[pnpgm] Game update #6 - file #20 - Trun 1: Phase 3-4 Trold Combat

Scott Adams longshot at darktech.org
Fri Dec 22 07:50:05 CET 2006

  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  W2 Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Bard  ..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W4 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Corona [Eagle] Z'leyra, Boyzdar [Wolf] (Strie'bog),
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     Game Update #6 in sequence (file #20)
     Admin notes:  None. 

        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar offers to share his tent with whomever would like to
          sleep inside it.  First come, first serve!

          I guess Ben'Dar is still asleep.  When he awakens (perhaps
          Tef'wo, who is standing nearby, will whinny loudly or something
          to help him wake up?), he will grab his trusty pike, which is
          lying beside him while he sleeps, and rush out of his tent to
          take in the scene. He'll roar out a battle cry (to scare the
          enemy and to help waken anyone who isn't yet awake) and attack
          the nearest Trold Folk as he sees them, probably in this order:
          4, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 2, 1.

          Have a fun holiday, everybody!
        GM: Ack. 


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion thinks to himself "This is why you normally cast Watchful
          sleep... guess you better start doing that again." Chion rises
          and attempts a martial strike (kick, hand -whichever) to snuff
          out the attacker. He will yell, "We've got company!" loudly as
          he does so.

          He'll double check his wound after if he doesn't see any imminent
          threats to him and then help anyone else who is under attack.
        GM: Ack. 


        From Z'leyra [Re: Actions]
          Z'leyra yells out "Arise and fight!!!" while grabbing her staff
          and running to Thig's defense.  She will be striking at the
          Trold Folk but using her EL defensively.
        GM: Ack. 

     [New Stuff]

         [Novehas 24th, 85th day since left Marentia, 20th day of
          Adventure #3 of the 1633rd year [TH].]
         Time: near 4am.

         [Turn 1: Phase 2]

            [Mana Allocation   -   None]
            [Missile Fire      -   None]
            [Magic Effect      -   None]

            [Melee & Movement  -]

              [Thig under the net tries to spread his wings to get
               to the sky.  But the weights on the bottom of the
               net are preventing him.  The net is an effective
               trap.  He tries to struggle but he isn't a great
               strength.  He continues to struggle.]

              [Farseeker wakes up having heard noise outside and
               feet stomping on the ground.  He grabs his great
               sword but doesn't don his chainmail.  He slides
               out of his blankets and bedroll and heads for the tent

              [Trembyl almost instantly wakes up when Z'leyra is
               attacked.  He raises up in his bedroll looking south
               and sees Z'leyra being attacked by 2.  He grabs his
               magical scimitar at his side and stands.  He is already
               wearing his leather armor for warmth.  He charges #7
               and hits with a upper slice that does a thrust just
               below the creatures heart piercing ribs doing 8 points
               of damage.]

              [Ben'dar continues to sleep deeply.]

              [Unali feels heat from the scabbard Z'leyra made and
               wakes up from it.  She grabs the scabbard and hears
               noises just outside her tent where Trembyl and Z'leyra
               are fighting.  Sensing danger she .Putting on her
               boots and gloves would take time.  She will have to
               go into the cold without it.  She draws the magical
               dagger and leaves the scabbard since she didn't get
               her belt as well.  On the way out she grabs another
               dagger.  Just before she pulls the flap the dagger
               gives her a sense of danger immediately outside.  Not
               being specific she jumps outside...]

              [The Trold folk all react at the same time.
               Number 1 and 2 by Thig pick up the struggling Thig
               and carry him about 12 feet west still in the net.
               Their long arms protect their bodies from being

               Number 3 and 4 continue to attack Chion.  #3 thrusts
               his spear to wound but Chion rolls toward #4 just in
               time and the spear hits the bedroll.  But the other
               creature brings down his spear to knock out and hits
               Chion in the back of the head.  The blow knocks Chion
               to the dirt but not knocked out.

               Number 6 and 6 pull the net around Strie'bog and drag
               him eastward toward the back of a nearby bush.  Single
               handed the creatures are weak but both are slightly
               stronger than Strie'bog.  Strie'bog almost loses his
               footing once but is forced eastward by sheer weight
               of the net and the creatures.

               Number 7 seeing Trembyl attack does a left handed
               swing with his spear.  He has to lower his arm to
               bring level with Trembyl's head but his 5 foot length
               arms and the 3 foot spear is just too high and the
               spear misses wildly over Trembyl's head.

               Number 8 thrusts his spear at Z'leyra but misses.]

              [Z'leyra glances over her right shoulder and sees
               Trembyl attacking one to her side so glances
               up at the other creature.  She grabs her staff
               and rolls to the west raising her staff to block
               any strike.  She sees Unali open her tent flap
               and stops short.  Going to her knees and hands
               she looks up to see Thig gone from where she thought
               he was just at.  She does a crawling leap up and
               runs toward Thig.  She sees Thig between some
               bushes and rushes forward while yelling her alert.
               The creatures are dragging Thig so have no weapons
               she can see.  She swings her magical staff up and
               then down in a bashing move onto #2.  it hits the
               creature in the left shoulder doing 13 points of
               damage.  The creature falls back into the bush.]

              [Chion senses one creature to his left about 2 feet
               but the other one who stabbed him is just inches
               from his head.  He raises his sore head and sees
               the creature's tall legs.  He could swipe a ankle
               and force him down but would leave him open to the
               other creature.  Chion gets to his knees and hands
               then pushes himself up to his feet quickly.  Chion
               quickly gauges the distance.  Standing in front
               of him is one and the other is to his left about
               3 feet.  But their arms and long and could reach
               him easily.  Both have spears lowered from their
               previous action.  In what seems like time held still
               he decides his action.  Raising his sai now in his
               hand to stab the back (hopefully) but likely arm
               of the creature he does a small roundhouse kick
               with his right unbooted foot toward the other creature.
               His foot hits the left kneecap of the creature
               and with Chion's skill and forced attack (and weight)
               the damage is so severe it crushes the kneecap.  The
               creature yells in pain.  the creature's leg buckles
               immediately and he falls back.  As he does a bone in
               the leg seems to break and shoot out of the leg
               itself a inch or two.  Blood spurts upward and to the
               north.  An artery seems to have been severed.  At
               the same time the sai is lucky and hits the creature
               in the neck, a little higher than expected, and does
               a massive 8 point strike.  The creature drops his
               spear and grabs his neck in pain.]

              Chion: "We've got company!" [Chion yells out for the
                first time breaking the silence of the camp itself.
                Chion looks at what he just did and smiles.  He
                wonders what would've happened if he was prepared?]

              [Strie'bog gives a whistle to his wolf and tries to
               use the axe blade to slice the thin net.  he is
               able to slice some of the hard string but not
               enough to escape yet.]

              [Corona tall in a tree spreads his wings and takes to
               the air.]

              [Xian wakes up and grabs his war staff.  He sees
               to the left Strie'bog being dragged away.  He
               runs toward him and gets up to #6 and swings
               on him hitting him in the left arm doing a minor
               3 point blow.]

              [Boyzdar wakes up and immediately charges after the
               creatures dragging Strie'bog.  He goes to the left
               of Strie'bog and leaps at #5 but fails to his by


         [Turn 1: Phase 3]

            [Mana Allocation   -   None]
            [Missile Fire      -   None]
            [Magic Effect      -   None]

            [Melee & Movement  -]

               [Corona flies down into the camp but can't find
                a good target as all are engaged.  He could hit
                others by mistake.  He flies just over Z'leyra
                and tries to scare the one remaining creature with
                a close call.]

               [Thig looks to Z'leyra and decides instead of going up
                maybe its better to go down.  So he slumps down and
                let's the weighted net bring him down into a fetal
                position.  This pushes the creature forward and
                he has to release his grip.]

               [Farseeker exits his tent to the south and sees #8
                near where Z'leyra was.  Seeing Trembyl in a fight
                he charges and thrusts at #8 but fails to hit
                in his sleepy head.]

               [Trembyl thrusts his scimitar at the wounded #7 and
                hits again doing 8 more points killing the creature.]

               [Ben'dar finally wakes up hearing barks and the two
                party members yell out.  He grabs his pike and
                rushes out the tent with no armor on.  He takes in
                the scene.  He sees straight ahead Farseeker and
                Trembyl handling one each.  Unali is also coming out.
                To the far left is Xian and Strie'bog.  To his right
                he sees nothing as the bushes and tree block his
                view.  to his left and behind he sees one creature
                lying on the ground and one near Chion.  he gives
                a yell so loudly it breaks the silence of the forest
                for many yards.  He charges #4.  He hits the creature
                in the left with his pike and kills him since he
                was already wounded by Chion's neck wound.]

               [Unali exits the tent and with both daggers she slips
                behind the creature #8 farseeker has distracted. With
                both daggers she stabs its back and does 5 and 7
                points (at least).  Both are enough to kill the
               GM: Figured no subdual as its not human per se.

               [Trold #1 seeing Corona and hearing the battle cry
                together with Z'leyra's attack gets scared.  He
                releases the grip on the net and turns to fleet
                westward into the darkness.]

               [This leaves only #5 and 6 near Strie'bog still alive.
                Number 5 having not gotten to his hidden spear yet
                tries to pull Strie'bog into the wolf to get time to
                get to his weapon.  But this time the creature is
                not strong enough without #6 helping him.  So the
                struggle is futile.  He releases the net and tries
                to pull up a lanky arm to block the wolf's attack.]

               [Number 6 tries to hit Xian in the face but Xian brings
                up his staff to block the blow just in time.]

               [Z'leyra keeps her eye on the fleeing creature but helps
                Thig escape the net.]

               [Boyzdar leaps at #5 and uses the creature's arm as
                leverage.  The wolf fearing for Strie'bog bites
                the creature's neck and does 10 points of damage in 
                a crushing bite.  The creature screams and falls to
                the ground with the wolf.]

               [Chion turns and takes in the scene.  The only ones
                still fighting is near Strie'bog.  He runs that way
                but gets feet behind them.]

               [Strie'bog tries to swing his axe within the net at
                #6 fighting Xian but the net is too heavy and the
                blow is diverted away missing.]

               [Corona flies into the darkness after #1.]

               [Xian swings on #6 but fails to hit.]


         [Turn 1: Phase 4]

            [Mana Allocation   -   None]
            [Missile Fire      -   None]
            [Magic Effect      -   None]

            [Melee & Movement  -]

              [In the darkness to the west a flash of red is seen where
               #1 and Corona fled.  Z'leyra hears an animal yelp of

              [Thig takes to the air...]

              [Farseeker turns and heads toward Strie'bog.]

              [Trembyl looks around to take in the scene.]

              [Ben'dar gives another softer cry and heads after
               Chion toward Strie'bog.]

              [Unali looks behind her and to the south-west to ensure
               no others are in the area.]

              [Number 6 sees The wolf, Farseeker, Chion, Ben'dar
               and Xian attacking it.  He backs up and turns and
               runs toward the stream.]

              [Z'leyra grabs her staff.  The creature has a few
               seconds head start but it might have buddies so
               decides to wait for others.]

              [Boyzdar leaps over the body of #5 and chases the
               fleeing creature into the darkness.  He leaps
               and bites the hind leg of the creature.]

              [Chion helps Strie'bog escape the net.]

              [Strie'bog gives chase to the wolf and creature.
               With Axe in hand he swings at the stumbling
               creature but the blade hits the ground inches to
               its side.  The creature rolls over and brings its
               long arms up and begins to whimper scared.  Something
               crosses Strie'bog's face like sympathy  and stands
               over the creature.  Strie'bog doesn't recognize the
               creatures.  Its one thing to kill in defense but his
               father taught him to kill an unarmed man or creature
               is just wrong.  Maybe he should knock the creature
               out before the wolf and others do harm?]

              [Farseeker leans down to check #5 and finds him still
               alive but bleeding.  Other creatures are checked by
               Unali, Trembyl and Ben'dar to find them all dead.
               Z'leyra has one fleeing the area.]

              Thig to Z'leyra: "Should we give chase?  Maybe find
                their lair?"


             [Experience so far]

                Player        CEP     Skill           Notes
               Z'leyra        f0     War Staff      #2 - 1 hit
               Chion          10     Hand-to-hand   #3-  1 Deadly hit
               Chion           8     Sai            #4-  1 hit
               Ben'dar         2     Pike           #4-  1 hit
               Wolf           15     Bite           #5, #6 2 bites
               Xian            3     War Staff      #6-  1 hit
               Trembyl        10     Scimitar       #7-  2 hits
               Unali          10     Dagger         #8-  2 hits
             [Weapon Damage]

               Chion -  -1 FV to Damaged Sai its not 1/3rd FV
                 Your other Sai is at full FV.

             [Party Damage]

                Chion -   6 points plus some subdual

             [Enemy Status]

               #6 - Captured
               #1 - Fled Area
               #5 - Knocked out but bleeding
               All others dead.

             Actions? Comments?

             What to do with #1? #5 and #6?  Its 2 hours before
             sunrise so it'll be a night chase if you go after #1.
             But lair might be nearby?

             I made a mistake in saying the party knew Trold Folk.
             I looked back at the files.  It was only Jordi and
             Neva during their time in the Wild Forest (their
             3 months between adventure #1/2) that encountered them.
             But I would have assumed the party was given info
             on that encounter.

             Also your lucky this year no Joke Dwarf jokes.  They
             decided to go to Sweden to visit some relatives.
             I gave them some passage on a freighter in a shipping
             container and a pot.  They thought it was a nice room
             so go figure.  They should get there in a week or so.

             I hope everyone has a Great Christmas Day!  For those
             who celebrate it.  I won't expect actions as I figure
             folks will be busy with holidays and may be out of town.
             If you are no problem.  There will not be a update
             on Monday due to the holiday.  There will be on Friday
             though based on above reactions.  Then we'll be on a
             regular schedule.  I could delay one for New Years if
             you guys think it should be done?

             Next update next Friday.  29th.

             Also I need to update the combat roster as folks have
             new magical items to improve stats.  Folks may have
             now changed in the movement order.  But I've not
             had time to do it this week.  So if you see changes
             in the above movement then that's why in the next

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