[pnpgm] Game update #77 - File #309 - Rescue by Stick and Mouth

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Sep 18 08:38:38 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar stares at the elf in shock as Arawn puts the headdress
          on and the snakes bite him.  "What the...!?!?" Ben'Dar mutters
          in disbelief. Using a long stick, he carefully pries the snakes
          off of Arawn and flings the headdress away from the elf.
          Reaching down, he feels the elf's neck for a heartbeat and
          listens at his mouth for breath.  "Only paralyzed, I think..."
          he says in relief.

          "Looks like our scouting trip has been cut short!  Let's get
          him some healing back at the lake as quickly as possible."
          Ben'Dar lays Arawn's limp form over the elf's horse, like a
          bag of grain, and ties the horse's reins to Tef'wo's saddle.
          He begins the journey back to the lake, moving at a fast pace
          in case Arawn's paralysis turns into something more serious.

          (Ben'Dar leaves the snake headdress where he flung it.)
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Realizing that Chion must be in the water near the injured
          staff plant Z'leyra will find Chion and carry him out of the
          water. Carrying him so that the water drains out of his lungs.
          Once on shore she will use her healing skills to make sure he
          is breathing and not getting worse. Then she will check him for
          other injuries, if possible she will remove some of the vemon.
          If getting worse she will try giving him some water from the
          goblet after swirling the bezoar in it. [If he needs more help
          than she can give him to prevent his dying she will say
          "Bohusara, Chion is dying and needs your help. Please come."
          And then she will describe where they are.]

          She will take some scrap wood or bark Mark in it "Help! follow
          horse... Z" and wedge it into the saddle. She will tell the
          horse that if she falls down and stays down the horse should
          run back to the party, nod towards the scrap and lead the party
          back to her after they have looked at the scrap.

          Once Chion has stabilized she will watch him as she ties her
          sword and staff together into a jury rigged glaive. When sure
          that she can take a few minutes from watching him she will look
          around then proceed to destroy the staff plants from a safe
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Well... no. Chion wouldn't be this dumb and probably woulda
          just fireballed it all but oh well.

          My fault for not getting back to you in weeks I guess.

          In any event, the very least he can do is try to hold his
          breath as he sinks in the mud now. He still has his rock,
        GM: Ack.  Still have rock.  Yes. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:05pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 59 Degrees]

          [Meanwhile on the northern edge of the Lake...]

             [Trembyl and Strie'bog continue eastward around
              the northern edge of Lake Oca.  Both keep an
              eye out on the Lake itself and the trees nearby.
              Trembyl continues to wonder about Strie'bog's
              silence as they walk.  To get him to talk
              Trembyl starts up a conversation as the wind
              blows across the lake into their faces.]

             Trembyl: "I wonder what those gray things are.
               The Orbs could be food maybe?  Like mushrooms?
               Any guesses?"

             [But Strie'bog continues to walk in silence....]


           [Meanwhile in the deep forest to the west...]

             [As Arawn finds himself staring up at the tree canopy
              and a very active nest of snakes above his forehead
              he considers his next move.  He doesn't feel pain
              as the venom quickly flows through his body and
              wonders if its worth the risk.  His intent was to
              bond with the crown and learn the nature of it or
              at least the snakes.  He wonders if upwards of it seems
              like 10 bites could a normal human even live through
              such venom amounts? He knows he is no simple human
              though.  As the snakes hiss and wiggle Arawn begins
              to concentrate inwardly.  As fangs stick to one check,
              3 in his neck, 2 in his shoulder and several others
              in his chest some release their grip and hiss as
              their venom is drained.  Arawn knows he could very
              well have scars from this encounter unless it can
              be regenerated.  Arawn finds himself drifting in a
              realm of his own thoughts.  Floating with no cares.
              Every which way he turns his mental "self" he can
              feel attachment.  Echoes of friends (a Zen'da warrior,
              a Faerry wizard, a heavy weapons warrior...), family
              (at one point he thought he could feel his mom's
              own presence or maybe a memory) and relatives living
              and dead (uncles and cousins not seen in ages).  He
              is confused by the mix of thoughts in his mental
              vision as he pulls himself together into a central
              focus.  Was mother trying to contact me or was that
              my mind thinking of her?  Arawn considers in his
              multitude of thoughts.]

             [Thig stares in amazement at the scene of the snakes
              sticking in the now limp Arawn.  He grabs his sack
              off his pack and looks for something.]

             Thig: "Some snakes hate salt for some reason.  I learned
               that back in the jungles around Port Doman fighting
               Kotothi creatures."

             Farseeker: "Don't remind me of that place.  Those
               slaves and that temple!  Can you get the snakes  off?"

             Thig: "I think so." [After another pause] "I can't
               seem to find my salt flask.  It must be in the
               Faerry castle.  Forget that idea." [He stands
               and considers things.]

             Farseeker: "Snakes and Kotothi go hand and haad if
               I recall.  Could he be behind all this?"

             Thig: "Wouldn't put it past him."

             [As Ben'dar listens to this quick banter he is surprised
              to hear the calm in their voice.  Seeing a friend
              down and not going to his rescue?  Course they realize
              its not a death poison.  But could this be different?
              He scowls at the his thoughts.  Thig did try to come
              up with a plan but it didn't work.  He begins to scour
              the forest floor for a stick.  Within a few seconds
              he finds one by the tree a good 4 foot one but small
              enough to deftly move between the snakes.  Zen'da
              warriors are trained to find and track snakes on the
              plains.  Find them in pits and in some cases grab
              them from their pits, not the safe ones but the more
              dangerous poisonous ones.  All Zen'da warriors seem to
              go through at least one snake test before age 14.
              Ben'dar even has heard of a warrior society that almost
              treats the snakes better than their women.  Some have
              been known to even go into combat with snakes in bags
              to throw at other warriors.  Ben'dar levels the long
              stick and checks its strength.  He walks over near
              Arawn and stands over him.  Arawn can see him with his
              open paralyzed eyes.]

             [Arawn looks up at Ben'dar and wonders if Ben'dar is
              about to bash his head in for being so foolish in
              his eyes?  Maybe this is some Zen'da ritual of mercy?
              He continues to rush his concentration as he realizes
              maybe he intends to take the snakes off.]

             [Thig watches Ben'dar and his senses perk up as he
              senses something.  He looks around the forest and
              then concentrates on Arawn.  He raises a hand as
              Ben'dar begins to lower the stick.]

             Thig: "Wait!  I'm sensing magic build up.  He
               may be trying something."

             [Ben'dar stops and stares at Arawn's eyes trying
              to read his mind.  But suddenly Ben'dar feels
              a tingling in his forehead.  He raises a left
              hand to his temple.  He looks up at Thig and
              then back down at Arawn.  Ben'dar begins to
              think Arawn is starting to attack him as he can
              sense something.  Then suddenly Ben'dar can hear
              in his mind Arawn's voice.]

             Arawn [Telepathically] "Leave the crown on me. I'm in no
               pain. I was in contact with... something... I want the
               chance to find out what and if I can control the serpent

             [Ben'dar scowls.  Arawn in his mind!  A personal affront!
              His mind is his!  Then as soon as those emotions build
              up they seem to fade.  Ben'dar's bias toward magic
              comes to the front but reason overcomes it.  His 2 decades
              of life has taught him might is right, magic is for the
              silly shamans.  Being with this party of folks has
              slowly eroded those traditional thoughts.  Ben'dar looks
              up and explains the contact and message.]

             Farseeker: "He IS insane!  Maybe the reason he was thrown
               lost around here was even the gods thought he was
               crazy." [As soon as the words escape his mouth he
               realizes that last line may be too much.  He tries
               to slink back a foot in hopes Arawn didn't hear it
               over the hissing of the snakes.]

             [Arawn smiles to himself as the others talk.  It seems
              the contact was made.  Now he can get to work even
              if it means death could result.  He knows his special
              bonding ability lasts no more than a good 30 seconds.
              Usually good to calm wild dogs on a street and get
              away from them.  But this situation has lasted well
              over 30 seconds so the snakes are in total control
              of their being.  He knows though this hood seems
              very unusual and may have properties to discover
              and learn.  Maybe the bond is over but maybe the hood
              through the snakes or the snakes through the hood
              wishes to study Arawn? If that's the case could his
              own secrets be learned and sent elsewhere?  Arawn
              considers this as he sinks further into his thoughts
              trying to make contact again with the hood even though
              his bond has been broken.]

             Farseeker: "I don't like this.  What's to say the big
               snake guy." [He points upwards] "Doesn't possess
               Arawn through this contact thing."

             Thig: "If that's the case he'll probably want death
               over that.  As Elves, or for that matter Sidh,
               hate Kotothi forces to the point of fanatics."

             [Ben'dar hears that and scowls but gives a smirk
              maybe a mercy death for the Elf might be better
              than talking to snakes!]

             [As Arawn hears the words on the fringes of his mental
              plain echo all about him he also considers the
              idea of these snakes being Kotothi.  He knows in
              that situation such forces would try to kill him
              almost instantly.  As he thinks on this dreadful
              though the plain begins to darken from a gray white
              to a inky velvet black.  Arawn's mental "self" stands
              and looks around trying to further reach his mind into
              or against the edges of the hood.  He wonders if the
              hood is alive or just the snakes.  For what seems like
              an eternity, and to a mind even a second can be that,
              something begins to form.  All about him a white
              and yellow fog. What are the snakes or the hood or
              both trying to show him?  Arawn continues to float
              around inside this white/yellow fog trying to make
              sense of it.  Suddenly a bright line seems to break
              through what looks to be a crack in the fog.  Streaks
              of light flash like lightning.  Then suddenly the
              fog seems to break all over as cracks seem to form.
              Light and sensation seem to fill the mental plain.
              Arawn's vision seems to dart back and forth as if
              dizzy.  Then Arawn realizes what is going on as his
              vision looks "around".  As he looks around he notices
              orbs of white and yellow around him.  Maybe half
              a dozen of them.  Then Arawn realizes these must be
              eggs.  Snakes come from eggs.  He must have been
              in a egg during one of the snakes birth.  Could the
              snakes be showing him his life?  Maybe.  But for
              what purpose.  As other eggs burst and snakes squirm
              out, hiss and sniff the air it stays that way for
              what seems like a long time.  Arawn tries to study
              the area and finds it in wooded area of some kind.
              But the sky seems a light purple? Eventually something
              large comes over him and the other snakes as a female
              like the one he was attacked by approaches.  She
              bends down and using something like a tool or rope
              gathers up the snakes in a bag.  Soon vision turns to
              brown as he is inside the bag and around a mass of
              other hissing snakes.  For another long time period
              of unknown length he and the others are dumped out
              on some form of wet surface.  More damp than wet.
              Soon the female comes back and the snakes find themselves
              being examined.  Inside a small room of browns and
              reds.  Arawn seems to notice the walls pulse and hum
              for some reason?]

             Farseeker: "Its been a minute we should do something."

             Thig: "His breathing is the same if he was in trouble
              it surely would automatically increase."

             Farseeker: "For a human.  But what about the son of
               a god?"

             Thig: "Good question."

             [As Arawn in his now snake "self" is picked up his
              vision gets close to the gray faced female.  She
              is wearing a headdress but this one has no snakes
              on it just thin spikes.  As his vision is shifted
              he noticed a warrior like the ones the party fought
              standing by what could be a door flap?  Arawn
              sees something inserted into his body and something
              taken out, maybe blood? Arawn is put back on the
              table and notices instruments, vials and flasks of
              smoke on the table.  But its only a half second
              of the view.  Soon the pile of snakes is put into
              a wet soft mud of sorts and time seems to pass as
              each snake gets bigger and bigger getting as big
              as 3 foot in some cases.  Soon the pile of snakes
              are collected once more in a bag and put onto
              another table but this time outside.  As Arawn
              looks up he is startled to see the light purple
              sky again.  But this time he sees a blue moon or
              maybe a planet sized moon fill about 30% of the
              sky.  It appears to be day.  As his vision shifts
              to the side he notices a sparkling rainbow span
              a great deal of the sky.  Not a rainbow but seems
              to be sparkling white, gray and dark objects in
              the sky?  Arawn in snake form is picked up and
              placed on top of a empty hood he recognizes.  But
              suddenly a bolt of mental pain reaches him.]

             [Arawn begins to fear it could be too late.  his
              breathing increases and the other 3 around him
              start to move toward him.]

           [Meanwhile at lake water edge in the east...]

              [As Chion sinks to below the murky water he wonders
               if this is the end.  He was careful and cautious.
               He has been up against many marks in his life and
               come close many times to being caught or killed.
               But to die from a stupid staff?  Of all things!
               As water burns his now open eyes and water fills his
               lungs he only hopes Z'leyra has the ability to save
               him.  Then he recalls that he has a good 100 pounds
               on her.  Carrying him out will be no easy task.
               He also recalls she is a simple shaman with not as
               much muscles as him probably half or double the
               muscles.  As fear sinks in with the water he knows
               there is always Cetric.  What irony.  To be an
               apprentice of Cetric he'd have to die first!]

              [Z'leyra rushes toward the horses and sees bubbles in
               the water.  She throws down her bag, staff and
               shield onto the sandy beach.  Without thinking
               she runs into the water and slows down.  As water
               splashes about she realizes the water is cold.
               She wishes she hadn't left her gloves at the manor.
               As she pushes her hands into the water searching
               for Chion she sees the staff rod with a missing
               top half.  He must've cut one off.  Could that mean
               the snake is now in the water swimming about?  She
               begins to cringe as she may have just walked into
               her doom.  If she gets paralyzed there is no one
               to save them but Corona if he happens to notice.
               Then it may be too late.]

              [Chion senses the movement in the water and sees the
               snake move past his eyes and through into the
               murky water.  He hears something in the water and
               hopes its not a large lake monster.  Suddenly
               hands grasp his arms and he is pulled out of the
               water and sees Z'leyra.  But he still has a great
               deal of water taken in.]

              [Z'leyra tries to shift Chion's 240 pound frame
               in her arms.  With a great adrenaline rush she
               lifts him up and around so his face and shoulders
               are facing down into the water.]

              [Chion wonders what she is doing?  Finally she is
               trying to drown him?  But he then realizes she
               is dragging him with as much strength as she
               can manage through the water.]

              [With as great strength as she can muster she tries
               to keep Chion's torso out of the water.  The
               shore is 10-15 feet away but it seems like
               a wile as she struggles against his weight.  For
               some reason she blames herself for cooking all
               those meals in the past rather than making him
               eat rations.  Come to think of it she has rarely
               seen him eat or drink much.  How can a man so
               big not eat or drink regular food?]


          [Meanwhile on the northern edge of the Lake...]

              [Trembyl and Strie'bog continue walk and now
               about 2/3rds around making good time in their
               fast pace.  Suddenly Trembyl sees the grove
               of staves and Z'leyra trying to drown Chion?]

              Trembyl: "What the -?"

              [Both look at each other and run eastward.  While
               the patch is a good 500 yards across the water
               it may be another 1200 yards around to get to it.
               So both start to run as fast as they can.]


           [Meanwhile in the deep forest to the west...]

              [The bolt of pain ends and Arawn regains some
               mental control and suddenly realizes the pain
               must be when he was "attached" to the hood itself.
               Some painful process.  The female speaks but
               Arawn has no idea what she is saying.  Suddenly
               the images around him turn to darkness as a
               mass of snakes comes from a long distance toward
               Arawn in ever increasing speed.  Arawn tries to
               yell to calm them down or sense their intent but
               finds nothing in response.  They hiss and float
               through the air toward him.  Pain begins to fill
               his mind as what seems like venom begins to
               zap his brain tissue.  Arawn begins to concentrate
               to contact Ben'dar for help but the pain and
               the chasing snakes seem to distract him too much.
               Suddenly the snakes overtake him and begin to bite
               and crawl all over him.]

              [Outside his mind Arawn sees Ben'dar using the snake
               to pull snakes off.  He is glad to feel no pain
               as fangs are forced free.  The snakes seem to
               realize that their target is down and now Ben'dar
               is the enemy.  Instead of restrikeing Arawn they
               try to strike Ben'dar but only bite the stick
               as he is too far away.  As the last snake is
               torn from his neck Ben'dar flicks the hood to the
               side.  It hits the ground.]

              [Ben'dar moves to Arawn and checks his neck.  Blood
               drips from several wounds and he winces at the
               face seeing one torn area of skin.  Arawn should
               be able to regenerate it he hopes.  He finds his
               pulse and breathing slow down.]

              Ben'dar: "Only paralyzed, I think..." [He sighs in relief.]

              [Farseeker goes over to the hood and using his heavy
               great sword makes mush of the snakes as he pounds

              Farseeker: "Hope he didn't want them as pets?"

              Ben'dar: "Looks like our scouting trip has been cut short!
                Let's get him some healing back at the lake as quickly
                as possible."

              Thig: "Your right.  Besides Bohusara could learn of any
                more of these things faster than we could."

              [Ben'dar and Farseker easily lift Arawn up and
               places him gently on Arawn's horse over the saddle.
               They secure him with some ropes.  Thig decides to
               fly point as they mount up and drag Arawn's horse
               along.  Occasionally they stop and lift Arawn's
               head to make sure blood doesn't settle and make
               him sick in his head.]

              [As Arawn feels himself moving roughly on the horse
               back to the camp he sees the hood in the corner
               of his head.  The snakes look to be nothing more
               than a bile of ooze and blood.  Arawn sighs
               inwardly wondering what else could've been learned
               from the hood.  But more than likely the hood would
               be of no use without the snakes.  Surely though
               whoever killed the snakes, Arawn is unsure, did it
               to help him and the forest creatures.  He sighs
               and quickly tries to memorize everything he saw
               so he doesn't forget.  Then begins to study those
               images and try to understand them...]

           [Meanwhile at lake water edge in the east...]

              [As Chion is dragged in the water he realizes he
               is carrying with him what looks to be a pile
               of mud and sand.  He sighs as he realizes his
               clothing and his nice cloak may be ruined.  At
               the very least need a good cleaning.  Odd what
               one thinks as black spots seem to take his eyes
               and what surely is soon unconsciousness and probably
               death.  As his lungs burn as he drowns he wonders
               who will get his home and his things.  The house
               with no door.  His neighbors thought him weird
               for that.  He snickers inwardly as the last threads
               of consciousness fades...]

              [With what seems like forever Z'leyra finally
               drags Chion onto the shore with his boots still
               in ankle high water. She begins to huff and
               puff as her own lungs burn from overuse.  Exhaustion
               begins to fill her body.  But her duty is clear
               with great effort she pulls him the rest of the
               way and checks his pulse.  Its weak but there.
               She begins to beat on his back and water pours
               out.  But without his ability to cough it could
               be harder to help him.  She wonders if she should
               put him in Oblivion, forest be dammed.  But then
               she realizes his magic defense might be too strong.]

              [She continues to pat and move his body as best
               she can lift up.  Gravity takes much of the
               water out in a gush.  But she knows from her
               training that lung can remain in the lungs for
               some time even with this process.  She reaches
               around his body and does a hemlich shove to
               his chest to drain even more water.  As she
               hears his breathing its still sounding like
               water in him.  She sighs and lifts his head
               up.  With a flustered face she realizes he
               is breathing but could still choke and lose
               oxygen to the brain as lung capacity is decreased.
               She sighs and puts her mouth to his in a huff
               he sucks trying to force some water out.]

              [Chion regains consciousness as she forces his
               stomach to compress.  Then he is startled to
               find her kiss him.  What madness is this?
               Then he realizes she is trying to force more
               water out, he hopes.]

              [As Z'leyra pulls away another gush of water
               comes out.  The body is paralyzed but it seems
               his stomach reacts to her treatment and forces
               water out of his stomach as well.  She
               tries once more to give mouth to mouth to
               finalize the process.  As she does she hears
               footsteps behind her.]

              Trembyl: "What the -?"

              [Z'leyra rolls her eyes.  What a sight to be caught
               in.  She pulls back and notices a twinkle or
               was it her imagination in Chion's eyes.  She finds
               him breathing and no water vapor escapes his
               mouth or nose  For now he seems to be safe.]

              Trembyl: "Need to be alone?" [Trembyl smirks.]

              [Strie'bog taps Trembyl and points to the lake
               at the staves.  Suddenly Corona is heard making
               a screech and dives into the water.  He comes up
               with the snake that escaped the staff rod but
               it appears limp.  Water drains from its open
               mouth.  Corona drops it on the shore and
               lands nearby.  Z'leyra then realizes the
               snakes might not be able to swim like water
               snakes or breath in the water.  Maybe it
               drowned just as Chion almost did.  If she
               could dissect it and check its stomach she
               could be sure?]


           [Meanwhile at the Clearing...]

              [As Xian stands and warms his hands waiting for
               Unali to stand Unali replies.]

              Unali: "I agree with you that the dangers that we face
                seem to be growing by the day. Not all of us are equally
                prepared to deal with them. I learned young that it is
                best not to flaunt your powers, because someone might
                take an interest. If they be gods or otherwise, I am not
                sure. There are many gods on both sides of the divide,
                and a mere mortal would best not get caught up in their
                battle. I know you are a supporter for one cause, so
                don't take offence.

                As to your brother and what happened to him, I have no
                idea. Your suggestion to seek out Kaylle is a good one.
                We could also ask him f he knows anything about these
                strange creatures. Then maybe we can decide what to do,
                and which of these many questions to pursue. Once the
                others get back here, we should discuss it with them.

                Now, help me up slowly, as these bastards cut me up
                pretty good. That fire seems nice and warm."

              Xian: "Frankly I don't know what cause I support
                in terms of the gods these days.  But I suspect
                I'll be thinking on it hard in the next few weeks.
                Yes.  Let's warm up."

              [He helps Unali stand and puts a arm around her
               waist to help her the few feet to the fire.
               Unali realizes she doesn't need it for the last
               10 feet but guess Xian wants to help though its
               purely a friendly gesture she figures.   The
               fire is going well and both warm up as the
               Vassa talk among themselves.]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday...

          GM: Chion/Z'leyra                   - East, Ball/Staff Patch
            , Trembyl/Strie'bog               - West, Storage structure
              Arawn, Thig, Ben'dar, Farseeker - West, Deep forest
              Corona                          - Sky, over lake
              Xian, 4 Vassa, Unali            - Clearing
              Bohusara                        - East, Unknown

          GM: Just a warning.  With the Fall TV season starting
              Updates could be affected.  Mondays for example
              looks to have Heroes and Journeyman.  So may not get
              to update till 11pm rather than 9pm. Course I'm
              up till 3am so it might not be affected too much.
              Thursday we'll see about that later.  But this
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              of the updates Sunday and Wednesday nights.  If
              I do the good times to have actions in are those
              nights.  :)  But its not a deadline.  Just
              a suggestion :)

          GM: The reason I did the attack on Chion and Arawn
              was loopholes in actions.  As the next adventure
              starts I'll be more stricter in that regard.
              By now folks are experienced enough to know how
              I work.  If I see a opening or a loophole in
              some action I may just take it.  This is to not
              kill you outright by mistakes but just that
              as experience grows better actions in theory
              should be done :).   The last update was
              just a primer of sorts for what will come
              in the next adventure :)  Other rules and
              other new issues will come up soon.  For
              example for magic users I'll be updating Base
              Mana Costs for version 2 BMCs.  That will take
              quite a while to do. :)

          GM: Arawn - Will be paralyzed likely till you return
                to the camp.  Since you didn't post the
                images were done here rather than private.
                I wasn't sure which you wanted so did public.
                You had left ICQ before could ask. :<

              Chion - Your alive and paralyzed for now.
                 Had some good fun :)

              Strie'bog - Guess your still quite busy. No problem.

              Unali - I had hoped to do a more intensive speech
                by Xian but ran out of time.  Maybe another
                time :)  But its a start.


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