[pnpgm] Game update #27 - File #77 - Chion returns to Bar [again]

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Ben'Dar grins with relief as Chion and Fremea appear with the tied up

He shrugs in response to Elam's suggestion.  Ben'Dar has had about five
stiff drinks by this point and he's feeling like having a little fun at the
expense of the city gaurd...  With a long swig, he finishes off his sixth
ale...or is this his seventh?  Ah well...who's counting at this point!

He steps quickly over to his bag and pulls out his wolf headdress.  He has
been working on it during the past months, and it is magnificently decorated
with feathers, beads, jewels, etc.  He ties it in place and hefts his pike
over his shoulder.

Ben'Dar strides out through the front door with a savage look on his face.
The moment he sees the gaurds and this "Jensen", he begins shouting in
Zen'Dali and gesturing angrily toward the party's horses tied up in front of
the tavern.  He goes on and on, in Zen'Dali, about how his horses drank some
of the "stinking, dirty city" water and it has slowed them and made them
into "soft, civilized" creatures.  He gesticulates wildly and begins
pointing at each soldier in turn, screaming wildly at them each with various
different Zen'Dali insults.  He lets the alcohol go to his head and really
gets angry, red in the face, and LOUD.  If the guards give him any trouble,
he won't hesitate to start a shoving match and/or a fist-fight, though he
will refrain from using his weapons except in self-defense.  If the yelling
match does turn into a fight, he'll knock down one or two of them, then run
and leap onto Tef'wo's back, and whooping and hollering like a wild man,
he'll rear Tef'wo up and gallop around, knocking the gaurds down and
generally causing chaos.  If things start to turn ugly (like the guards are
trying to kill him), he'll call them all cowards (in Zen'Dali of course),
and with a loud whooping war cry, gallop away on Tef'wo.
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