
               Fremea  - Cold Arrow

         GM: Maps - House [Building E]

         1         2         3         4         5
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ A
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_B / = Door
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ C : = Window
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_D 2nd floor above door
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ E is a window but all
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_F 1st floor windows 
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ G have same 2nd floor
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_H position windows as well
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ I
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_J I = House wall
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ K _ = House wall
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_L
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ M   North 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_N    /I\
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ O   1 Hex    = 10 feet
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_P   1 Row    = 5 feet
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ Q   1 Column = 5 feet 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_R
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ S  House 
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_T    NW Corner - U10
/  \__/  \____________________/  \__/  \__/  \__/ U    NE Corner - U30
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/SKC__/  \__/  \_V    SW Corner - gg10
/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \_:/R VVV/  \__/  \__/ W    SE Corner - gg30
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/  \_X
/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/  \__/ Y  Door - Z30 
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ /V_VB  \__/  \__/  \_Z
/  \__/  I_Z/  \__/  \__/  \_I/  \__/  \__/  \__/ aa  House made of stone
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/  \_bb  House is 2 stories
/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/F \__/  \__/ cc  22 feet high
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/  \_dd
/  \__/  I__/  \__/  \__/  \_:/  \__/  \__/  \__/ ee  House is actually 
\__/  \__I  \__/  \__/  \__/ I\__/  \__/  \__/  \_ff  65' x 60' technically
/  \__/  I___________________I/  \__/  \__/  \__/ gg
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_hh
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ ii
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \_jj
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/ kk

         1         2         3         4         5

   # - Wagon [Off map north of Row A]
   O - Zhou      [Wagon] [W]     W - Whitney   [Wagon] [W]
   E - Kiet      [Wagon] [R]     L - Will      [House]
   Z - Z'leyra   [aa12 ] [A] Inviso, Insubstantial, Levitating
   F - Fremea    [cc38 ] [A]
   U - Unali     [House]
   B - Ben'dar   [Z34  ] [F]     R - Raban     [W32  ] [A]
   H - Chion     [House]         K - Kell      [V36  ] [F]
   F - Farseeker [House]         A - Arawn     [House]
   S - Strie'bog [V35  ] [F]     C - Caladan   [V37  ] [F]

   V - Vong #6   [W34  ] [F]
   V - Vong #7   [W35  ] [F]
   V - Vong #8   [W36  ] [F]
   V - Vong #9   [Z33  ] [F]
   V - Vong #10  [Z31  ] [F]

   [R] - Riding on wagon,  [W] - Inside Wagon
   [H] - On horseback,     [F] - On foot
   [A] - In air 

   See website for the update for map if it messes up in your email.

      G. Caretaker House - 65' x 60' x 22' high

            1 Row    = 5 feet
            1 Column = 5 Feet

           [1st Floor]

          A:             I  
          BI             : 
          C:    I_/I     I  / = Door
          DI____/  I__/__I 
          EI.Z. V        /  : = Windows
          F:_____/_      I 
          GI             I
          HI             : 
          I:             I ,, = Stairs
          JI             :
          K:             I

           Z - Z'leyra [E2] [Air]
           V - Vong #5 [E5] 

           [2nd Floor]

          A:+##+ I@ +##+ I  * = Chair
          BI ## @I@  ##  : ## = Desk or table
          C:V   @I      *I  / = Door
          DI___/_I/_____#I  ^ = Shelf
          EI...   V I ^^^I  : = Windows
          F:       V/   @:  + = small nightstand
          GI___/__/_I____I  @ = Chest/dressor 
          HI* _  IV  +##+: `` = fireplace
          I: [ ] IF   ## I ,, = Stairs
          JI [_] I#*   US:
          K:     I# WC  @I
          LI_``__I___``_ at I  

          ? - Male   - A 3 [Lying on bed] [Not on map]
          ? - Female - A10 [Lying on bed] [Not on map]
          ? - Female - I11 [on A Frame]   [Not on map]
          S - Shaper - J13
          V - #1 Vong- C1     V - #2 Vong- E7
          V - #3 Vong- F8     V - #4 Vong- H7

          U - Unali     J12
          A - Arawn     I11 [Off map] On Bed
          C - Chion     K10
          F - Farseeker I7
          W - Will      K9 

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