[pnpgm] Game update #64 - File #250 - Running with Wolves

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Ben'Dar will stand his ground and finish the wolf near him.  He calls out
reassuringly to Tef'wo, commanding him to continue to stand his ground as

On 2/7/06, Scott Adams <longshot at darktech.org> wrote:
>   HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
>   -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
>   R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
>   ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
>   R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
>   R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
>   W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
>   W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
>   R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
>   R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
>   Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
>   R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
>   W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
>   R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
>   W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
>      Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
>        Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
>        6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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>      Game Update #64 in sequence (file #250]
>      ----------------------------------------------------------------
>      Admin notes: None
>      -----------------------------------------------------------------
>      [Recap]
>         From Ben'dar to Z'leyra: [Re: Gods/Magics]
>         GM: Apparently was in private email and not the list so this
>           may be new to some so posting it here.
>         Ben'dar:
>           Ben'Dar smiles and shouts back over the thunder of the hooves
>           of their horses, "Let us keep the gauntlets to give to your
>           Searbhani giant friend.  It sounds like fun!  You have had
>           many adventures before we met.  What led you to leave your
>           home and become a wanderer?"
>           [Z'leyra's email text below]
>           As they ride along following the tracks Z'leyra mentions
>           "Ben'Dar, those gauntlets the giant had...If you can find a
>           buyer, fine. If not, there is a Searbhani giant they might
>           fit that I am acquainted with." She grins. "Actually I had
>           a night combat with Grok when he grabbed FisherKing while we
>           were sleeping. I had to patch the wound I gave Grok with my
>           axe after I recognized him as a Searbhani and convinced him
>           to let FisherKing go."
>           "Of course it might be difficult to find him again, not to
>            mention out of the way. My encounter with him was about a
>            day's travel to the west of Thaliba City."
>         GM: Ack.
>         From Ben'dar to Z'leyra: [Re: Magic]
>           Ben'Dar's brow wrinkles with confusion at the involved
>           discussion of various powers and forces vying for control.
>           Distaste clouds his face at the description of the chaos
>           alignment.  It brightens, however, when Z'leyra speaks of
>           Elder forces and the spirits of nature.  "You and I share
>           that allegiance, my friend.  I also serve the forces of
>           nature and balance, as do many of the People." Ben'Dar
>           replies.  "Thank you for the magic protection against the
>           chaos. Though I do not understand it, I trust you."
>           Ben'Dar goes back to tracking, scanning the area for tracks
>           and making a special point to check for an ambush.  The
>           absence of animal signs in the area makes him suddenly uneasy
>           and suspicious that the hunted may have ideas about becoming
>           the hunters...
>           [Z'leyra's Text]
>           After pondering a bit Z'leyra explains "Chaos magic, like
>           most or maybe all magic, comes from or through a power. Chaos
>           is a power with little or no emapthy or respect for others.
>           Those who use it are known for seeking power, with little
>           regard for the consequences of its use. A quick rule of
>           thumb - those who seek chaos power rarely are going to use
>           it to better the lives of others."
>           "Chaos gods are known for their violence and evil doings.
>            They prefer to inspire fear than love. But they are part
>            of the world and help keep it from being too boring. They
>            act as a counter to Law, which if unrestricted might make
>            everything regimented, allowing no choices but those allowed
>            by those in charge or the philosophy they profess to follow."
>           "I respect both, they have their place. But I prefer to aid
>            Balance, which seeks to keep all in balance. I also serve
>            the Elder forces I am allied with. The spirits of nature and
>            of the Sidh are individuals of their own thought, but with a
>            respect for tradition, for nature and for each other."
>         GM: Ack good teaching :)
>                         --------------------------------------
>         From Z'leyra: [Re: Background]
>           Z'leyra will also keep glancing around as well as following
>           the tracks. Occasionally she will ask the eagle to fly up to
>           get a quick scouting from above.
>           What led me to leave my home and become a wanderer? The answer
>           to that is both long and complex. Very well, the story will
>           help pass the time.
>           "My father was a notable Ticasi metalsmith, son and apprentice
>            to the metalsmith represented on the Council of Scholars. He
>            traveled to the Kameran in hopes of learning Kameri
>            metalsmithing secrets. He convinced a young shaman to let
>            him stay and study. They married. Had children. Her oldest
>            children became shamans. She died. My father had to leave
>            and could only take one of the children. I was that one.
>            Back in Ticasi we found the family fortunes had changed for
>            the worse. My grandfather was dead, the position on the
>            Council of Scholars taken by a man with a ruthless family
>            that I believe sabotaged my father's attempts to regain
>            grandfather's position. Meanwhile I studied healing and magic
>            at the Great Library. I also became friends with Varange, a
>            Faerry Sidh Magician who spent time in Ticasi as a diplomat
>            and scholar.
>            My father died in a fire...again I have suspicions. My house
>            was gone. I was tired of missing the wilds. I had been
>            studying for so long I needed a break. A request to deliver
>            an item as a dying request gave me impetus to leave. So I
>            traveled to Malnon.
>            Once at Malnon I made the delivery and received a message
>            from Varange requesting help. So I tracked Varange down and
>            met the other members of the party. During my travels I have
>            had a number of excitings instances filled with risk and
>            danger...but those I shall leave for other times to tell."
>         GM: Ack.  Good interaction.
>                         --------------------------------------
>         From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
>           Z'leyra grabs her staff while rolling to her feet and strikes
>           to subdue a wolf.
>           She tells Ben'Dar to strike to subdue.
>           She tells the eagle he is welcome to attack any wolf attacking
>           them or the horses ("from above and behind works best as you
>           know")
>           She will move to attack the wolves in such a way as to protect
>           Ben'dar's back or the nearest horse. Preferably both.
>         GM:  Ack.
>                         --------------------------------------
>         From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
>           Ben'Dar knows something of the hunting tactics of the wolves
>           of the prairies and fears that they will drive off Z'leyra's
>           horse and then team up on it to make their kill.  "Look to
>           your horse! The wolves will take her down if she's driven off
>           on her own!"
>           Ben'Dar spins about and attacks the wolf behind him with his
>           spear.  He is attempting to drive the wolf off and knows that
>           a mere flesh wound will probably do the trick...probably.  So
>           he will attempt to injure, not kill in the first attack, but
>           if the wolf persists in its attack, Ben'Dar will go for the
>           kill.
>           (ooc:  once he has dealt with the wolf next to him (i.e.
>           driven off or killed it), he will take several running strides
>           and leap up on Tef'wo's back, wheeling him about and driving
>           off any wolves near Z'leyra and/or her horse.)
>           [Z'leyra's text above quoted removed same as above]
>         GM: Ack.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------
>     [Info - For reminder to me and you]
>       Group 1 - Balrog, Kasha, Thig, Strie'bog, Trembyl, Unali, Zaka
>       Group 2 - Caladan, Chion, Xian, Jordi, Farseeker
>       Group 3 - Z'leyra, Ben'dar
>     [New Stuff]
>       Octaqi 17, in the 163rd Year [TH]
>         [Meanwhile somewhere in the open plains - Location 7 miles
>          south-east of Caladan's village. Roughly 2.5 hour ride.
>          Time: Roughly 12:22pm]
>          [Map Information - Current Location
>            - is 8   Miles SE of Caladan's village (2.6 hour ride)
>            - is 3.5 Miles E  of 2nd Gravesite (1.6 hour ride)
>            - is 5   Miles E  of Elder's Village (2.1 hour ride roughly)
>          [Stats on distance are tracking time. +1 mile since last update]
>          Turn 1: Phase 1
>          [Melee & Movement]
>             [Z'leyra's horse calms down and turns to watch the
>              action.  Tef'wo roars around and waits for his master.]
>             [Ben'dar swings to the right and grips the spear with his
>              left hand.  He pushes it toward the wolf's back but misses
>              entirely.]
>             [Z'leyra stands gripping her staff and tries a sweeping
>              attack on the wolf but misses by a mere inch.]
>             [Two of the wolves turn and charge Ben'dar growling.
>              They both leap for Ben'dar but both miss their attacks
>              as Ben'dar sidesteps in time for both.  This attack
>              surprises Ben'dar as they aren't even looking at the
>              horses.]
>             [The 3rd wolf charges toward Z'leyra and leaps.  It
>              bites and makes contact on her upper right arm but
>              the leather/ring armor protects all but 1 point.  The
>              bite got through heavy armor and still does 1 point
>              of a bite wound.]
>             [The Eagle hears Z'leyra's words but decides to take high
>              to the air to scout to make sure no other surprises can
>              hit the party in the knee high grass.]
>          Turn 1: Phase 2
>          [Melee & Movement]
>             [Ben'dar tries again to hit a wolf with his spear but
>              misses its body by 2 inches..]
>             [Z'leyra leaps to the right and swings down her staff
>              right on the nose of her attacking wolf.  The staff
>              hits and slams the wolf to the ground doing a 24
>              point blow.  Blow gushes out its nose as it hits the
>              ground and doesn't move.]
>             [One of the wolves diverts from Ben'dar and charges
>              Z'leyra but its bite attack fails to make contact
>              and reach.]
>             [The 2nd wolf leaps at Ben'dar and is able to get its
>              head under his arm.  The wolf bites Ben'dar in the
>              right side but the 7 point bite doesn't penetrate
>              the thick dragon armor.  [No Damage]]
>          GM: Actions for phase 3 and 4?  2 Wolves to go and 1 still.
>            Ben'dar you can make a leap for the horse but as you
>            suspect they'd use it as a chance for a flanking attack.
>         --------------------------------------------------------
>         [Meanwhile somewhere in the mountains to the east of
>          Woundenal's Cabin Time: c. 10:12am]
>         [While Jordi and Chion look down into the valley...]
>         [Farseeker lunges forward and takes his sword and swings
>          it at the last rider.  The blade smacks the rider and
>          does 7 points of damage but the rider remains on the
>          horse.]
>         [The rider swings his horse and slaps the rope and spurs.
>          The horse lurches forward at a fast speed while he holds
>          onto his side from the wound.]
>         [The horse makes 30 feet forward then faster.]
>         [Caladan speaks a few quick words and raises his staff
>          and from it a lightning bolt fires forward.  It hits
>          the rider's back doing 17 points of damage as sparks
>          fly out the chest of the rider.  The rider falls down to the
>          ground as the horse slows down and eventually stops.]
>         [Farseeker and Xian gather the horses together.  Caladan
>          waves to Jordi and Chion to join them at any time.]
>         Xian: "Nice staff."
>         Caladan: "One from Clima.  I didn't know till about a month
>           ago it had the lightning inside."
>         [Farseeker kneels and inspects the first body.  He removes
>          the robe to look inside the masked rider who was dressed
>          like desert riders.  When he does he gasps.  His face
>          turns pale then he rushes to the other and does the same
>          inspection and stands up.]
>         Xian: "What's the matter?"
>         Farseeker: "These two are females...."
>         Caladan: "The one I got is male..."
>         [Farseeker drops his great sword to the ground and turns
>          away.]
>         Farseeker: "I've never killed a female before."
>         Xian: "What about the priestess on clima?"
>         Farseeker: "Just the bodyguards." [He turns to face
>           Xian] "This is your fault.  We rushed in too quickly.
>           We could've done something else!"
>         Xian: "Like what? In minutes they'd be around that corner
>           and heading for the castle fortress.  We'd have to
>           go to other--"
>         Farseeker: "Other plans would've been better!"
>         Caladan: "You've never killed a female in all these years?"
>         Farseeker: "No!  If I knew..."
>         Xian: "If you knew what?  Try to capture?  We had to take
>           them down before they were seen by the castle!"
>         Farseeker: "We don't even know if these are bad people."
>         Xian: "They're L'p'nth!"
>         Farseeker: "You know this for sure?"
>         Caladan: "They are.  The clothing fits.  The horses aren't
>           the greatest.  Zen'da wouldn't be found on these horses.
>           This mark here." [He points to the neck of one of the
>           females] "This small mark is made when they enter one
>           of their Lilith groups.  Its small but it looks like
>           a half hag half female.  She's definitely L'p'nth.  From
>           her age she could've been an acolyte in the faith."
>         [Farseeker nods then shakes his head.  He walks away and
>          tries to breath and recover.  Xian looks concerned]
>         Caladan: "He'll be fine.  I'm sure.  Just a shock."
>         [All 3 riders are dead.]
>         Xian: "So what's the plan?"
>         GM: Actions? Comments?
>         --------------------------------------------------------
>         [Meanwhile at Zaka's village - Location 6 miles south-east
>          of Caladan's village. Roughly 2.5 hour ride.
>          Time: Roughly 10:55am]
>         Zaka: "Must help him!  I can't.  Do you have a healer?
>           Maybe we should send for Cetric!"
>         Thig: "Do you have a healer in your village?"
>         Zaka: "He is our healer!  Our shaman!  If he dies!"
>         [Thig turns to Strie'bog.]
>         Thig: "I can heal him but is your ability better?"
>         Zaka: "Hurry!"
>         Thig: "I can try."
>         [Zaka pushes Thig away.]
>         Zaka: "Not you!  I don't know what you are!"
>         [Meanwhile outside the others finally douse the Tipi fire
>          and inspect the village.]
>         [Inside the elder lying on his back begins to cough up
>          blood.  Two stab wounds are running fast with blood and
>          looks like one lung is punctured.]
>         Thig: "Our healer is far from here...."
>         GM: Actions? Comments.  See last update if unsure what
>         happened last time.
>      Actions?  Comments?
>      Next update Friday..
>      For Group 1 - Actions? Comments? Questions?
>      For Group 2 - Actions? Comments? Questions?
>      For Group 3 - Actions? Comments? Questions?
>      GM: A short update.  If you guys get too busy to reply I can
>       do this.  I can post updates ONCE a week on friday.  This
>       will slow things down a bit but give you more free time
>       to do more important things.  Let me know what you think
>       of this idea.  I'm willing either way.
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