[pnpgm] Game update # 7 - file #22 - Srimoga Encounter

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 29 07:10:02 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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     Game Update #7 in sequence (file #22)
     Admin notes:  Hope everyone had a good Christmas or holiday
     period.  New Years is coming up and hope all have a good new
     year period as well.  We should be back on a non-holiday regular
     schedule from now on.  

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra respnds to Thig's question with "Sure. Lets deal with
          them so that they attack no other sidh or humans. Might as well
          liberate what loot they've taken as well."

          She will cast a Speed spell at max EL on herself to catch the
          Trold that much faster. After dealing with it she will follow
          the tracks of the attackers back to their lair.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Novehas 24th, 85th day since left Marentia, 20th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]
          Time: near 4am.

         GM: Figured I'd have some posts on actions by now.  But
           got only 1.  Guess folks were busy on vacation and
           the holidays.  So I'll go with plan B based on typical
           character personalities. :)

         [On the west edge of the camp Thig and Z'leyra decide to
          run after the fleeing Trold Folk.  Corona has already
          taken off and Thig gathers up his staff as Z'leyra casts
          a spell.

          On the eastern edge of the camp the others talk over the
          captured creature.]

         Xian: "We can't just kill them they are now unarmed and

         Farseeker: "They attacked us!"

         Trembyl: "But even creatures should have mercy."

         Farseeker: "Not if others might get killed by them later.
            Would you want that on your mind?"

         [Z'leyra pulls her dagger and runs after the Trold into
          the darkness.  Seconds later Thig flies after her.
          By the time the two run off the Trold has covered
          quickly over 100 feet.  Corona is fast on his tail over
          head juking back and forth between dark bushes and
          trees.  Within seconds Z'leyra catches up and passes
          Thig who is cautiously also flying overhead to try to
          catch up.  But Z'leyra realizes once she leaves camp
          her eyesight is human and she forgot her Amber and other
          items in the satchel.

          The trold knowing the area quickly moves between bushes
          with skill.  Fearing for its life it turns south.
          At one point it reaches a 8 foot clearing and Corona
          fires a bolt from its eyes. The firedart like magic
          zaps the trold's heals and the creature goes flying
          forward on its chest into a thicket bush.  Thig sees
          the red flare and turns toward it.  Z'leyra slowing
          down as not to run into a tree turns south hearing the
          yelp and runs for it as quickly as her human vision will

          The trold creature crawls a few feet then gets to its
          legs and runs forward some more but now limping.  Thig
          flies over the thicket bush and lands near the other
          side to wait for the creature.  Corona fires another
          bolt and it hits the ground 3 feet behind the creature on
          a small foot bush catching it on fire.  The creature gives
          a stirring murmur of pain and fear and rolls to the side
          out of the thicket bush.  Seconds later Z'leyra bursts
          through the clearing and sees only a half dozen bushes.
          Corona's snow white form is seen on a limb 8 feet high on
          a tree looking down.  The flap of Thig's wings can be
          heard from the other side of one bush but not seen in the
          black darkness.  Squinting she uses the bush fire as some
          light and tries to pinpoint tracks or the creature's movement.
          Z'leyra hears movement in the bush.  Not knowing the skill
          for throwing dagger she takes a gamble and throws her dagger
          toward the sound.  It flies and hits the bush but no flesh.

          The creature hearing the dagger inches from his side scrambles
          forward just in time to see Thig hovering over.  With large
          round sorrowful eyes Thig lowers his war staff straight down
          on the creature...and misses!

          The creature panics further and climbs to his feet.  He
          runs straight for a small dip in the terrain he knows
          and runs as fast as he can.  Corona takes to the air again 
          as Z'leyra tries to find her dagger.  Thig whirls around
          and goes for another aerial bash.  This time the staff
          hits the creature in the shoulder and knocks him down.
          The creature doesn't stir when Z'leyra finally finds her
          dagger and comes around the bush.  Thig by now has landed
          and finds the creature alive but failing.  To ensure the
          creature doesn't stir again he bashes the creature in the
          head once more for good measure killing it.]

         [Meanwhile on the other side of the camp the others are
          arguing over the creature near them.  The Wolf keeps an
          every alert eye on him.  The creature notices every so
          often no eyes but the wolf's watch him.  Going with this
          the creature lowers a arm and grabs a hand full of sand.
          In a split second the creature throws the clump of sand
          at the Wolf's eyes who doesn't dodge in time.  Now given
          his chance the creature gets to his knees then feet and
          runs east toward the stream.  But not before Chion and
          Farseeker see the creature get to his knees.  Both push
          Xian and Strie'bog aside and give chase.  These creatures
          love the water so Chion knows if it gets to the water it
          could escape.  Farseeker being the faster one tries to
          catch up but the agile creature dodges and weaves.  The
          creature can hear the stream and see it within only
          about 10 feet.  But the creature stumbles on a rock
          and slows his pace but doesn't fumble.  This gives
          Farseeker time to catch up.  Farseeker swings his great
          sword and hits in the centerline of the back doing 10
          points.  The creature falls to the side into a bush
          and goes unconscious.  Having previously been hurt
          the creature soon dies.

          Strie'bog helps clean the wolf's eyes.  The party
          returns and finds the captured trold folk who was
          knocked out has bled to death and is dead.  Leaving
          no survivors.]

         Xian: "Well.  That's that."

         Farseeker: "Yep."

         Trembyl: "Where's Z'leyra and Thig?"

         [Having gone about 250 feet south-west of the camp Thig,
          Corona and Z'leyra soon return.  Z'leyra will need a
          torch to see in the dark.  the next hour tracks are tried
          to be followed back to the lair but the tracks around
          the camp seem to be where they waited to attack.  It
          must be guessed they used the stream to move someways
          and thus their tracks back to the lair would be erased
          and long gone.  After an hour the party gives up and
          its soon to sunrise so an early breakfast is made and
          soon camp is broken.]

         [Chion checks his wound which is lucky and doesn't seem to
          have hit any major organs.  It is patched up.]
         GM: Chion want to heal it yourself?


         [Novehas 25th, 86th day since left Marentia, 21st day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]
         [As camp is broke the party moves roughly north by north-west
          through the forest.  After 5 miles of travelling the party
          enters an area of Hills.  Today the weather is cloudy and
          temperatures remain only in the upper 60s most of the day.
          The only weather today is haze in the hills which blocks
          vision for miles around.  That night camp is made on the
          northern edge of the hills just before the plains.]

         [No Encounters.]

         Farseeker: "After we leave the hills the maps and what
           Gidwani tells us we'll be entering Humagi territory.
           So everyone be cautious.  From here on in we should
           have two sentries at night."


         [Novehas 26th, 87th day since left Marentia, 22nd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Winter has set in by now the party feels.  The day brings
           clear and sunny skies but the highest temperature is only
           about 59.  Around 11:27am the party is hit by a rather
           intense wind storm that makes the party huddle for warmth.
           The party enter the plains for the last stretch to the

          [No Encounters.]


         [Novehas 27th, 88th day since left Marentia, 23rd day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Today the weather is clear and sunny with no adverse
           weather.  The temperatures even seem to climb as high
           as 74.]

          [No Encounters.]


         [Novehas 28th, 89th day since left Marentia, 24th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Today clouds roll in and make it partly cloudy but
           temperatures are still reasonable in the 50s as the
           high temperatures.  No adverse weather today.]

          [No Encounters.]


         [Novehas 29th, 90th day since left Marentia, 25th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Today clouds roll in and make it cloudy all day.
           Temperatures fall drastically only as high as 31 today
           at the warmest part of the day.]

          [Around 1:34pm snow suddenly begins to fall.  Based on the
           winds it looks to be a light storm.  The party decides
           to continue.  The snow falls for 45 minutes and finally
           the party leaves the area its snowing in or it finally
           stops leaving a wide area behind the party full of light
           snow.  Its light enough it can be brushed off horses so
           the party can continue.  No one is in danger of frostbite.]

          [No Encounters.]


         [Novehas 30th, 91st day since left Marentia, 26th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]

          [Today the skies clear and become sunny but temperatures
           only climb about 10 degrees into the 40s.  Only at
           one point a minor hail storm occurs little after lunch.]

          [Around 4:15pm the party notices dark forms in the distance
           to the North East.  Unali pulls out her spyglass and
           sees 4 riders about 3 miles away.  The flat plains and
           cold air improves sight but not normal human sight.  To
           normal eyesight the forms are black splotches.  Since
           the sun is to the left and westward the splotches are
           bit harder to see.  The party realizes if they can see
           them then the riders can see the party as well.  Unali
           studies the riders for a couple minutes.  She describes
           that three of them seem to be giving objects and sacks
           to one rider.  That rider eventually turns his horse
           and heads off to the North-east.  The other riders turn
           and look in the direction of the party.  Unali confirms
           the party has been spotted.  In this area likely by
           Srimoga riders.  The riders are outnumbered 3 to 1 now.]]

          Farseeker: "That other rider could go off and get more
            help.  I think we should stop them."

          Trembyl: "We are in their territory."

          Farseeker: "Gidwani explained these people like to eat
            outsiders.  Care to be dinner tonight?"

          Trembyl: "No."

         GM: Situation.  Riders are 3 miles to the NE.  The
           terrain is plains so flat and rather low in hiding
           spots (low bushes and few trees).  Time is about
           2 hours before sunset.

         Actions? Comments?

         Next update New Years Day Jan 1.

         Hope everyone has a good New Years!

         I have updated the Map on website.  It as usual the purple
         blob shows current location.  If you find the Srimoga
         Star its right there due south of the Pavassa Forest.

         I have updated the Timeline file.  But didn't update the
         skills.  Will do that over the weekend.  Will assume
         folks will keep the standard skills selected unless folks
         change them.  By the time the party gets to the Pavassa
         forest if you've not declared anything in this file you
         will lose the chance to earn those skill points.  The
         real adventure will begin once entering the forest.

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