[pnpgm] Game Update #19 - File #37 - Unali dead or alive?

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Arawn's hand hovered above the fallen dart as the commander of the guards shouted his order. Pulling his hand back he remained crouched for a moment as he looked at the man before standing.
   "As you wish," he said and then walked past the man, whispering quietly to Aren's agent  so that the other soldiers would not hear what else he had to add, "But know that I can use it to locate the assassin if you fail to apprehend him."
    He hoped that the man's connection to the others through Duke Aren would keep Chion and Fremea out of trouble and wondered if he should have said anything but if something should happen to the two he wanted to make sure that the dart was not tampered with or disposed of before it could be used.
   Seeing that Unali was making a recovery he decided to the let the warrior rest while he saw to the other victims of the attack. Moving first to the messengers side he gave an apology for the rough surprise and gently offered to look over his wounds, as minor as they were, in an effort to comfort him, pulling out a silver coin for the messenger's troubles, before tending to the battered man beside the bar. As he did so his thoughts raced to Chion and Fremea and though he assumed that the wizard had teleported the assassin along with themselves away he hoped that they were not in any danger. Thinking about this he eventually wandered over to Z'leyra, Unali, and Raban.
   "Where do you think Chion and Fremea have taken off to?," he said in a very low voice.

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