[pnpgm] Game update #70 - File #284 - Enemy are examined

john haight lithalis at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 21 02:35:53 CEST 2007

Arawn will try one last Dark Knowledge spell at EL1 on the Katai officer. Fingers crossed I'll get something useful:-P If he succeeds he will as the following-
- "Tell me, giving exacting details and to the best of your knowledge, what Chu Yu's plan of action is involving the Pavassa forest and surrounding regions?"
- Second question depends on answers to first so this will have to wait.
   As for Z'leyra, Arawn will nod in acknowledgement and say, "That is for the best. All life is precious but unless there is great need and the spirit is willing there is little good to be done by pulling one away from the normal cycle of rebirth. For now the eagle spirit is at peace."
   Back at Lake Oca Arawn will quickly search #17's body and then return to the group, assuming some item of interest or danger does not draw his attention prior. Upon arriving at the clearing he will offer to assist in tracking the enemy. If he feels he is taking too long to reach the clearing then he will call to his horse in the Horse-Tongue to meet him and so speed his return. If he is still too late then he will stay with the others and do what he can to investigate the nearby woods and Lake Oca.
   Also, did anyone mind if Arawn wields the extra wand (MEL 10/EL 4) in the treasure horde for now? I'm assuming that I don't have real access to treasure on that list until I hear a unanimous OK from the group so I'm willing to say he's just borrowing it for now until this mission is over.

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