[pnpgm] Game update #74 - file #299 - Spheres and Snakes

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Ben'Dar ignores the fallen female and has Tef'wo trot up to the new
warrior.  He points his pike at the warrior menacingly.  "Who are you?" he
demands.  Then, tentatively he asks, "Thig, is that you?"  He thinks it is
probably the faerry, hidden in an illusion, but he is still full of
adrenaline and suspicious by nature...

Later, he slaps Farseeker on the back and grins.  "No need to apologize for
a job well done, friend!  Creatures such as these would have given us
nothing through questioning.  Let's search them."

 Ben'Dar will help to search the bodies for anything of interest.  Using a
heavy branch, he kills the snakes in the woman's headdress one by one.

As they search the bodies, Ben'Dar comments to the others, "I wonder where
they were going.  Let's continue on in the direction they were headed for a
few miles to see if there are any more of them."
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