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Tue Sep 11 08:56:11 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar ignores the fallen female and has Tef'wo trot up to
          the new warrior.  He points his pike at the warrior menacingly.
          "Who are you?" he demands.  Then, tentatively he asks, "Thig,
          is that you?" He thinks it is probably the faerry, hidden in
          an illusion, but he is still full of adrenaline and suspicious
          by nature...

          Later, he slaps Farseeker on the back and grins.  "No need
          to apologize for a job well done, friend!  Creatures such as
          these would have given us nothing through questioning.  Let's
          search them."

          Ben'Dar will help to search the bodies for anything of interest.
          Using a heavy branch, he kills the snakes in the woman's
          headdress one by one.

          As they search the bodies, Ben'Dar comments to the others,
          "I wonder where they were going.  Let's continue on in the
          direction they were headed for a few miles to see if there
          are any more of them."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion thinks to himself for a minute and watches the orb
          slowly sinking. "Hmmm. I will toss the next one up on shore
          and see what it does after I cut the cord." And he will move
          to the next one and do just that. He will work the rest of the
          orbs first before checking on/cutting the staffs.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:05pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 59 Degrees]

          [Meanwhile at the Clearing...]

             [Minutes pass as the Vassa pile the last of the bodies
              in one place.  Xian has gathered the horses around
              the wagon and secured its supplies.  He ensures the
              horses are all tied up around the wagon.  He wraps
              his hands in each and rubs them together for heat as
              the temperature drops another degree in the last
              couple minutes.  Dark gray clouds continue to roll
              in from the east.  To the west the sun is still
              low in the sky about 20 degrees over the horizon.
              It is hard to see at this point due to the forest
              trees but what light there is shines through the
              forest to the clearing with many shadows cast into
              the clearing.  He walks to Unali to see what she
              is doing.]

             [Unali determines her armor will take more time and
              effort to repair.  Likely a good week maybe week
              and a half to repair in the wilderness but maybe
              less in a place like Marentia.  She begins to
              roll it up in a heap as she also notices the chill
              air breeze blow against her.  She notices Xian.
              and looks up.]

             Xian: "Getting colder.  I suspect we'll be here for
               the night.  Night will come in likely an hour
               maybe hour and a half.  If I got my dates right
               its less than a week to the official day of Winter
               according to Kaylle, but its not as cold as it
               could be.  I wonder if Miklav or Bohusara have
               something to do with it.  Control a more timid
               winter in this neck of the woods or the entire
               forest.  I've not seen it snow yet here.  The
               trip back to Marentia if we decide to ride rather
               than teleport could be a cold one."

             [Xian turns and studies the whispering crowd of Vassa
              hunters.  He studies there but has no clue what they
              are saying even if they had Z'leyra's backfire effect
              and could hear them.  Being skilled in the art of
              disguises Xian must study faces and body language.
              He recalls how Arawn acted around Bohusara.  Its
              clear he doesn't trust her.  Now Xian wonders the
              same thing.  Even after she saved Unali could it
              all be just bad timing or truly an ambush she isn't
              involved in?  Then these four Vassa happen to show
              up at the end.  For reinforcements or truly to
              investigate the lake disaster?  Then she flies off
              to the forest somewhere.  But that was after
              Z'leyra's spell failed badly.  Xian studies the
              Vassa for several long moments then shrugs.  He
              decides they clearly are concerned about the strange
              creatures and the party than wanting to harm the
              party.  He looks to the lake but sees no one of the
              party.  He finally decides to get some work done.]

             Xian: "Hey.  We should collect fire wood."

             [He walks toward the Vassa but clearly they don't
              understand him.  Xian picks up a stick and then
              another one in his hands.  He then drops them
              to the ground in a pile and makes some hand gestures.
              He then slaps his hands together to show they are
              cold.  One of the Vassa nods and speaks to the
              others. They all nod seemingly to understand.
              With that the four Vassa and Xian separate into
              pairs of 2 or 3 to collect good fire wood.  As
              they do Xian wonders if Bohusara wouldn't mind
              making a fire or should he ask her first?]

             [As Unali puts her ruined chainmail into her pack she
              pulls out her weapons and checks them.  One spare
              dagger is damaged but could be fixed.  The others
              are in good shape.  She removes her metal helmet and
              dons her fur hat, fur trim and pulls down her cowl
              all to make her head warmer to the coming night chill.
              She sits back against her lump of a pack and pulls
              the blanket around her.  She eyes the lake and wonders
              about the mystery.  As her strength builds minute by
              minute she wonders why her horse didn't help her
              in that last fight.  She didn't have time to issue
              commands but maybe it didn't want to fight.  Maybe
              she'll have to look into that or get Ben'dar to
              train it as a better independent mount.  As fire wood
              is gathered she wonders to the Katai scroll.  What
              could this Product be and what is it all about?  Clearly
              that necromancer stuff Arawn pulled earlier didn't
              help.  She doesn't know much about that other than
              stories as a youth.  But ghosts can be clever in their
              answers to the living.  While they may tell the truth
              the truth can be bent or twisted to their perception.
              She wonders back to the cabin fight.  Why would what
              seem like civilized or partially civilized Witches be
              doing with barbarians?  While L'p'nth witches seem to
              do that often with tribes up her she has not heard or
              dreamed of such.  Maybe sent from Katai or some other
              place?  She tries to recall her contacts in Katai but
              it has been a long time, years since she has been there.
              She may have no more contacts at this point.  She
              wonders if Chion does?]

           [Meanwhile at small storage hutt...]

             [Trembyl and Strie'bog continue to circle the area around
              the small makeshift hutt.  Both eye the forest around
              the hutt for clues.  Within a few minutes patches of
              grass are found missing.  Further investigation finds
              piles of grass, leaves and branches.  After another minute
              of checking the area Trembyl comes to a conclusion.]

             Trembyl: "This must be some kind of camp for them.  No
               blankets or tents.  But these piles of grass and
               branches seem to have been used as cover?  Strange
               creatures.  From what we know they don't seem to
               believe in objects like we do.  Such as tents or
               tools we normally use.  I've heard hunters sleep
               in leaves to hide their scent or if they lose their
               gear.  But there is no campfire.  No rocks.  No
               ashes.  Nothing."

             [Both search the area further.  Both are about 50 feet
              north-east of the hutt now where the camp is.  After
              another minute bones are found in a small pile with
              feathers and some skin.]

             Trembyl: "Cleaned good.  Animals would leave something
               on the bones.  Looks like small animals or birds
               they must've ate.  That tells us they are meat
               eaters at least.  Carnivores tend to be aggressive
               which they clearly are."

             [The area is search in a diameter of about 30 feet and
              nothing of any material is found at all.]

             Trembyl: "No bags.  No frills.  These folks must like
               roughing it for sure or love pain and discomfort."

           [Meanwhile at lake water edge in the east...]

             [As Chion watches the head sized gray orb sink and
              bob in the water he considers his next move.]

             Chion: "Hmmm. I will toss the next one up on shore and
               see what it does after I cut the cord."

             [Chion uses a boot to move the sinking orb away just
              in case a dragon or some creature pops from it and
              attacks him.  Satisfied its a good distance away
              he turns to the next orb and begins to cut it.  This
              time he cuts lower on the stem and finds less resistance
              to the blade.  The orb falls to the water.  Chion notices
              the water get a bit darker brown.  With a gloved hand
              he picks the orb up by the small 2 inch stem and tosses
              it onto the shore a few feet away.  The orb lands on
              the dry ground with a wet plop.  Both Chion and Z'leyra
              study it for a few seconds.  Both notice brown water
              seem to seep out of the orb like tears in small thin
              slow drops.  That makes sense as it was probably
              coated with the brown water.  Nothing else seems to
              happen so Chion moves to a 3rd orb and cuts it.  He
              throws it onto the shore as well.  Finally within
              three minutes he has cut all of the robs and thrown
              them into the water.  Leaving only a stem from the
              water down into the ground below it seems.  One
              orb lands near Z'leyra.  To ensure a safe distance
              she pokes it with her staff and finds it squishy
              to the touch and not as solid as it looks.]

             [Both watch the orbs as Chion cleans his dagger in
              the brown murky water.  By now Chion assumes the
              water to be safe to regular skin as it has splashed
              on him.  At least its not toxic.  That proves the
              theory about no dead fish as well.  Chion looks at
              the lake and wonders if there is stuff under the
              water like these things?  Both watch the orbs and
              finally see some change in the first two or three
              thrown on shore.  by now minutes later they seem to
              have turned into a pale white gray and shows signs of
              a shriveled up surface like a wrinkled face all over
              the orb.  The stem on the first one seems to have
              shrunk in size and shriveled up to pencil size.]

             [Chion turns to the staffs and knows this part could
              be tricky.  The orbs may not have been dangerous
              but he knows from the previous combat minutes ago
              these things can change from a simple hard staff to
              a wriggling dangerous snake.  Unali got taken down
              by one such snake bite.  But that was only paralysis.
              Maybe that's a good thing they don't kill outright.
              At least THOSE didn't.  These he has no idea.
              He knows he forgot his shield back at his house in
              Marentia.  He grabs his cloak up and wraps it around
              his free arm.  With the other hand he raises his sai
              and wades deeper into the lake.  His boots sink below
              the water line now and entirely submerge.  Water gets
              as high as halfway up his knees.  Moving slowly he
              gets to the first of 4 staffs in one clump.  The other
              dozen or so staffs wade slightly in the water currents.
              The brownish/red staffs stand as tall as trees going
              up about 7 feet above the water.  A few go over 7 foot
              and as tall as 9 feet towering 2 foot taller than Chion.
              He eyes the staffs for some time to gauge their danger
              to him.  The staffs are a bit thinner than the ones he
              saw after the combat.  Maybe the thickness of a modern
              garden hose. The ones at the clearing are about twice
              the thickness.  The tips of the staff head are still
              points jutting from the thin staff piece.  This has to
              be the part that separates into a snake head and strikes.
              The entire staff point/head part seems to be a snake
              head with mouth, fangs and tongue.  No eyes seem to
              be seen though.  Maybe it senses targets.  He waves his
              dagger in front of the staff and over it as best he can
              to detect movement.  But nothing seems to happen aside
              from the casual swaying in the water.  He reaches for
              the staff base with a gloved hand and nothing happens
              to the contact.  He then pulls the dagger close and
              begins to saw the staff.  He finds the resistance far
              more harder than the orb stems.  Cutting those was
              like thick hide leather.  This is like cutting through
              the thicker dragon hide back on Clima of that dragon
              monster from the painting magic.  After three seconds
              of cutting suddenly the staff softens and wiggles.
              Chion looks up to see the head divide and lower.  The
              snake head forms into a large mouth head and lunges
              at Chion.  But Chion prepared brings up his cloak
              wrapped arm to block.  The snake tries to strike and
              bite but misses Chion entirely.  Z'leyra brings up
              her staff to help but Chion backs away.  He takes
              about 5 steps back and out of the 4 foot striking
              range of the snake.  Both watch it wiggle and hiss
              for a minute or two.  Chion then wonders if the full
              staff could move he could be in trouble as the shore
              is a good 5 feet away.  Prepared to run he watches
              as the snake wiggles back and forth.  But the bottom
              the last 2 feet of the staff seems to remain solid
              and straight up.  So it can't move.  That's good.
              For another minute both continue to watch and finally
              the snake "head" stops and stiffens.  Its fang's
              seem to retract and the soft head seems to harden
              and compress its two parts of a diamond into a single
              staff head piece sharp point.  Chion looks back at
              Z'leyra and shrugs wondering what to do next.]

             GM: Reminder you still have one orb in the water.  It
               has completely sunk to the bottom though.  But
               your aware its still there.  The first one that
               was cut.  Based on your implied actions I assumed
               you cut the rest of the orbs and started on the
               staffs as above.

           [Meanwhile in the deep forest in the West...]

             [Ben'dar trots Tef'wo up to the new warrior on the
              scene who just attacked the female.  He lowers
              his pike down.]

             Ben'dar: "Who are you?" [After a pause] "Thig, is that

             [The Warrior raises his staff and points it at Ben'dar
              and snarls.  The warrior swings the staff toward the
              head of Tef'wo and as the weapon arcs both the weapon
              and the warrior disappear.  From the left Ben'dar
              hears snickering in the bushes.  Thig then walks
              through the bushes and laughs a Faerry laugh.  Ben'dar
              nods to Thig and dismounts.  Patting Tef'wo he walks
              over to Farseeker.  He pats Farseeker on the back.]

             Ben'dar: "No need to apologize for a job well done, friend!
               Creatures such as these would have given us nothing
               through questioning.  Let's search them."

             [Ben'dar leans down and checks the female out.  He rips
              the leather clothing off and searches for any items
              of merit.  As her "tunic" leather skin shirt is ripped
              her body is exposed.  She is wearing no armor unlike
              the other warrior Ben'dar just killed.  He is wearing
              the crab like armor described in another update.
              From her chest exposed to the air she seems to be
              definitely female.  Ben'dar feels no shame in this
              as its in regards to finding the truth.  But if the
              other females were around he might not be so "aggressive"
              in stripping the clothing off.  No pockets are found
              at all on her.  Just the thick leather skin like clothing
              all over her body for weather protection.  Unlike the
              warrior though her clothing appears to be a thin robe
              like gown of tan color not dark brown and blacks like
              the warriors.  The warriors tend to have stood 6 foot
              3 to 6 foot 6 and 200-250 pounds.  This female stood
              only 6' 1 and about 160 pounds.  This demonstrates the
              female side must not be as combat worthy.  Aside from
              the dagger and headdress nothing else is found on the
              female.  A empty leather bag is found with shells of
              round objects that could be peanut shells.  The bag
              was discarded and likely dropped when she jumped down
              from the tree.  Farseeker guesses it to be what held
              the goo that has caught Arawn's boot.  The warrior is
              searched but only his staff is found.  He wears the
              crab like armor but has nothing else on him but his
              leather clothing.]

             Farseeker: "Light travelers.  They must live off the
               land and good survivalist.  Not even food or water.
               But if we chased them off they may not have had
               time to find their supplies?"

             Ben'dar: "I wonder where they were going.  Let's continue
               on in the direction they were headed for a few miles to
               see if there are any more of them."

             Farseeker: "We should take the bodies back on the horses.
               Means we'll have to walk some or double up on riding.
               They should be buried all together.  Just in case
               Bohusara has a problem with them out here in her forest."

             [Arawn warns the others about the tree and it is looked
              over by Thig and he finds nothing else of note.  He
              lands and speaks to Arawn.]

             Thig: "I hope my illusion didn't hurt you.  I'm surprised
               you fell for it.  Guess I was lucky.  I know Trembyl
               wouldn't.  He can't be fooled as he is an expert
               Illusionist.  It was my only choice as I couldn't figure
               out what else to do."

             [Ben'dar finds a large tree branch and walks toward the
              still wriggling headdress.  He raises it but Arawn
              stops him with a hand.]

             [Arawn kneels down and gets within a few feet of the
              headdress out of striking range.  Arawn concentrates
              and tries to use his innate senses to study the snakes.
              Immediately he senses no magical ability or innate
              power to these snakes.]

             [Thig leans to Farseeker.]

             Thig: "I senses no magic from them but maybe he can."

             [Farseeker picks up the warrior with the help of Ben'dar
              and puts it on a horse with some effort.]

             Thig: "Maybe we could drag them?  But that might attract
               predators by their blood unless we cover them up?"

             GM: Drag/Carry them or leave them? Arawn I know you posted
                 a bit more in email.  Due to the late action I
                 ran out of time tonight.  I'll have to get to it
                 tomorrow and email you more results.  Stay tuned.

             GM: How long do you guys follow the trail?  Time
                 wise.  10 minutes? 1 hour?  or in mile wise.
                 If no answer will assume the suggestion above
                 as couple miles.  

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday...

          GM: Chion/Z'leyra                   - East, Ball/Staff Patch
            , Trembyl/Strie'bog               - West, Storage structure
              Arawn, Thig, Ben'dar, Farseeker - West, Deep forest
              Corona                          - Sky, over lake
              Xian, 4 Vassa, Unali            - Clearing
              Bohusara                        - East, Unknown

          GM: Was going to do a bit more but ran out of time tonight.

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