[pnpgm] avoiding paradox

Alex Koponen akoponen at mosquitonet.com
Wed Feb 22 23:13:14 CET 2006

Z'leyra drops the hawk, hoping that that will distract the birds, and 
peels away getting altitude and distance from the birds so that she will 
not be targetted by them when her invisibility wears off. She will then 
fly over to Ben'Dar and guide him to where her clothes and staff are. 
She will then land, clothe and arm herself.

Though she desperately wants to go heal the eagle she realizes that the 
eagle's best hope is for her to wait until morning (when she would no 
longer be exceeding her casting ability) and then cast a time travel 
spell. To avoid paradox she and Ben'Dar will have to avoid the spot 
where the eagle fell, preferably even avoid looking in that direction.

She and Ben'Dar can spend some of the time patching and interrogating 
his prisoner. 

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