[pnpgm] Game Update #91 - File #723 - Z exploresthe house

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   The party had been stalling while Z'leyra scouted but it seemed that things were starting escalate. Arawn had yet to hear of Z'leyra's trouble when the Vong tossed out the finger. Before anyone could do anything Ben'dar had begun his charge. Worried for not only the prisoners but for those in the party that were, again, charging in he quickly but quietly spoke, his attention towards Unali.


   "I hope you have a plan," he said, trying to keep in line with Unali's suggestion to avoid charging in.


   Not sure if the next post is due Thursday or Monday but if it's tonight Arawn will go along with whatever Unali decides.


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Once Ben'Dar hears about the torture going on, he decides that the Vong are bluffing about killing prisoners.  He lets out a Fel'oros battle cry and gallops out to confront his enemies. 		 	   		  
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