[pnpgm] Game update #72 - File #291 - A Forest Chase

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Realizing too late that he may have been better off asking for specific directions to the mysterious 'product' Arawn simply sighs as he accepts that he will have to choose his words carefully when questioning the dead in the future. Oh well, he thought, once the immediate threat to the forest is resolved I can always return to question the dead when time is not so pressing and at least I know whom to focus on then. I'll just have to make sure my questions are better thought out then as their answers are as elusive as their souls.
   Deciding to clean things up for now he moved the bodies to a safe spot until such time as he could return. As he did so he pondered over his recent act. He had never called upon the dead before nor spoken with one, though he had heard stories of such from his mother and grandfather. He sometimes wondered if they had cast such magics themselves, though they had never openly admitted to such and most likely would have kept it hidden from others if they did. Still, the rush was exciting and he knew that not all would understand such magics but he had always felt, very strongly, that magic was, at its most primal, unaligned and something older than even the Sidh themselves. Luckily he was wise enough to know that though he may push safe boundaries and research deep into ancient lore he knew enough not to push too far too quickly.
   In those few precious seconds as Arawn found himself stuck fast to the strange substance on the forest floor the stranger landed on the ground behind him. Quickly realizing the danger he began to call upon the mystical power that was his birthright, the energy quickly welling up inside of him, as he prepared to to teleport himself away from his sticky predicament. Alas, it was not quick enough apparently as the strange figure slipped in behind him, pressing the point of a dagger against Arawn's throat. As the bony point pressed into his skin the creature barked out in it's strange language and Arawn could not help but roll his eyes. Beneath his head wrap his face lips pursed and his face contorted into what would have appeared to be a look of extreme annoyance, his rolling eyes the only indicator  of this to those who unable to see what was happening underneath the light grey cloth. His eyes continued this look for a moment or two before once again
 taking in the scene for tactical purposes. Once this was done the same look once again crossed his face, though to a lesser degree. 
   His captor's apparent command did not go unnoticed as Ben'dar made his attempt to stall the creature. Arawn was unsure if Thig or the others would be able to get him out of this situation but he could see potential possibilities to take advantage of the situation, depending on the decisions made by both parties. Still, he decided it might be best to prepare something considering the current situation.

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