[pnpgm] dealing with hawk and rider

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Ben'Dar also calls out (in Zen'Dan), "You there!  Wait!"  He kicks Tef'wo
into a gallop in the direction of the remaining rider.

On 2/10/06, Alex Koponen <akoponen at mosquitonet.com> wrote:
> "Hold up!"
> Z'leyra gets off and tells her horse to follow Ben'Dar. She tells the
> eagle and Ben'Dar that the eagle will fly after the hawk, Ben'Dar will
> deal with the rider on the ground and Z'leyra will teleport ahead of the
> hawk, strip and try to get above the hawk in her eagle form.
>    Hopefully the eagles can win the aerial dogfight and bring the hawk
> down...injured or if necessary dead.
> (Use Staff to cast Invisibility, Insubstantiability and Teleport all at
> EL0).
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