[pnpgm] Game Update #21 - File #50 - Information is power..

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(Assuming Ben'Dar can see Chion...if not, he'll leave the tavern, mount
Tef'wo, and go pay a visit to the vendor that the beggars described.)

On 2/8/08, Chris & Karen Wells <ckwells at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ben'Dar nods in agreement with Micah.  "They can go," he motions vaguely
> in the direction of the beggars.  "I will talk to the vendor."  With that,
> Ben'Dar begins to turn to leave the tavern when he notices Chion standing
> near Z'leyra.
> "Chion?"  Then louder, "What's wrong?  Where's Fremea?"  He will move
> quickly over to Chion and then stand back a bit to stay out of the way of
> the healers in the group.
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