[pnpgm] Game Update #79 - File #388 - A'kril Combat T1: P3+4

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Ben'Dar sees that the party is being overwhelmed.  Now the strange metal man
is attacking them!  He glances over and sees that Z'leyra is hurt badly and
is being pummeled by the metal man.  Thoughts skip through his mind in high
speed.  Fight on?  If he does, his friends will die.  Surrender?  It is a
bitter pill for the proud Z'enda warrior to swallow.  Were he alone, he
would fight on to the bloody end.  But he is unwilling to impose that
decision upon his friends.

Ben'Dar takes the risky move of stepping in between Z'leyra and the metal
man.  He holds his pike defensively and shouts to Arawn (in the Marentian
tongue), "Tell him we surrender!"

Ben'Dar will heed whatever Arawn says.
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