[pnpgm] Torture 101.

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 07:42:06 CET 2008

While waiting on Fremea's response Chion takes out his
kitchen knife. 

"You know, friend, I have been doing this for a long
long time. And it rarely involves this kind of thing.
So I may not be as good at it as you will eventually
come to hope I was." And with that he will cut off a
pinky, to see if the regeneration is still in effect
or not. 

"Well, that little piggy is out to market. Four more
and you become "lefty, the vagabond." (resting back in
his chair he will look at Fremea to see if she is
grossed out or not) You know, you don't have to be
here now if you don't want to be."

He will prepare to see how strong this guy's mind is
by starting to cast an illusion. The illusion will be
a hammer he will use to further torture the guy with.

(also, yes, Chion knows the a fascination spell might
be faster, but he knows that Fremea has some "pent up
anger" at humans that he should help her deal with...
in a balanced way, this is not only torture, but
counseling... and Chion's mind goes on... smiling)


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