[pnpgm] Game Update #71 - File #289 - A voice in the wilderness

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 21 08:39:30 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar approaches Bohusara.  Feeling a little unsure around
          the strange winged woman, he says hesitantly, "Thank you for
          saving Tef'wo and for healing me.  We are both in your debt."

          He picks up his gore-covered pike and scowls briefly upon seeing
          that it was damaged during the brutal fight.  Then he smiles as
          he remembers how it got damaged...  He makes a mental note to
          try to find someone who can repair it once this is all over.

          Yes, Ben'Dar will lead the chase on those who escaped.  He has
          a score to settle with the one who nearly killed Tef'wo.  When
          they locate the fleeing enemy, Ben'Dar shouts grimly, motioning
          toward the one who hurt Tef'wo earlier, "That one is mine!"
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion states, "It is interesting to me that they flee somewhere.
          If it is at all possible to follow them then perhaps we should.
          I do not suggest we chase them down and kill them. They must be
          running somewhere, and that is what we need to find out. If they
          are getting reinforcements, we can also scout that number instead
          of engaging them. Then we can repay the ambush. For now some of
          us need to concentrate on figuring out this lake situation."
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra will take a moment to inspect one of the enemy corpses.
          Thinking it possible that they might be Creations she will cast
          Orient Self EL0, Purification EL1 and then cast Perception EL1
          through her staff on the corpse.

          Z'leyra will mention to Arawn that while she appreciates the
          offer to resurrect the eagle she would not presume to alter the
          eagle spirit's journey without its permission.

          For Z'leyra healing takes priority over chasing so she will
          continue patching folks up. She will offer to cast an EL2 Speed
          spell on whoever is going off to chase the bad guys.
        GM: Ack. As to speed Farseeker doesn't want it and Ben'dar
            would've needed to know before tonight's update.  Beside
            we are talking horse vs foot.  Not a big deal.


        From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
          Arawn will try one last Dark Knowledge spell at EL1 on the Katai
          officer. Fingers crossed I'll get something useful:-P If he
          succeeds he will as the following-

          "Tell me, giving exacting details and to the best of your
           knowledge, what Chu Yu's plan of action is involving the
           Pavassa forest and surrounding regions?" - Second question
           depends on answers to first so this will have to wait.

          As for Z'leyra, Arawn will nod in acknowledgement and say,
          "That is for the best. All life is precious but unless there
           is great need and the spirit is willing there is little good
           to be done by pulling one away from the normal cycle of
           rebirth. For now the eagle spirit is at peace."


          Back at Lake Oca Arawn will quickly search #17's body and then
          return to the group, assuming some item of interest or danger
          does not draw his attention prior. Upon arriving at the clearing
          he will offer to assist in tracking the enemy. If he feels he is
          taking too long to reach the clearing then he will call to his
          horse in the Horse-Tongue to meet him and so speed his return.
          If he is still too late then he will stay with the others and do
          what he can to investigate the nearby woods and Lake Oca.

          Also, did anyone mind if Arawn wields the extra wand (MEL 10/EL
          4) in the treasure horde for now? I'm assuming that I don't have
          real access to treasure on that list until I hear a unanimous OK
          from the group so I'm willing to say he's just borrowing it for
          now until this mission is over.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Eastern Edge/On Plains/Cabin]
          [Time    - 10:45am]

          [Five or so hours before the combat at Lake Oca - ]

            [Frustrated by the results of the Dark Knowledge spell
             Arawn prepares for another.  He warns the others of the
             spell and casts it. A few seconds later the spirit of
             the man drifts around Arawn   It says nothing and looks
             more angry than last time it was summoned again.  It
             is clear to those who watch if it could it would attack
             Arawn and any others given a chance.]

            Arawn to Spirit: "Tell me, giving exacting details and to
              the best of your knowledge, what Chu Yu's plan of action
              is involving the Pavassa forest and surrounding regions?"

            Spirit: "Control.  Power.  Domination.  Wealth.  Exact
              details are elusive to me.  I know only hints of the
              true plan."

            [The spirit drifts and finishes waiting for the magic
             to end but Arawn has one more question.]

            GM: Second question to be given later.  Arawn keep in
                mind if it spoils future events like the lake the
                answer will be invalid.  That's why it would have
                to be done BEFORE the lake event.

            Thig: "I suspect the spirit is low on the chain of
              command.  I suspect a true power player would make
              his plans not well known to even those who he
              trusts the most."

            [Arawn considers the second question and sighs in frustration.
             These answers aren't helpful but they seem truthful.  This
             spirit must now know all of the plans.  He is simply a Humagi
             hireling on what could likely be a international plot in
             a larger plan.]


            [Arawn mentions to Z'leyra about saving the dead Eagle
             later that morning before the party leaves for the lake.
             Z'leyra considers the offer a honorable one and in
             most cases would love to.  But the eagle did die
             a heroic death.  She believes even Eagles have some
             god that honors such heroes.]

            Z'leyra: "That is for the best. All life is precious but
              unless there is great need and the spirit is willing there
              is little good to be done by pulling one away from the
              normal cycle of rebirth. For now the eagle spirit is at


          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Lake Oca/Deep Forest]
          [Time    -  4:01pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 61 Degrees]

          [The temperature drops a degree as Ben'dar stands and
           stretches once free from his paralysis.  He flexes his
           arms and fingers.  He approaches Bohusara who is talking
           to the Vassa who have entered the clearing.  She turns
           to listen to Ben'dar in her Faerry like innocence.
           Ben'dar shifts from foot to foot clearly unsure of himself
           against this powerful creature, no person.  She nods and
           smiles a slight smile that reminds Ben'dar of his own
           mother.  It seems all "mothers" have that look.  Ben'dar
           suddenly feels homesick.  Even with her Faerry looking
           smallish face she looks so familiar as a "mother".  He
           glances to Strie'bog and knows now Strie'bog must be lucky
           to have her. He turns around and speaks.]

          Ben'dar: "Thank you for saving Tef'wo and for healing me.  We
            are both in your debt."

          Bohusara: "I did nothing." [She spreads her arms to both
            sides of the forest as a wind blows past blowing Ben'dar's
            thick head hair like mane sideways.  In her melodic voice
            that seems magically to be understood by all when she
            is in the forest she continues.] "I am only the servant
            the conduit to Cernunnos the Lord of Nature.  I am
            only in service to Life and the God of the True Forest.
            Your horse was willing to sacrifice itself to save you.
            I could feel its life ebbing.  It would not have been
            right to let him die.  He," [She glances over the
            shoulder at Tef'wo eating some grass] "has his own
            destiny." [She looks back at Ben'dar] "As do you.  As
            do your friends here and not here.  You were in no
            danger of dying being a strong warrior.  I've heard
            stories of Zen'da greatness.  We rarely get such
            Zen'da visitors here.  Maybe once every five years we
            might find one Zen'da who visits.  The Humagi do not
            enjoy their presence.  As to a debt I do not collect.
            The Wheel of Life brings gain and losses to a balance
            in life and death.  Keep your gain for you may need
            it when your at a great loss."

          [Ben'dar nods and turns away appreciative but confused
           by the strange woman and her words.  Loss and Gain?
           Sounds like some merchant talk.  As the others realize
           the fleeing people are getting away he rushes over to
           his damaged pike that Thig dropped back.  He finds
           a few nicks in it after he wipes the black thick blood
           on the ground.  He didn't think magical weapons could
           be damaged so easily.  These Warriors must be skilled
           to do that or they must have strong bodies or armor.
           He twirls and balances it and then smiles as he recalls
           how it got damaged.  He took down two, almost three.
           Didn't Farseeker say he only took down two? Hah!  No
           he said he took on three.  So he has one more to go.
           He might ask the others to repair the weapon later on
           if it doesn't break in the next few hours.]

          [Ben'dar goes to Tef'wo and checks him out.  he
           pats the horse and Tef'wo nudges his head up against
           Ben'dar in return.  Ben'dar mounts up and then finally
           gets a look at the scene about him.  There must be
           15 bodies of those warriors around.  No dead horses.
           No dead party members.  That's good.  But where is
           Arawn at?]

          Chion: "It is interesting to me that they flee somewhere. If
            it is at all possible to follow them then perhaps we should.
            I do not suggest we chase them down and kill them. They must
            be running somewhere, and that is what we need to find out.
            If they are getting reinforcements, we can also scout that
            number instead of engaging them. Then we can repay the
            ambush. For now some of us need to concentrate on figuring
            out this lake situation."

          [Ben'dar grunts.  Not kill them.  Unlikely for that one
           warrior.  If there are more maybe then.  Killing a Zen'da
           Warrior's horse is taboo and if that is broken its worse,
           well almost as worse, as killing a family member.  It
           just is NOT done.  At least on the plains.  You capture
           mounts certainly but not kill them.]

          Thig: "If they were summoned they would not flee.  They
            would likely stay or turn against their controller.
            If they flee they have free will or at least broken
            that control.  I suspect we are dealing with simple
            creatures with a need for self preservation."

          Xian: "Chion is right the more we waste on this lake thing
            the harder it might be to stop it."

          Farseeker: "Well me and Ben'dar will ride after them."

          Thig: "I will go as well."

          Trembyl: "We could use you to fly around the lake faster
            than a horse could go around it."

          Thig: "Others can do that like Bohusara or Corona.  I
            can send back word by my telepathy for up to eight
            miles.  If theres a problem Chion and bring reinforcements
            but I suspect there won't be any.  Not with these two
            crazy fighters with me." [He grins.]

          [Z'leyra has patched up Unali enough to stop bleeding
           and given some pain relief but is not hearing the
           conversation on the fleeing warriors.  She is torn
           between staying here in the clearing or going after
           them.  But her duties seems to be dictating that
           answer.  As she hears Ben'dar and Farseeker plan their
           chase behind her Bohusara and Unali talk quietly.  Z'leyra
           forgets how hurt Unali is for a few moments.]

          [Unali tries to sit but finds the pain too much and her
           wounds too devastating.  Z'leyra's initial inspection
           found she, Unali, should be unconscious.  But it seems
           the magic of the scabbard has kept her from that threshold.
           Another benefit of the magical dagger seems to have saved
           her from a fate she didn't want.  She turns her head
           and calls for Bohusara who is nearby whispering to
           Strie'bog.  Bohusara walks over and smiles.  There is
           that odd smile she saw hours ago.  It reminds her of

          Unali: "Thank you for saving my life. I am in your debt. I
            hope I can repay you or your son someday. May the sun cast
            deep shadows in the Forest."

          [Bohusara leans down and whispers into Unali's ears for
           about a minute.  No one else hears.  She then pulls
           back and nods.]

          Unali: "As said I am in your debt already, but if you might,
            would you heal me so I could get up? I don't think I can
            stand in the shape I am in now and live."

          Bohusara: "Certainly.  I am no Healer like Z'leyra.  But
            she did say you could stand a few more magical healings.
            That is good enough for me.  I will get you to the point
            to stand up for now.  If you want more we can discuss
            that after we plan our next move.  Ready?"

          [She places both hands on Unali.  One on her forehead
           and one on her stomach which is slightly painful to the
           touch but Unali stands the pain.  She casts the spell
           and speaks the magical words.  Blue and Green energy
           flows from her arms into Unali and wounds begin to
           immediately heal on her ribs and chest.  Unali winces at
           the pain of mending bone but is relieved to be alive.
           Unali sits up and feels dizzy but can sit up.  Bohusara
           calls for Trembyl and both help her up to her feet.]

          [Meanwhile Arawn searches the body of #17.  He finds
           only the bone dagger, leathers and the empty pouch.
           He looks around and finds the thrown bug bullet objects.
           All seem to be crushed.  The staff and nothing else.
           He stands when he hears the horses and heads toward
           the clearing.  He enters back into the clearing as
           Ben'dar mounts Tef'wo for the chase.  He sees Unali
           being walked to her horse and smiles at seeing her
           in good shape or relative good shape.  She seems till
           wounded but much better.]

          [Unali stops Trembyl and looks at Arawn to draw him near.
           She recalls the scroll found earlier today and speaks
           loud enough so all can hear her.]

          Unali:  "It seems these warriors are sent from my homelands.
            Not that I have seen such monsters before, but that would
            be all the more reason to track down their origin and whoever
            may control them. Whoever that is, his intent cannot be pure.
            But I don't think that haste will aid us. I suggest we go
            home, to Maren, whatever kind of home that is for us, and
            rest and prepare for a long journey east first."

          Trembyl: "Yes.  Winter is here and traveling in this season
            is very bad.  We best wait for spring.  But we should
            solve this lake thing first."

          [The last few steps Unali gains control and walks to her
           horse with little aid as her energy builds back up
           from the healing.  She walks to her horse and grabs
           her bag and a blanket.  She sits down onto the ground
           and wraps the blanket around herself and the bag.

          Farseeker: "Want to join us in the chase Unali?"

          Unali: "You go without me and let me rest for a while. I
            should be gone except for your kindness and Z'leyra's gift.
            That dagger is a true life saver. I must say."

          [Hearing of the fleeing warrior Arawn mounts up on his
           horse and offers to help track.  A Elf on a horse is
           not as invisible as on foot but its much faster in

          Farseeker: "We shall return soon!"

          [With that Ben'dar, Farseeker, Ben'dar gallop off to
           the north-west with Thig flying behind.]

          Xian: "Four against one almost seems unfair."

          Trembyl: "If there is only one that fled."

          [Chion examines one of the Staff weapons closely but
           stays far enough so it doesn't lunge at him.  If
           they are still alive.  he is curious by the nature
           of the weapon.  A living creature it seems or maybe
           some Creation?  the staff on some seem to be wrapped
           around the arm of the warriors.  Some in full length
           must be 9 feet tall.  That would mean the staff has
           a flexible ability to shift in various modes.]

          [Xian looks at the lake and studies the problem.
           He tries to figure out what could be the problem
           as others examine the bodies and clean up.]

          [Strie'bog continues to sit and stare at the warriors
           in almost shock.  Bohusara whispers to him to try
           to get him to talk but sits quietly by his side
           waiting for some reaction.  The Vassa look at the
           lake and bodies in confusion as Bohusara explains
           what has happened.  The Vassa are unsure why the lake
           is now brown when just days ago it was a blue green
           and healthy looking.]

          [Chion picks up one of the bone daggers and weighs it.
           Compared to his sai it is very heavy maybe twice as
           heavy.  The sheer weight and odd nature of the bone
           like dagger indicates it must be for fighting rather
           than throwing.]

          [Trembyl takes his dagger and tears at one of the warrior's
           clothing.  The heavy leather takes both hands in
           force to cut through.  One indication likely why the
           weapons of the party are now damaged.  When he reveals
           the chest area though he draws back and calls the others.
           Under the thick leather tunic is some form of odd looking
           armor.  Down the center of the ribcage area in the center
           of the chest is a fist width structure going from the
           top of the chest below the wind pipe area on a human
           to below the stomach and just above the waist.  The
           structure is a dark brown and black.  At the top are
           two what look to be antennae?!  To the side of the
           structure are long thick tubes or appendages going out
           and across the sides of the ribs.  There seems to be
           about 12 arms on each side and covers the bulk of the
           chest with webbed like padding between.  The appendages
           seem to go around the body to the back of the body as
           well making back armor it seems and looks to be tight
           wearing.  Those around are unsure if it can be taken
           off or if its part of the creature's own body.]

          Xian: "It looks like a crab!  The center part and arms
             and two eyes.  Why would crabs be used as armor?"

          Trembyl: "Look here."

          [Trembyl kneels and points to a section on the left and
            pulls back the leather to reveal a hole.  Likely from
            a weapon.  There is black blood on the leather which
            indicates a wound.  But on the 'arm' of the crab like
            armor a section about the size of a silver dollar shows.
            But here instead of a hole in the 'arm' is a tan like
            surface lighter than the black and brown of the armor.]

          Trembyl: "It looks like this wound on the armor regenerated.
             Maybe sealed itself?  Maybe that's why our weapons
             got damaged.  This armor looks very strong."

          Xian: "Yes.  A single stone for a house can be broken but
            a lattice work of stones can add reinforcement and
            make it virtually indestructible."

          [Trembyl takes his dagger and tries to cut a part of the
           appendage arm off but it is very resistant.  The
           'eyes' seem to move a split second but stop.  Maybe
           only in the jerking of the body.  Finally a portion
           is cut off and Trembyl tries to stab at it and see what
           force it takes to penetrate a hole.  With one hand
           the dagger does nothing but scratches.  But with both
           arms and a full down swing a hole is finally made.]

          Trembyl: "I'd say its tougher than plate armor!"

          [Z'leyra walks away and goes to another corpse curious by
           the whole scene.  She kneels and begins to tap her drum.
           She calls Xian over to recall what her spell will tell
           her.  She purifies the ground and finally casts her
           Perception spell.]

          [Meanwhile deep in the forest Ben'dar leads the small
           group to where he was attacked.  It is easy to pick
           up on a trail as black blood is found in places going
           north west.  If only Boyzdar was not hurt he could
           track faster.  But he is.  Black blood on the green
           grass should be easy to track.  They ride north-west
           following the trail.  They stop to examine tracks of
           boots.  Farseeker comments there are only two set
           of them.  Likely the wounded warrior and another one.]

          [Back in the camp Z'leyra enters her spell.  She
           suddenly speaks in a strange tongue.  Xian is confused
           by the tongue and doesn't understand it.  But something
           odd happens.  As she speaks everyone.  Everyone in the
           camp hears her even those a hundred feet away.  Suddenly
           birds in large groups are fleeing trees all around the
           lake startled by the strange voice.  All animals in the
           forest also move about confused by the direction of the
           voice.  Ben'dar and the others suddenly stop as they
           hear the voice of Z'leyra speak in a strange tongue
           and they are a good mile away.  Further distant into
           the forest two beings stop and turn and look at each
           other confused as to where the voice is coming from.
           Five miles away to the south west in the Vassa village
           the Vassa visitors to the camp came from all those
           in that village hear the voice.  Z'leyra's words seem
           to echo for miles in fact 9 miles in every direction
           scaring people and animals.]

          [Bohusara startled and overwhelmed by the sensation and
           the confusion of the forest stands up and looks at
           Z'leyra.  She places her hands on her ears.]

          Bohusara: "What have you done?"

          [Z'leyra looks around seeing birds in massive flocks startled
           and everyone looking at her.  Confused.  Xian leans over
           and places his hand on her mouth.]

          Xian: "Don't speak.  Something odd just happened with that
            spell.  I think it failed.  Badly."

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday...

          Arawn - Don't forget your still wounded.  Also down
                  a lot of mana.

          Unali - Healed 36%.

          To ALL: Arawn claims the Wand.  I will add it to his
            sheet as owned.  Since I had asked for any NO votes
            on him having treasure and that was weeks ago I
            figure no one minds.  So he gets a fair share of
            the treasure for the adventure.  Which is fine by me.

          GM: Player / Companion Status

                  Player       HPV Status        Healings Today
                  Arawn          60% [Moderate]         1
                  Strie'bog      15% [Heavy]            1
                  Unali          43% [Moderate]         2  
                  Boyzdar        66% [Moderate]         1

          GM: Enough of a update for now. Will continue chase
              Friday.  Since no one else said they would join
              its just the four.  May be a small update for
              Friday.  Don't know yet.  

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