[pnpgm] dispel or death

J Hooten jhooten at binary.net
Thu Sep 18 01:53:07 CEST 2008

Can you cast Dispel at El4 in a single phase?
Damage only cancels the spell if it occurs before the mana gathering is 

4.511) If the magic-user is damaged while casting a spell, i.e.
before all mana has been allocated to it, the spell will not take
effect and any mana cast is lost. He must start over to cast the

So if you can single phase cast it may be complete before the next 
damage occurs, in magic resolution

Is the caster here? If so his death cancels the spell. If an item then 
it would need to be broken.

Regeneration spell can extend time at cost of mana then life force, not 
a good solution but workable
Also it allows other means of giving mana or life to aid you

Or the easiest solution, wear a tourmaline and be immune!!!!

Alex Koponen wrote:
> Just a note to folks...it has been fun playing with you.
> According to the rules Z'leyra cannot cast  magic while being hurt each 
> turn. She will die if an EL4 or higher dispel isn't cast on the Darkling 
> Light that is eating her. I doubt that any in the party besides Z'leyra 
> are that skilled at dispels. I hope I am wrong.

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