[pnpgm] Game update #3 - File #7 - An army is seen

kzinti maouse kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 8 22:30:08 CET 2006

Random thoughts as he rides along:

I'm enjoying the restful nature of riding his horse. I
have a new appreciation for the creatures since I
learned to ride and I'm looking forward to the days
when I might be as sure in the saddle as Caladan and
others (even though caladan is not here). It seems
fitting that I'm the slowest member in the party,
since this balances out my teleportation abilities.
(Looking down at the ring) What it would have been
like had I taken the vampire up on his offer. Would I
be a pawn or would I be a full vampire? Could I still
use all my magics or simly the chaotic spells? I
figure I would probably just be a paid assassin for
some vampire hoard and it is probably better this way.
Ezam must know other vampires, he was very old
perhaps. I wonder if any names will turn up in the
notes we captured. I don't think that only being able
to use chaos magic is a very balanced approch to the
afterlife. Of course having hoards of vampires trying
to kill you probably isn't either. This is part of the
reason I'm going to start eating with my friends each
day while my mana regenerates. I wonders if the reason
Unali mentioned me wooing her is because she's
attracted to me. Probably not. It seems odd that when
I first met this band I nearly killed most of them.
I'm happy with the choice not to. Seems like a person
should have some friends in life. That certainly was
missing from my childhood. What with the constant
training to kill people and then the constant magical
arts training. The constant fists into the rice bowl
until my young hands were as tough as a sheet of
steel. Of course the raw burger fists came first.
Before they could penetrate a sheet of steel if struck
right. Man that had hurt. Not much to see out here on
the plains. Grass. Hills. More grass. A few animals,
but no real creatures. If we meet a huge beast like
the one the tribe had a treaty with should we kill it
or let it live? Hmmm. What if its as unfriendly as the
last one. What's this? An army of about 100. I wonder
where they are headed in winter. That seems odd that
they should move at the end of summer. Highly unusual.
They will probably attempt to take our food and then
I'll have to start casting my spells again. Well, at
least I'm feeling a little recharged...

"So, does anyone know why an army might be moving
during the cold seasons? Perhaps we should steer

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