[pnpgm] Game update #69 - File #281 - Lake Oca Combat ends

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Tue Aug 14 07:55:09 CEST 2007

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R1 John Haight...........Arawn.............Druid  .Normal/Alfar  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar roars in anger as he crashes to the ground.  As he
          struggles to his feet, pulling against the whip to keep it
          taut, he barks out the command to Tef'wo to "attack".  Then
          Ben'Dar swings his pike around and sticks the pointy end
          through the bad guy's head.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Decalis 16th, 107th day since left Marentia, 42nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Location: Pavassa Forest - Eastern Edge/On Plains]
          [Time    -  3:56pm]
          [Weather -  Overcast, 62 Degrees]

          [Turn 3: Phase 1]

             [Mana Allocation - None]
             [Missile Fire    - None]
             [Magic Effect    - None]

             [Melee & Movement-]

                [Corona sees Ben'dar fall to the ground and dives through
                 the tight tree canopy toward the warrior.  He Squawks
                 a slight bit as he tries to dodge tree limbs and thick
                 plant growth on the way down.]

                [Tef'wo now with no person on his back rears up on his
                 rear legs and kicks out at the warrior nearby. One
                 horse leg hits the humanoid in the chest but doesn't
                 seem to phase him in his tough armor.  The other
                 left leg hits him in the left shoulder cracking
                 some of the shoulder bones doing 7 points of damage.
                 The humanoid staggers and looses his grip on the
                 whip ever so slightly.]

                [Suddenly the whip end stands on end and unfolds to
                 form a snake head.  It rears back and Ben'dar's
                 eyes widen in startled surprise.  Now laying on his
                 back Ben'dar brings down his pike just in time to
                 avoid the lunge of the snake head as it hisses and
                 spits venom.  Ben'dar twists his head just in time
                 to avoid being spit on.  Ben'dar is confused by
                 a whip that can attack on its own.  What sort of
                 vile magic is afoot here!]

                [Warrior #2 releases his grip on the whip and
                 pulls his long dagger from his belt.  He lunges
                 at the horse still on its hind legs and swipes
                 the long dagger blade at its hooves.   Ben'dar
                 sees this at the side of his vision.  He has never
                 seen a man go up against a standing horse.  Either
                 he is insane or utterly brave!  The dagger slices
                 the right front leg and red blood spills as Ben'dar
                 guesses that must be a massive hit.]

          [Turn 3: Phase 2]

             [Mana Allocation - None]
             [Missile Fire    - None]
             [Magic Effect    - None]

             [Melee & Movement-]

                [Corona finally breaks from the limbs and dives for
                 the warrior but misses by a few inches.  He takes
                 back to the air in a graceful arc.]

                [Tef'wo again tries to kick the man with booth legs.
                 Clearly dazed by the blow he seems unsure in his
                 kicks.  But both hit home on the man.  But both
                 seem to not phase the man at all.

                [The snake head starts to slither around the pike
                 toward Ben'dar's body.  Ben'dar uses the pike
                 to force it away but suddenly realizes the snake
                 is just more agile.  The snake lunges and bites
                 down onto Ben'dar's neck just above his armor.
                 The bite is piercing and does 5 points of immediate
                 physical damage.  Suddenly Ben'dar feels warm
                 sensation flowing through his neck.  Venom?  Not

                [Ben'dar tries to push the snake away but finds
                 his arms start to wobble and go mushy.  Suddenly
                 he finds the pike unusually heavy.  His arms fall
                 to the ground and the snake ontop of his chest.
                 Ben'dar then realizes he can't move.  Can't even
                 scream.  To be alone.  What of the others?  He
                 almost died this very morning.  Could this be the
                 real thing.  Twice in one day.  What a period of
                 bad luck!  The warrior is still alive.  Guess that
                 means it could be time to die.  Maybe Z'leyra could
                 save him.  Maybe Cetric could resurrect him?....
                 Suddenly Ben'dar's eyes roll up and he only sees
                 trees and a flying Corona...]

          [Turn 3: Phase 3]

             [Mana Allocation - None]
             [Missile Fire    - None]
             [Magic Effect    - None]

             [Melee & Movement-]
                [Corona turns and dives again straight for Ben'dar.
                 Ben'dar's mind races as he sees the eagle come
                 straight down for him.  If he uses those fire
                 eyes of his Ben'dar could die.  Closer and closer
                 the bird dives.  Suddenly he lunges his claws out
                 and tries to grab the snake but the snake hisses
                 and weaves away.  Corona takes back to the air.]

                [Tef'wo continues to thrash the warrior and only one
                 left leg hits but does nothing to the warrior.  The
                 wounded leg fails to hit.]

                [The Warrior slices again with his dagger and growls
                 as he hits Tef'wo again in the already wounded
                 leg for more damage as tendons are cut.  Tef'wo
                 neighs in pain.]

          [Turn 3: Phase 4]

             [Mana Allocation - None]
             [Missile Fire    - None]
             [Magic Effect    - None]

             [Melee & Movement-]
                [Corona dives again and with claws outstretched he
                 clamps down this time on the snake and with large
                 effort flaps his wings to gain height.  Corona
                 is lucky to grab near the head and flies up.
                 He flies about 5 feet tot he right of Ben'dar and
                 releases the snake/spear/whip thing.  It falls tot
                 he forest and disappears into the bushes.]

                [Tef'wo again rears up and kicks outward.  But
                 this time his wounded right leg does not kick
                 out.  His left leg does kick and a bit of black
                 blood is seen in the chest where he hits.  But
                 the humanoid still stands.]

                [The warrior slices him hitting the left
                 leg and draws more blood for the horse.]

          [Turn 4: Phase 1]

             [Mana Allocation - None]
             [Missile Fire    - None]
             [Magic Effect    - None]
             [Melee & Movement-]
                [Corona dives toward the warrior but fails to hit
                 as the humanoid dodges just in time.]

                [Tef'wo staggers back.  As he puts pressure on
                 his right leg tissue peels off.  Blood begins
                 to pour.  Weakened he tries to rear one last time
                 but suddenly loses his balance and falls to the
                 left side.]

                [The warrior growls and scowls.  He walks calmly over
                 to Ben'dar and looks down.  Ben'dar can see the
                 warrior with his long red dagger.  Ben'dar screams
                 inside his paralyzed head.  If Tef'wo is dead!
                 The man speaks something Ben'dar doesn't understand.
                 He then raises his dagger for a killing strike.
                 But suddenly the man jerks his head to the south
                 and looks.  Then Ben'dar hears movement to the north.
                 The Warrior jerks his head north and grunts as
                 some words are heard to the north.  The man growls
                 and grunts and then runs north.  Ben'dar confused
                 is not sure what just happened but he hears
                 footsteps into the forest.  Ben'dar tries to
                 struggle and scream and move his head or eyes to
                 get a look at Tef'wo but is paralyzed...]


           GM: Combat is over for now.  Is Ben'dar alive?  Is
               Tef'wo alive?  Stay tuned! :)

           GM: At the end of the above phase Arawn and Xian are
               now visible.  Their duration decreased by attacks
               on folks.  

           GM: Experience as of Now.

                 Player    CEP    MEP   Expertise   Skill       Notes
               Arawn        -      4        4     Invisibility On himself
               Arawn       159     -       18     Sword        #17, #19
       *       Ben'dar     243     -       24     Pike         #!, #2, #3
               Chion       147     -       38     Sai          #5, 11,12,13
               Chion        -      -        6     Throwing Sai #20
               Farseeker   126     -       24     Great Sword  #9, #10, #19
               Farseeker    57     -        6     Hand-to-hand #9
               Strie'bog   102     -       18     Axe          #7, #13, #15
               Thig        105     -       12     Rep. Cr-Bow  #16, #8
               Trembyl     240     -       30     Scimitar     #4, #5,14,18
               Unali        57     -        6     Dagger       #8
               Xian        222     -       38     War Staff    #6,#11,12,18
               Xian          -     8        8     Invisibility On himself
               Z'leyra       -     2        2     Orient Self  On Herself
               Z'leyra       -    10        4     Invisiblity  On Herself
               Z'leyra      57     -       12     Sword        #13
               Z'leyra       -     -        1     Oblivion [F] On Strie'bog

               Note: Chion - Got CEP for the Throw but forgot to separate
                     the figure.  The CEP is a total plus the Throw. 

           GM: Congratulations!

               Arawn   - +2 CEL, +2 OCV/DCV, +2 EL in Sword, 
               Trembyl - +1 CEL, +1 OCV/DCV
               Unali   - +1 CEL, +1 OCV/DCV
               Xian    - +1 CEL, +1 OCV/DCV
               Z'leyra - +1 EL Heavy Sword

               Combat MVP - Trembyl! Took on 4 targets by himself
                 and virtually killed all 4 without taking much
                 damage himself.  Aside help by Xian on one target.

           GM: Ammo Use

                  Player         Ammo Use
                  Thig         -2 Darts [others retrieved]

           GM: Item Damage

                  Player         Item Damage
                  Ben'dar        -3 FV to Magical Pike
                  Trembyl        -1 FV to Magical Scimitar
                  Trembyl        -1 AV to Leather Armor [Destroyed]
                  Xian           -2 FV to War Staff
                  Farseeker      -2 FV to Great Sword
                  Unali          -1 FV to Magical Dagger
                  Chion          -2 FV to Sai [Sai Broken]
                  Chion          -1 FV to Sai [Spare]
                  Arawn          -1 FV to Magical Sword
                  GM: As you can see much item damage.  Some of this
                      was a by-product of Bohusara's spell the other
                      is the enemy's hard armor.

           GM: Player / Companion Status

                  Player       HPV Status        Healings Today
                  Arawn          60% [Moderate]         1
                  Ben'dar        50% [Moderate]         3  [Paralyzed]
                  Chion         100% [Normal]           1
                  Farseeker      67% [Moderate]         1
                  Thig           73% [Light]            1
                  Strie'bog      15% [Heavy]            1
                  Trembyl        70% [Moderate]         1
                  Unali      **   7% [Critical]         1  [Paralyzed]
                  Xian          100% [Normal]           1
                  Z'leyra       100% [Normal]           1
                  Corona        100% [Normal]           1
                  Boyzdar        66% [Moderate]         1
                  Tef'wo     **   3% [Critical]         1
                  Bohusara      100% [Normal]           - 

           GM: Total Combat time: 13 Phases - 39 seconds

           GM: Mana Status

                  Player        Mana Status of Full
                  Arawn                56%
                  Xian                 77%
                  Chion               100%
                  Trembyl             100%
                  Strie'bog            37%
                  Thig                 83%
                  Z'leyra              85%


           GM: Back to the game...

           [As with most combat encounters the party has well experienced
            over the years the precious few seconds after an encounter
            is hectic and full of chaos.  As order is curtailed by
            each person almost a routine task schedule is setup.  In
            most cases it works well.  It other encounters it does not.

            Adrenaline flows through each person for several minutes
            after the combat.  When it does stop flowing Unali and
            Strie'bog where they remain seem to suddenly feel exhausted
            from their wounds.  Z'leyra puts pressure on Strie'bog's
            shoulder wound and stops the bleeding.

            Chion looks to his broken sai on the ground.  It lasted
            him for some time.  Its only an object but it is sad
            to lose one as it's almost an extension of his own fingers.
            He eyes the battlefield and wonders about these creatures.
            These creatures that took three to four hits to kill.
            When most creatures encountered might only take a nick or
            one hit.  These were tough and strong.  Very unusual as well.

            Farseeker looks at his great sword smeared with black
            blood stains.  He scowls at the damage the sword has
            taken.  When he returns home he'll have to fix it.

            Strie'bog tries to make sense of the previous minute.
            All of a sudden they were here and then attacked.  By
            creatures from his dreams and nightmares.  He almost died
            this encounter.  At least mother is safe. But he glances
            over and sees the water creature slowly stomping like
            a walking bulk of a house toward them.  He tries to
            mutter a warning but his tongue is dry and weak.

            Unali lays and still continues to stare at the sky
            wondering where the others are and how she got in that
            place in the first place.  The dagger warned her of the
            flying things but didn't warn her of that poison attack.
            Guess the dagger isn't perfect.

            Xian glances at the water creature a few feet from

           Xian: "Ahh....Guys!  Look out!"

           [Bohusara lands near Strie'bog and looks up at the towering
            water creature.  She raises her hands and speaks in a
            strange tongue.  The water creature stops and its brown
            water swirls.  It then turns and walks toward the water.
            It enters about 4 feet into the water and with a explosion
            of water dissolves back into the water.  Some of the water
            lands on the ground, Strie'bog and Z'leyra.]

           [Thig flies forward and looks around.]

           Thig: "Where's Ben'dar?"

           [Farseker twirls around and looks around the battlefield
            and then the forest.  He suddenly realizes he is not
            here and recalls he went riding to the north west.  Farseeker
            mounts the nearest horse and with sword in hand gallops
            in that direction with Thig in behind.]

           [Arawn walks up to Trembyl and tells him he'll go scout into
            the forest.]

           Trembyl: "I suspect that'll be a waste of time." [He eyes

           [Xian gets to Unali and checks her out as modestly as he
            can.  He tells her she is alive and puts pressure on
            her wounds.  Xian yells to Z'leyra to have her checked
            out further.]

           [A few seconds later Farseeker and Thig find Ben'dar with
            the help of Corona.  Farseeker dismounts and sees the
            two warriors dead.  He shakes his head and checks out

           Farseeker: "Looks like you'll live.  You only took on two
             huh?  I took on three." [He smiles and winks and look
             at Thig who checks out the lying Tef'wo.]

           [Ben'dar paralyzed is glad to feel little pain.  He wants
            to scream about the fleeing humanoid and him taking
            on three, but can't.  He desperately wants to hear about
            Tef'wo who may have for the first true time saved his life.]

           [Thig checks the horse over and his legs where the wounds
            were done.  The horse barding didn't help much in that
            area.  The right leg is virtually shredded.  Most horses
            Thig knows would have to be put down in that situation.
            He looks up at Ben'dar and shakes his head.  He then
            checks the horse's neck for a pulse.]

           Thig: "He's alive but barely.  He'll need almost immediate
             healing to save him."

           [Ben'dar is relieved to hear this news and relaxes then
            mentally tenses as he tries to move his eyes in frantic
            notion to warn Farseeker about the fleeing humanoid.
            But Farseeker seems to not understand.]

           Thig: "Corona go get Bohusara if we are to save Tef'wo
             we need her now." [Thig then realizes he doesn't eve
             know if Corona understands him.  Corona perched on
             a tree seems to not notice the words then with some
             hesitation takes to the air and through the woods to the
             south.  Thig makes a mental note to see if Corona even
             understands anyone but Z'leyra.]

            Farseeker: "Looks like he is paralyzed.  Two puncture
              bites here.  Maybe one of those staff things bit him.
              The wounds are moderate but not fatal."

            [Meanwhile at the clearing at the same time four birds,
             two reds and 2 blues land on Bohusara's arms after she
             calls for them.  She speaks to them and casts a spell
             to communicate to them.  Trembyl and Chion watch in some
             awe as this is done.  But after seeing Z'leyra talk to
             Horses and Eagles, Strie'bog talk to Boyzdar and other
             odd things this isn't too shocking.  A few seconds later
             the birds all fly off in the four compass directions
             into the forest and over the lake.]

            Bohusara: "There is no need to check the forest.  When
              we were attacked I was being warned by the first bird
              of the creatures.  Unfournately the bird was too late
              to warn us to prepare faster.  I have asked the birds
              to spread the news of requests to check the forest
              around us for a few miles of any more creatures.  This
              will improve scouting within seconds without effort
              on our part.  I have also spread word to the trees
              themselves those who are aware and other forest creatures
              and Protectors.  We should be warned of any more
              creatures and attacks."

            [Corona lands and squawks at Bohusara.  Bohusara seems to
             understand or at least reason its intent.  Z'leyra is
             too busy checking Unali's wounds and triage on her to
             translate.  Both Corona and Bohusara take to the air
             and head north-west as she follows the eagle.]

            [Xian talks to the invisible Z'leyra and hopes she is
             standing where he is talking.  But when she replies
             find he is talking in the opposite direction.]

            Xian: "Do we know if the poison is fatal or just a paralytic?"

            [Bohusara lands and checks out Ben'dar quickly going
             over him.  She nods and then goes to the horse.  A
             creature she is more able to help then humans.  She
             is sad to see it hurt and though not skilled in great
             healing techniques without magic knows the horse could
             die within a few more seconds.  There is no time to
             get Z'leyra.  With the magic of the forest now taking
             hold her words seem to be translated to each person's
             native tongue.]

            Bohusara: "There's no time to get Z'leyra.  While it
              may be dangerous to heal him twice if we don't he
              could die.  He certainly won't be able to walk with
              these wounds.  Please back away some distance unless
              you want to be healed as well."

            [Farseeker and Thig decide to remain in place.  They
             know the risk but feel Bohusara is worth it.  Corona
             takes to the air and flies over the forest.]

            [Bohusara places both of her hands on the wounded front
             legs and casts the spell.  Ben'dar realizes that
             he didn't get much of a chance to be moved.  Maybe
             Farseker forgot or knows he's been healed 3 times already.
             Ben'dar silently hopes he lives through it.  The
             spell takes 2 minutes to completely cast and the
             healing mist falls to the ground.  All around dying
             leaves and bushes also heal amazingly.]

            [The mist hits Thig's abdomen and the wound completely
             heals in a few seconds.  Farseeker's multiple wounds
             also begin to heal and completely close up.]

            [Ben'dar can feel his wounds also heal up and close
             completely.  He tries to move but finds the poison
             is still in his system.  That has to be likely
             cured differently.  He desperately waits to hear
             about Tef'wo.  Ben'dar seems to stop breathing and
             then a minute later he hears Tef'wo neigh and with
             some effort and help by the others gets to his feet.
             Tef'wo snorts and then comes to look down at Ben'dar.
             It must be the stinging cold wind but a tear seems
             to fall from one eye as Ben'dar sees his horse above
             him.  All is well in the world again.  Tef'wo nods
             down at Ben'dar.  Then Ben'dar recalls the fleeing

           GM: Player / Companion Status

                  Player       HPV Status        Healings Today
                  Arawn          60% [Moderate]         1
                  Strie'bog      15% [Heavy]            1
                  Trembyl        70% [Moderate]         1
                  Unali      **   7% [Critical]         1  [Paralyzed]
                  Boyzdar        66% [Moderate]         1
                  Ben'dar       100% [Normal]           4  [Paralyzed]

           [Farseeker looks down at Ben'dar.]

           Farseeker: "He seems still paralyzed."

           Bohusara: "I do not have the ability to heal poisons.
             Maybe Z'leyra does.  I'll move him there."

           Farseeker: "Thanks for the healing."

           [Bohusara nods and then casts a Translocation spell on
            Ben'dar after explaining what she is about to do so
            he doesn't resist the spell.  Within a second Ben'dar
            finds him staring up to the open sky rather than the
            closed forest.  He growls mentally that he can't warn
            the others about the fleeing Humanoid.]

           [Arawn walks slowly through the forest in the west.
            He scans and looks for other humanoids but finds none.
            He spots no tracks other than the one that attacked
            him and those who fled into the clearing already.
            As he walks he still wonders if Bohusara set this up.
            She remains unhealed and Unali almost died.  It goes
            against everything he has been taught.  His parents
            divine themselves associate with strange beings.  Why
            can't he just trust Bohusara who by knowledge should
            be all nice.  But those witches may have placed some
            Geas or curse on her.]

           [Ben'dar does nothing but remains laying down and
            sees an occasional bird flying overhead.  He notices
            the cold air as his adrenaline wears off.  He finally
            gives up warning the others until he is cured from
            his paralysis.]

           [Chion plays back the battle in his head.  These creatures
            seemed to cast no magic.  All seemed to be able warriors.
            He is amazed to see that powerful magic surely Bohusara
            must've cast earlier seem to do nothing to that one
            warrior.  He wonders why.  He collects his staff after
            sheathing his sai and walks around and examines the
            dead and their strange gear.]

           [Farseeker and Bohusara ride back with Thig overhead.
            Farseeker circles the area looking at the bodies.
            He finally dismounts and takes his sword to the
            lake to clean it when he remembers the brown water and
            does not.  He wipes the black sticky blood off with
            sand.  He glances up and speaks.]

           Farseeker: "Black blood, not red.  Doesn't dragons have
             black blood? Strange weapons as well."

           Thig: "Strange thing is I sense no magic from them.
             Not from them or their odd equipment.  In fact
             its as if their life force is not detected as well."

           Xian: "Life force?"

           Thig: "All people even those who don't cast magic have
             some faint aura about them.  Sometimes some sidh
             can detect it some only mana.  I've learned to
             detect the life energy as well.  It may be my magic
             with telepathic powers.  My connections to minds.
             I haven't tried to detect or touch their minds but
             their life force I detect nothing."

           Xian: "Is that common?"

           Thig: "Strange but rare yes.  I don't recall ever
             encountering a being I couldn't detect something.
             Even plants I can sense a faint aura."

           Bohusara: "I agree.  I sense nothing as well."

           [Bohusara goes to Strie'bog.]

           Bohusara: "Son are you ok? I didn't mean to leave
             you but Tef'wo would've died.  The Healer was
             taking good care of you.  What's wrong?" [She
             looks into his shaken eyes.]

           Trembyl: "I want to find one of those flying things
             and look at it."

           [Z'leyra scurries from person to person and does
            basic triage and stops bleeding.  Then she will
            go to each person and apply further more in-depth

           Xian: "Z'leyra can you cure their poison paralysis?"

           Thig: "Didn't Arawn have that ability?  We need him."

           Trembyl: "He's wandering the forest..."

           Farseeker: "I guess he doesn't feel like part of a group
             yet.  It takes awhile."

           [Suddenly a bird lands on the shoulder of Bohusara
            and chirps at her.]

           Bohusara: "Riders to the south coming this way."

           [Farseeker grunts as he realizes the party is down
            three fighters, 2 paralyzes and one in the forest.]

           [Eyes draw to the forest and Arbalests are prepared
            and people ready for new battle.  But then folks
            realize that none of the warriors were on horses.
            About a minute later riders come fast into the
            clearing and stop short of the few feet from the
            tree line.  All are dressed in furs and leathers.
            All are definitely human.  There are four on horses.
            Each carries spears and two have swords sheathed.
            Two have bows on their back.  They see the party
            and stop short.  They see the sidh and one speaks
            outloud.  Bohusara translates then smiles and waves
            them forward.]

          Bohusara: "Vassa from a nearby village to the south
            west about three miles.  Their leader explains
            one group here for water found the lake in this
            condition yesterday and they have come to investigate
            it now.  Their local druid is away for the Solstice
            ceremony so it was up to them.  They did not realize
            we were here."

          [The vassa dismount and puts their spears on their horses
           and spy the battlefield and lake and wonder what is
           going on.]

          [inside the forest Arawn has missed any discussion above.
           He hears stomping like that of riders and wonders
           what is now going on....]

          Actions? Comments?

          Next update Friday..

          Arawn: Return to the clearing or continue and as per your
                 email do you continue in the forest?  What about
                 healing aside from basic first aid?  Will get
                 to other stuff in email later. 

          Strie'bog: Remember what I emailed you about.  If you
                 lost it let me know and can re-email you.

          Z'leyra - After doing basic Healer skill on the
              wounded and stopping bleeding you determine chances
              for magical healing as follows:

              Player       Death Chance    Current Healing Number
              Strie'bog        13%                 1
              Trembyl           0%                 1
              Unali             0%                 1
              Boyzdar          85%                 1
              Arawn           Unsure*              1

          GM: Can't check Arawn as he is away.  Its clear the
              Wolf could not live through a second healing today.
              But the others have a low chance.

          GM: So actions and comments -

              1. Poison/Paralysis - Cures for Ben'dar/Unali?
              2. Vassa?
              3. Dead and their gear?
              4. Wounded: Strie'bog and Unali do you want to
                 risk another healing?
              5. Original issue - brown lake!
              6. Role-playing
              7. Other stuff?

          GM: At this point we are virtually done with this adventure.
              Lots of minor stuff here and there.  I'll still be
              doing regular updates but they may be small or large
              depending on your reactions! :)

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