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Tue Sep 4 08:36:33 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar glances over at the female and his eyes narrow angrily
          as he sees Arawn being held captive.  He glances around and
          sees that Thig is hidden from view.  Perhaps the little Faerry
          can pull something off. He decides to stall for time and see
          what Thig can come up with.

          Ben'Dar halts Tef'wo's advance on the doomed warrior.  He
          lowers his pike and makes a show of folding his arms.  He
          stares at the female with a look that says clearly, "Well,
          it's your move now."  Pretending with his body language to
          address the woman, he calmly says aloud, in Marentian, "Thig,
          take out that female with your magic."

          Ben'Dar will wait to see what the female and/or Thig do next.
          If the female either releases or kills Arawn, Ben'Dar kicks
          Tef'wo forward and he lunges with his pike at the warrior by
          the tree.

          Oh yeah.  I've got the keg ready.  See you guys on Monday!
        GM: Ack. I failed to get my FedEx Airplane tickets to your
            place? :<


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Go East young man....
        GM: Ack. 


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          In those few precious seconds as Arawn found himself stuck fast
          to the strange substance on the forest floor the stranger
          landed on the ground behind him. Quickly realizing the danger
          he began to call upon the mystical power that was his birthright,
          the energy quickly welling up inside of him, as he prepared to
          to teleport himself away from his sticky predicament. Alas, it
          was not quick enough apparently as the strange figure slipped
          in behind him, pressing the point of a dagger against Arawn's
          throat. As the bony point pressed into his skin the creature
          barked out in it's strange language and Arawn could not help
          but roll his eyes. Beneath his head wrap his face lips pursed
          and his face contorted into what would have appeared to be a
          look of extreme annoyance, his rolling eyes the only indicator
          of this to those who unable to see what was happening underneath
          the light grey cloth. His eyes continued this look for a moment
          or two before once again taking in the scene for tactical
          purposes. Once this was done the same look once again crossed
          his face, though to a lesser degree.

          His captor's apparent command did not go unnoticed as Ben'dar
          made his attempt to stall the creature. Arawn was unsure if
          Thig or the others would be able to get him out of this
          situation but he could see potential possibilities to take
          advantage of the situation, depending on the decisions made
          by both parties. Still, he decided it might be best to prepare
          considering the current situation.
        GM: Ack.  Actions changed and appended to from ICQ and Emails. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:01pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 60 Degrees]

          [At the clearing Xian and the four Vassa get to collect the
           bodies.  Xian tries to check for a pulse on the neck, wrist
           and head of the warriors with hesitation to touch these
           strange creatures.  But he never finds an active one.
           With blankets from horses the staves are collected and
           piled in one area.  The Vassa hunters gather the strange
           bone "daggers".  Xian doesn't want to take any chances
           these creatures regenerate and come back to life with
           weapons.  The Vassa whisper among themselves quietly
           in two pairs.  Xian ignores them not knowing the language.
           It has been a fast few days he hasn't had time to study
           even the basic dirty words.  After a few minutes Xian
           sits by one warrior and studies him from head to boot
           with his eyes.  He examines the strange crab like armor
           and can't figure out how it works or how to even remove
           it if it can be.  He wonders if Kaylle or Woundeanl could
           study the armor but doesn't seem to be a way to take it
           off.  Clearly it seems to be a piece of equipment rather
           than part of the warrior's body.]

          [Unali drinks from her water skin and looks to the forest
           to the west where Ben'dar and others have gone.  She
           wonders if they are going into a trap.  She glances
           back and to the east and wonders where Bohusara has
           gone and how she could stop the fright of a forest.  She
           clearly doesn't understand such things or wants to.
           She knows Bohusara saved her from a certain death.
           She sighs at the thought of dishonor to a simple staff's
           poison.  Those strange staff weapons that can convert from
           a spear head point to a head that separates and forms
           into a snake to lunge, bite and spit.  To a simple staff
           to use as a knock stick and from what others have said
           a whip.  Strange piece of equipment.  While it is not
           unheard of weapons, even a staff or spear, to have poison
           on its head tip its strange to be 4 things in one.  She
           has seen her Katai fellow warriors use staffs with poison.
           There is said to be a cult or society that does nothing
           but use poison on their weapons.  She considers all this
           as she works on her ruined chainmail.]

          [The Vassa while they work to gather the bodies and gear
           wonder about the strange lake.  They were sent here to
           investigate the matter.  To find the Green Lady here is
           such an honor.  The hunter leader only a 5 year veteran
           hunter has never seen her much less the other 3.  They
           whisper in awe at the encounter.  Maybe they could ask her
           of a blessing for their hunts in the future if she is
           willing but with her anger at the last few minutes that
           may be a bad thing to ask.  They whisper among themselves
           at the strange creatures and their weapons.  They have
           not seen them in their other modes but only as a spear
           weapon so not so interested in the weapons as they are
           in the bodies themselves.  They continue to whisper
           constantly among themselves talking about the party
           and why they are here.  But with Bohusara here they
           do not question it.  They wonder if they will be the
           only ones from their village to have even met the
           Green Lady in the last 100 seasons?]

          [The horses mingle among themselves and eat the low
           amount of grass at the clearing.  They stay in the
           middle as they seem wary to near the forest due to
           the strange creatures.  With Z'leyra's warning not
           to drink from the lake so they avoid it but clearly show
           they are wanting some of it.]

           [Meanwhile at the same time....]

           [Trembyl and Strie'bog head north-north-west around the
            lake.  Taking the path started by Ben'dar minutes earlier
            when he was attacked.  Trembyl keeps glancing at the
            quiet Strie'bog and wonders why he has been so quiet of
            late.  Concerned eyes wonder if he is hurt and does look
            hurt.  But maybe something more mentally happened?
            As they walk they break off to examine the area where
            Ben'dar was attacked.  its not hard to find as there are
            two warrior bodies here.  They will have to be dragged
            back to the clearing soon.]

           Trembyl: "Strange creatures.  I've not seen anything like
             them at all.  If it weren't so disgusting it would be
             nice to take a head back to someone to study.  Maybe
             someone in the party can draw their picture.  Maybe
             Thig? Look at the blood there.  Must be where Tef'wo
             was hurt."

           [Strie'bog seems still distracted as he glances at the
            forest.  He hasn't seen his mother that upset since
            he was a little boy and that didn't end well.  He hopes
            the forest and his vision doesn't come true.  He tries
            to shake the odd feeling from his brain and clear his

           [After a minute or two they get back into the path that
            leads around the lake.  In most places the lake has
            a 2-8 foot path around the lake of just grass with no
            trees or bushes.  It is clearly for tides or well used
            areas of humans and animals.  They return to the path
            and continue north.  After about 2 more minutes Strie'bog
            who has been watching the forest and Trembyl the lake
            stops.  He studies the tree line and nudges Trembyl.
            Trembyl looks over to the forest and squints into the
            setting sun.  It looks like some structure in the forest.]

           Trembyl: "It could be a hunters blind.  I've heard of
             those things.  But I didn't think Vassa would use
             them, no offense.  Let's check it out."

           [The two head into the forest again now about 300 yards
            north of the clearing  As they approach they see it
            as browns and greens.  It appears to be a makeshift
            structure standing 5 feet and about 6 feet wide on each
            of the 4 sides.  With weapons drawn they sneak up to it
            and circle it.  They examine the forest to ensure no one
            is here but realize Bohusara would've likely been
            informed, they hope.  They find it has no windows or
            slits.  But in the front appears to be some leather skin
            or animal skin over the front about 3 feet wide.  Most
            of the sides are made of wooden limbs and trees.  After
            a few seconds they decide to flank the structure and
            pull the flap up.  Nothing happens so they come around
            to the front and look inside to the dark structure.
            Inside both find no creatures but several items.  Lying
            on the grass are several long staves.  Both squint and
            eyes adjust to the darkness.  The staves look to be
            just like the warrior's weapons.  There may be about
            25 or 30 of them.  Trembyl reaches in with a gloved
            hand and pulls one out.  But as he does he hears
            hissing as the head turns into a wriggling snake and
            Trembyl lets go.  Only that one staff converts but
            both men stare as it doesn't move.  The bottom of the
            staff appears to still be a solid pole but only the
            top 2 feet are a snake.]

           Trembyl: "That proves they can live without warriors.
             But at least they can't move or seem to in state.
             But let's not risk it."

           [On the other side of the structure appears to be
            about 10 round lumpy objects sitting on the grass.
            They look gray but in the darkness its hard to tell.
            Trembyl doesn't approach them.  Both do not crawl
            further into the small structure which must be
            some sort of miniature warehouse.]

           Trembyl: "We'll need to tell the others about this."

           [Meanwhile at the same time....]

           [While Trembyl and Strie'bog choose to walk, Chion and
            Z'leyra take horses to speed things up.  It looks
            like the lake is a good 3 or 4 or more miles around.
            by the time one walks it could be dark.  As they ride
            Z'leyra barely breathes.  Her obvious spell failure
            back at the clearing has shocked her.  Not only to
            anger Bohusara but to freak the woods out is another
            thing.  At least it is not like Jordi's failure in
            the Climan fortress.  Where anything he did walking
            or breathing was increased in volume 20 fold.  Her
            effect seems to be in speech only not breathing.
            As she realizes her fate of not speaking for several
            hours, maybe even days, she sighs.  As they ride
            Chion glances over and smirks in his usual manner.
            Chion finds it amusing that someone as powerful as
            her could have a spell backfire.  Not only that but
            she can't speak for some time.  He wonders if he
            should tell some jokes?  As they ride they examine
            the path, forest and lake itself for clues.  As they
            go East they find nothing out of the ordinary for
            several minutes.  The forest is still a buzz with
            animals and birds mostly scurrying about due to the
            odd voice the entire forest seems to have heard.]

           [Z'leyra wonders why her spell would fail.  She did
            all she could do to prevent it.  Chances were good
            it would not.  Even luck was on her side.  She
            wonders if the items or the warriors themselves
            have some natural protection or worse yet higher
            magical defense.  If its protection maybe that
            protection can be lowered or dampened.  But if
            its a high MDV not much other than purified grounds
            will benefit that.  Then she considers the claw and
            its effect on perception that also failed.  She has
            heard that gods know everything.  But do they?  Would
            they know of things they shouldn't?  Could even the
            gods be dumbfounded?  Maybe a question for the priests
            back in Marentia if it wasn't so a anti-god question
            that would surely anger them.]

           [After about a mile the path curves to the north and heads
            north, north-east in a winding path.  Chion thinks of
            the darkness and that they should've lit a torch as
            the sun is setting but has awhile to go.  Chion becomes
            sad thinking of losing his sai to the tough armor.
            It has been awhile since he got it and wonders how
            much "work" he has done with it.]

           [After another half mile they come around some bushes that
            lay directly on the lake and suddenly come across a
            small grove of bushes in the water that don't seem to
            be elsewhere.  As they approach they notice right away
            these are no ordinary bushes.  They slow the horses and
            look to the dark forest but see nothing. Both dismount
            as so not to let the horse near the water to drink.
            Z'leyra thinks to tell the horses to stay but realizes
            that might not be wise.  Chion ties them up to a bush
            with the rope.  Both walk to the edge of the shore to
            examine the odd growth of bushss.  The first patch
            looks to be tall single stems going from the water
            line up about 5 feet.  Like Cat of Nine tails in
            swamp areas.  Both recognize this patch as they
            near it closer and angle away from the direct sun.
            They are staves at least ones that seem to be standing
            up from the water.  They have the long body and the
            tip heads seen earlier.  Both Chion and Z'leyra look
            at each other.  Why would they be here as if standing
            at attention in the dark brown water.  In fact as
            Z'leyra looks down at the water it seems darker here
            maybe twice as brown as brown back at the clearing.
            Both walk to the other patch about 20 feet to the north
            of the staves.  It looks like there were 50 or 60
            staffs growing out but all seem to be non-active in
            terms of moving snakes.]

           [As both near the other patch of bushes these seem to be
            objects low in the water only about 2 feet.  They seem
            to be fat mushrooms.  Nothing unusual there but as they
            near the mushrooms don't have the flat bottom.  In fact
            the objects seem to be solid spheres.  In the bright
            sun they seem to be gray in color almost lighter
            in gray than the warrior's own skin.  At the bottom
            of the spheres is a thin spear maybe a finger's diameter
            going into the water from the sphere.  Unlike the
            staffs in the water which seem to be not moving at
            all these balls seem to be moving back and forth ever
            so slightly from the wind and waves as if more loose
            in their base.  The ball objects count about 20 of them
            in all.  The Staves are out into the water about 5
            feet while the ball objects are about 4 feet from the
            shoreline.  With the tides that may grow by a foot
            or two.  The water depth here seems to be only about
            1 or 2 feet at the staves and maybe the same for
            the ball objects.  But its unclear as the bottom can't
            be seen in the murky brown water.  The ball objects
            are as big as a human adult's head in size.]

           [Meanwhile at the same time....]

           [At the site where Arawn is now held captive the tension
            in the air rises.  As Thig turns invisible moments ago
            by seeing the warrior before Arawn he slipped back
            and unseen.  The wounded warrior perks his interest and
            he turned invisible just as Ben'dar began his slow
            charge.  He knows flying would make noise with his
            wings hitting bushes and give his position away.  So
            he does the slow walk-half-jog to the south of
            Farseeker and then around to the west of him.  Thig
            circles around to the west of the wounded warrior
            near Ben'dar.  As the events occur to the left of
            Thig when Arawn is captured he tries to study the
            warrior with his senses.  Earlier in battle he didn't
            have much of a chance as it occurred all so fast.  As
            he fears he can't sense any mana presence from this
            warrior or his gear.  Nothing of magic.  The only
            magic is the pike and some gear Ben'dar has.  Thig wonders
            why he can't even feel a faint aura around these creatures.
            Even ants have some aura about them.  This disturbs
            Thig and gives his brain a headache thinking of the

            Ben'dar stops Tef'wo and folds his arms.  He glances to
            the female and speaks in Marentian.]

           Ben'dar: "Thig, take out that female with your magic."

           [The female hears Ben'dar speak and glances over.  She
            snarls and frowns her eyebrows though no one sees it.
            She shakes her head and tilts it for a split second then
            turns back to Arawn and tightens the grip.]

           [Thig now moving to the left hears Ben'dar and rolls
            his eyes.  Faerry are not warriors.  Faerry might be
            pranksters and can do some damage but to take out
            a being like these would take powerful magic.  If
            Bohusara couldn't do it then he certainly can't.]

           [As Thig moves slowly near Arawn, Farseeker looks to
            the forest for other enemy but sees nothing beyond
            about 20 feet in the dark forest.]

           [Arawn's cowl falls back onto his shoulders as his head
            is pulled back.  As he is forced to look up he sees
            the gray face and sunken eyes of the creature looking
            down at her.  But on top of her head Arawn notices
            a headdress of some sort.  It is tall and thick
            with wriggling snakes! There must be about 15 of
            them and only about 3-6 inches in height all moving
            back and forth hissing and sticking out tongues.  Some
            attempt to lunge down at Arawn's face but is clearly
            out of range as she is too far away at this point.  But
            Arawn knows it would only take a second to pull her
            head closer and have a snake strike.  But oddly he
            feels no fear from it.  Maybe it could be bravado or
            something else he is unsure.  With a gulp and the
            point of the dagger in his throat he tries to speak
            in the Sidh tongue.]

           Arawn: "Why did your men attack us?"

           [The female glances down and the snakes near the top
            of his face.  She snarls and stays quiet.  Then
            she looks around to the left and right of her
            glancing around nervously.  Arawn knows that a
            desperate female like the redhead witch once
            cornered can be fatally dangerous.  The dagger seems
            to break skin or so he thinks as she jerks back and
            still looks around.]

           [Arawn wonders what Thig has in mind.  But as Thig
            stands in a thick bush only 8 feet away from
            Arawn he studies the female and her strange snake
            headdress.  He could fire his crossbow but it would
            only sting her and he'd be dead. He could use a mind
            spell but it would only hurt and she could still
            stab his neck.  So he decides there is only one
            course of action.  Thig waves a hand and speaks
            quietly some words.]

           [Arawn prepares his next statement as he hears the
            bushes begin to rustle to his right.  He speaks
            again in the Sidh tongue.]

           Arawn: "If you wish us no harm then let me go and we will talk."

           [As he ends the words the female glances over to the right
            hearing the rustle.  Arawn also glances over and both
            suddenly see from the bush emerge a warrior like the
            wounded one Ben'dar is near.  This one is tall and
            towering with a staff weapon. He moves fast toward
            the two.  Arawn feels the dagger to his throat lessen
            ever so slightly.  The warrior comes up within 2 feet
            of Arawn.  Arawn starts to concentrate on allocating
            energy for magic.  But as he does the female barks
            some words and let's go of Arawn. She pushes Arawn
            toward the warrior.  Arawn grabs for his sword but the
            warrior grabs his arm.  As the female backs away the
            warrior pushes arawn a foot away and brings up his
            staff in both hands to strike Arawn.]

           [Farseeker sees the new warrior about to attack and
            slaps the rope to charge the horse.  As this happens
            the wounded warrior gives a battle cry and charges
            toward Ben'dar and Tef'wo.  With the odds now 3 to
            3 the enemy seems confident.]

           [As Arawn stands and tries to yank his foot away from
            the jelly like goo he sees the warrior swing his staff
            and ducks.  But at the last second the warrior shifts
            his foot and swings the other direction and hits the
            female in the shoulder knocking her a foot to the side!]

          GM: Will go into phasal combat on Friday's update.  

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday... 

          GM: Chion/Z'leyra                   - East, Ball/Staff Patch
            , Trembyl/Strie'bog               - West, Storage structure
              Arawn, Thig, Ben'dar, Farseeker - West, Deep forest
              Corona                          - Sky, over lake
              Xian, 4 Vassa, Unali            - Clearing
              Bohusara                        - East, Unknown

          GM: Arawn - Don't forget still wounded and stuck in
                      right foot. Limits your movements restricted
                      to arm reach with weapons.  But female
                      is still in range for now.

          GM: For those in combat do you guys need a map?

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